Monday, November 16, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ Nov. 16th ~

Now that we are starting to calm down after the awesomeness that was the Stapelton/Timberlake performance from the CMA's , I think we can return to our regularly scheduled music obsessions . I am starting this weeks #NewMusicMonday with Kip Moore 's , " What Ya Got On Tonight " from the " Wild Ones " album . Below is a quick clip of the song by Life in Rewind . I think it is a super cute song and a fun little vid . I know all Kip fans are on the edge of our seats awaiting a video for " Running for You " , Moore's current radio single . While we wait , this will do . Kip , no matter what the haters ever have to say about you , you fit the phrase " hot pink argyle knee high socks " into a song and it doesn't sound out of place . That's just skill right there . Let em' hate . They just jealous .

" What Ya Got On Tonight "
by Kip Moore fr Wild Ones
Next on #NewMusicMonday is a bit of a throw back . In anticipation of the Spring release , " Full Circle " , a new album from Loretta Lynn , I thought I would share one of my fave's from back in the day . I don't know how many people automatically associate the name Loretta Lynn with Jack White that don't already know that they collaborated . I however automatically pair them together . I personally have been a fan of Jack for years . I think he is the kind of musical genius that is going to be forever misunderstood and confusing . Hence , the surprise , but magical collaboration of  he with Loretta Lynn . Together they produced the single , " Portland , Oregon " . It is still one of my favorite songs from either of them . I can't even help it . Jack helped produce the entire album for Loretta and they have every since seemed to have a undeniable connection . So much so that she accompanied him for his Nashville walk of fame ceremony . Anyway , until " Full Circle " gets here , please feel free to enjoy a little magical duet of " Portland , Oregon " .

Loretta Lynn & Jack White
" Porland , Oregon " fr Van Lear Rose
Kacey Musgraves " Dime Store Cowgirl "
fr Pageant Material
While we are discussing Loretta it is only fitting we transition to Kacey . A big fan of Loretta herself , Musgraves got to duet with her last year at the CMA's . Most people only recall the height of Musgrave's hair , but I recall the performance as well . LOL ! However , the CMA performance I am sharing today is from this years CMA's . I have Pageant Material on my list for Santa , fully expecting I have been a good enough girl to see it under my tree this year . " Dime Store Cowgirl " is another homage to Kacey's roots , style , and home state of Texas . She often writes songs that pay a certain kind of respect , truth and little tongue in cheek reference to her home state as well as who she is as a person . Her style is for sure all her own , but I definitely respect that about her . Not just anyone could perform in front of a room filled with country music legends wearing a bedazzled bathing suit and cowboy boots . Girl knows who she is and doesn't care if we like it........which automatically makes me like it . I wish I was so brazen . Anyway , enjoy a little " Dime Store Cowgirl " and consider which of you are getting this for me for Christmas ;-)

What are you all listening too this November ? Are you into the Christmas tunes yet ? Please feel free to share !!! Don't forget !!! You have the power as a fan and music lover to get your favorite tunes into radio rotation . I have my local stations saved in my phone so that I can request a tune whenever I want . It only takes a second and it is one of the easiest ways to show your favorite artists your support .

Happy Listening and #NewMusicMonday to you all !!!

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