Monday, November 23, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ November 23rd ~ I'm Thankful for Men.....~

Happy Thanksgiving week and #NewMusicMonday !!! Today I am thankful for men.......of country music that is .

First for #NewMusicMonday is the one and only Eric Church . There was a lot happening at the CMA's and we all became undone over the Stapelton/Timberlake performance so , it is no surprise that I haven't made it to the discussion of the surprise album drop that happened that night . The surprise album drop of " Mr. Misunderstood " by Eric Church . No pre-drop promotion . No tune teases . Nothing . Day of , word started to leak that the Church Choir (Church's die hard & official fan club) had received early download copies . As the choir began to sing his praises word continued to travel and we all got a little anticipant come CMA show time what exactly would happen . Was it real ? Was it gossip ? Do dreams really come true ?! They do . At least when Eric Church is in charge anyway . So , here I share with you the title track from " Mr. Misunderstood " , the latest and surprise release from Eric Church , the Chief . Yes , this is on my list for Santa right behind Pageant Material by Kacey Musgraves . I 'm listing them for Santa in order of release not importance . Just so we are all clear and know I am not playing favorites .

Eric Church - " Mr . Misunderstood "
fr. Mr . Misunderstood

Second , Charles Kelley from Lady Antebellum's solo release of " The Driver " with Dierks Bentley and Eric Paslay . I am already a fan of his work with Lady A so , I was of course anticipant to hear what his solo tunes might sound like . With his first release off the album accompanied by the bgv and instrumental support of Dierks and Paslay , I think everyone is undeniably calling this an amazing tune . There is a bit of a darkness too it , which we all know I am a fan of . But the vocals of the three combined all by it's self is enough to admire this track . Then add in the lyrics . Forget about it !!! Take a listen and decide for yourself .

Charles Kelley " The Driver "

Last on this week of Thanksgiving I am thankful for the recent release of Wild Ones and am of course sharing another track from the album . " I'm To Blame " is the first release and only official video, so far , from Moore's second studio album , Wild Ones . I have loved the entire album so much that I'm not even mad anymore that it took 3 years to release it . Moore has said in interviews that this is very much a little insight into who he is as a person , artist and writer . If you've taken my advice and listed to any of the tunes I ' ve shared from Moore , I think you know by now that Kip is an artist that isn't afraid to speak his mind , whether you like what he has to say or not . That is something I deeply respect about the work he does and the way he has chosen to pursue a music career . I've heard him say in multiple interviews , " You can't live your life trying to please people . You be courteous and you be respectful , but you gotta do things the way you wanna do em ' . Especially in this field , if you let other people tell you how to run your career , you're gonna follow in the steps of a dozen other artists , hundreds of other artists . If you don't pave your own path and don't know in your gut what you're suppose to be and what you're suppose to say , then I don't think your music will ever see the light of day . I'm gonna march to the beat of my own drum and that's just the way it is . Ain't nothing anyone can say or do about it . " It's that thought that I relate too and that made me a fan and it is that thought , in action that will keep me a fan . While we are still a few days pre - holiday I have a sneaking suspicion that this may end up being my holiday theme song . I mean , " Where there 's a   ' What'd you say ? ' , damn right I said it " .

Kip Moore & The Slow Hearts - " I'm To Blame "
fr " Wild Ones "

Happy Listening and Happy Thanksgiving !!! What tunes sound tracked your life this year ? Feel free to share in the comments . Also , DON'T FORGET!!!!!!!! You HAVE POWER as a radio listener and as a fan . Call , tweet , text , facebook , insta , and heck even snail mail into those stations and get these songs heard . It only takes a minute and is a easy/inexpensive way to support your favorite artists .

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