Monday, November 9, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ November 9th ~ Chris Stapelton ~ The End ~

So , I ended up getting to the CMA viewing a tad late . Not because of my utter frustration with the impending ear bleed that was a FOB/Thomas Rett mash up , but because I'd forgotten I had out of town plans that day . Anyway , I got to the T.V. about a hour into the show . Just in time to see Chris Stapelton snag his first trophy of the night for Best New Artist .

Uhm....what did I say Last Week again ? That the music nerd in me thought Chris Stapelton " may prove a first go 'round upset to other artists " , yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh 'bout that . My hashtag for the night was #StapeltonForTheWin....AGAIN!!!!! Coming into the night as someone that everyone in the room already knew and had quiet possibly worked with , but never nominated , Stapelton walked away with three of the most coveted awards of the night . Best New Artist , Best Male Artist , and Album of the Year . I am unsure that any of his fellow nominee's disagreed with those wins . Stapelton is a writer that has been working with his fellow nominees for years . He is an artists, artist . While I was not in the room , even through the TV I got the overwhelming vibe that the Stapelton wins and performance renewed each artist in the room . His wins give me hope that what is on " trend " will not always win . As I read other reviews , status' , tweets , etc. I see that he is giving folks hope that all that we have known as the country genre , is not lost . I think one of the things that warm my heart most is that his wife is right beside him . Literally , she was the female on stage doing bgvs' with he and Timberlake for their performance . Morgan Stapelton is a vocalist and writer as well . They actually met through their writing back grounds . Their first date was apparently a writing session . Chris thinking Morgan would never go out with him asked if she wanted to write....on a Friday....around 6 p.m. LOL !!! I'm sorry , but that's adorable . I suppose the family that writes/sings together , stays together .

This weeks #NewMusicMonday is gonna be singular . I will return to my multiple artist/tune exposure next week . But , due to the AMAZINGNESS that was the Stapelton/Timberlake performance I feel it deserves it's own #NewMusicMonday with out competition . During the show Stapelton's album "Traveler" shot to number 2 on the iTunes chart , sitting right behind the surprise album drop from Eric Church at number 1 . Still holding strong I think " Traveler " is going to break some records . For your #NewMusicMonday viewing pleasure I will be posting the CMA performance that EEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYONE was talking about . Justin Timberlake , Chris & Morgan Stapelton covering George Jones , " Tennessee Whiskey " & Timberlakes , " I Can't Drink You Away " .

CMA 2015 - Justin Timberlake & Chris Stapelton
" Tennessee Whiskey " " Can't Drink You Away "
I don't know about you , but I had me some chur-urch during this performance . Sometimes when something is so on point , so true , so pure , so RIGHT ON , you can't help , but make some stank face and raise that hand . That was me . Justin Timberlake also an artists , artist , as always vocally was on point , stylistically this performance was nothing but a glass of perfectly aged bourbon vocalized . Why am I not as angered by a JT mash up as I am FOB . Well , as I said , Timberlake is a artists, artist . It is clear by all of his bodies of solo work that he is a coinsurer  of music in every way . He has worked with varied influences that reach beyond his genre . I think if JT produced a country album , not many in the community would be mad about it . The difference between JT and other artists is that he does not abandon his " style " to fit . Many artists that mash up or try a genre hop into country try to act as though they are country . I'm sorry , but a country fan knows . Don't even try it . It worked for Darius Rucker , cause he is southern born and bread . He wasn't trying to be Hootie in a cowboy hat . It didn't work for Jessica Simpson because she was a Texas girl turned California girl who thought that because she played Daisy Duke in a movie role she could capitalize on her temporary country image . Strong words from strong feelings . I think if Timberlake released a country inspired album it would quiet possibly be respected by the genre , due to his respect of the genre . If that makes sense to ya .
Anyway , enjoy this and feel free to listen to it over and over and over . No judgment . To catch up on past #NewMusicMonday's feel free to check past links in the right side of the page in the blog archive . Follow me on #Insta for updates , deals , and my general hilarity @ 

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