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~ New Music Monday ~ Nov. 2nd ~ CMA Week ~

So , if you know me even a teen tiny bit , then you know of my great affection for awards shows . You also are aware of my passion for music . So , imagine my uncontrollable excitement when there is a music award show......normally . The more I learn , it would seem the more irate I become about musical politics/trends . I am still on the fence about watching Wednesday nights CMA's . Several artists that 100% deserve to be nominated , presenting or performing are not . However , Fall Out performing . Cause that makes nothing , but sense . Is it me or is their current album full of jacked back tracks ??!! ANYWAY...Justin Timberlake is performing....I am less irate about this than the FOB thing , mainly cause I see him as a general fan and coinsure of music all around , not just his specific genre . Maybe I am being all judgy wudgy , but it is just the truth of where I am at currently . I am sad to report that only TWO of the groups in today's #NewMusicMonday are nominated this year . I believe next year we could see Cam in the New Artist of the year category . Kip Moore.....DON'T GET ME STARTED . Kip has been nominated for New Artist in years past and lost (which makes me swear at the TV ) , but this year is absent from all categories . I am unsure if it was the release date for his most recent release #WildOnes , his tendency to do his own thing , trends be damned , or what the problem is . However , as a fan of the mans music I can't help but throw in my two cents of , " Kip is selling out show after show and the fans are OBSESSED with his work . For real , you should read what some of those crazies write on his social media . Come to think of it a few may be obsessed in the need a restraining order kind of way . That's off topic for the moment so , HEY CMA !!! Get your top out of your bottom and start giving credit where credit is due !!! Stop being the not so popular kid trying to fit in with all the popular kids so you'll do whatever everyone else is doing . Mkay ?! Mkay . If you are not on the fence and are wanting to watch you can do so by tuning into ABC on November 4th (this Wednesday) at 8 p.m. EST . Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are hosting . In all reality I am sure I'll at least flip back and forth and 100 % will watch red carpet if it is aired . I love the clothes . I can't even help it . I ' ll step off  that soapbox for a sec and now share with you my list for this weeks #NewMusicMonday .

Cam - " Burning House "
Yes , I did highlight Cam last week . I am reposting her on this weeks list because as of Friday she was added to GAC 's top twenty countdown voting page . If you like what you hear/see head over to to cast your vote and get " Burning House " charting on the count down . On this moody , dreary , rainy day I have listed to this track almost ten times I think . I love it . So , I vote it hitting the voting page along with it fitting the day qualifies it for a second week in a row posting to #NewMusicMonday .

Next , leading the pack with six nominations is Little Big Town . Nominated for album of the year , I think " Pain Killers " has a strong chance . Personally I am torn between LBT and Kacey Musgraves , " Pageant Material " for the win . But then the music nerd in me believes that Chris Stapelton may prove a first go 'round upset to all the artist in the Best Album category . I plan to share a few of his tunes in the weeks ahead . However , as an accomplished writer you may have already heard some of them with out even knowing it . Back to LBT , off of one of my favorite albums this year , " Pain Killers ", I am sharing " Faster Gun " .  Again , a tune that musically kinda goes with the darkness of the day and my mood . I am unsure it will be a single seeing as three songs have already been released off the album . Every artist is a bit different with how much of an album will be released . For example , Taylor Swift has released to radio 5 tracks of off 1989 and it is only a year old . So , ya just never know . I is " Faster Gun " by Little Big Town .

Little Big Town - " Faster Gun "
fr . " Pain Killers "
Thompson Square - " Trans Am "
Up for best duo of the year is Thompson Square . For whatever reason I can not find the official video for this song , so a performance vid will have to do . " Trans Am " is the duo's first release of the year after taking a small bit of time off after number one's such as " Are You Gonna Kiss Me " , " Glass " , & " If I Didn't Have You " . Now , expecting their first child Square is up for the Best Duo award I wanna say third time , I am super bad at numbers so , it could be a give or take situation on the amount , but not for the first time they are up for Duo of The Year . Having won several years ago it would seem all duo's in the recent two years have been shut out by Florida Georgia Line . I mean , o.k. they win it once cause they crossed genre's and toured with a R&B star . O.k. I might get it . Simply due to the exposure of country music around the world through genre mixing factor . But I am now over it . I think that while Maddie and Tae are young/new they have co - written a wonderful first album and are doing well on the heels of the Sounds of Summer tour with Dierks Bently , Kip Moore and Caanan Smith . As I have said before I have a strong affection for writers . Especially writers that are performers as well . I mean , it is a scary thing to sing your own tune for folks to criticize . Considering that all of us who have access to the internet have also deemed ourselves official music critics I am unsure how a person gets that brave . Don't think I could do it . So , props ! Anyway , I kinda have my fingers crossed for TSquare , but could see it going to any set in the category . My fear is that trend will reign and FGL will win for a third year in a row . I think it's third . Third or second . UHG , WHATEVER !
Last , but as expected , I am sharing another tune from Kip Moore's #WildOnes . Small fact , Kip co - wrote , " Let's Fight " , Thompson Squares first official single to hit radio several years ago . While it didn't get all the traction it should have , it is still one of my favorite of their tunes . This week I am sharing the title track from #WildOnes , my ninth share from the 16 track deluxe album . The below video is a bit of a teaser from Life in Rewind films . Responsible for several instagram teasers & youtube, behind the scenes , etc. videos Life in Rewind seems to have been documenting Moore's climb up music row from the very beginning . I love the teaser vids so much that I hope , eventually , LIR will get the opportunity to do a full video that lands on a countdown . Wild Ones is the title track from Moore's most recent studio release . A bit of a chant , a bit of this is how we do and don't , Wild One's is no doubt an anthem . Seeing as he did not release the title track from his last album " Up All Night " , my favorite track from the record btw , I don't even know what to expect from Moore when it comes to the releases off of Wild Ones . Release to single or not I shall be chanting along to this one as I go wherever I want , whenever I want , with whomever I want , if I want . " Cause tonight we're just worried about having fun !! " . Last week I shared " Running For You " on the #NewMusicMonday post , the current single to radio from Moore . Today I called two separate radio stations to request it have some air time . I just wanna remind you that as a fan you have power . VOTE ! VOTE ! VOTE ! REQUEST ! REQUEST ! REQUEST !

Kip Moore - " Wild Ones" fr "Wild Ones"
BONUS VIDEO !!!!! - Co-Written by Kip Moore , Thompson Square's " Lets Fight "
Thompson Square - " Let's Fight "
DON'T FORGET !!!!!! You have power as a fan and music listener to get your favorite artists on radio rotation and on video countdowns . Make a call , go online and vote , tweet , text , face book , e-mail , and perhaps even some snail mail would work . Whatever method you choose make sure you are giving your favorite artists some support in this way . It literally only takes a few seconds ! The D.J.' s are always happy to hear from their community . Today one wanted to chat for a bit , but I was all , listen , stop talking to me and go play that dadjim Kip Moore's "Running for You" right this instant.....he did . Happy New Music Monday !!!! What are you listening too ? Are you planning to watch the CMA's ? Are your favorites nominated ? To see a full list of nominee's or to keep up with CMA announcements you can follow them on Facebook or head over to , NashWeekly , or Billboard .

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