Monday, November 30, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ November 30th ~ Let's Break Up ~

Happy Post Thanksgiving ! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend . Now , can we talk about what is really on my mind ?! Miranda and Blake . Gwen and Gavin . Reba and Narvel . Miss Piggy and Kermit . Meredith and Derek !!!! My heart can't really take much more and let ' s face it , break ups are hard . Who exactly are they the hardest on ? That's right , the fans . Break ups are hardest on the fans . There . I said it . Someone had to !! When a artist couple breaks up we are sent into an immediate tail spin . Who did what ? Who did who ? Who are we mad at ? Who's to blame ? Who do we hate ? What about the work you made while together ? Are those songs a lie ? Do I still connect to it like before ? Am I allowed to love the song he wrote , but she sang ? When it comes on the radio do I automatically change the station ?! I mean , I have had the radio on scan for months out of sheer confusion of what to do . Can someone just freakin' tell me how to feel ??!!! And even more importantly......who gets the fans in the divorce ?! Is it one artist during the week and another on the weekend ? Do I spend a Summer following one around to all the fairs and in the Fall just show up like everything is normal to an arena show for the other ?!  I am still working out the answers to these questions . I'm actually still kinda mourning most of these relationships and trying to figure out the who gets the song in the divorce , so , I ' m not 100 % when I'll get these answers to you . For now , let us let music tend to our wounded hearts while we work out the who gets what in the divorce . Thank God for pre - nups ! Am I right ?!

As mentioned , I am still in mourning over these break ups . Making my first #NewMusicMonda post a bit controversial I think . I have gone back and forth . I was a fan before the break up . I should be a fan after the break up , especially after the nanny news . Ya know , girl power and all . Ho 's over bro' s and what not . But then , your rebound guy is apart of another break up I am mourning and now what ? Now what do I do ? My loyalty even more conflicted than before . So , I may still be torturing myself over who's " team " I am actually on here , but a lyric in this song just got to me . Making it #NewMusicMonday worthy . I mean , we can't blame the music . Right ? Can we ? That would really help me sort out a few of the questions in the above paragraph ?! Anyway , Gwen Stefani's , " Use To Love You " hit me square in the love when I honed in on the chorus and actual inspiration point for the tune . " But I think it's cause I remembered for the first time since I hated you , that I used to love you " .  DAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG GINA !!!!!! Once I focused in on that line , I was done . It all made sense . Stefani has mentioned in several interviews that writing and being creative have been one of the methods of healing she's used in this time since her divorce when everything got so public . " Use To Love You " being the first release from the singer in a while , feels directly aimed at her current situation . She has also said that the video was kind of a freak happening . She went in to do some creative photo-esq stuff for/with a friend and the video for " Use To Love You " ended up being the final and unexpected product . I am sorry , but like I said , we shouldn't punish the music for our broken hearts . So , " Use To Love You " makes the first pick for this weeks #NewMusicMonday .
 Gwen Stefani " Use To Love You "
Carrie Underwood - " Heartbeat " fr " Storytellers "

Remember that time Carrie Underwood dated Tony Romo ? Me either ! Rumor has been that " Cowboy Cassanova " was inspired by the relationship . But lets be real , beyond the awesome tune , no one really cares anymore . Leading us to what we do care about , the second upcoming release from Underwoods most recent studio album " Storyteller " , titled " Heartbeat " . I have been listening to it on repeat . Something that happens when I really get into a song . A solid album usually just lives in the CD player for months . Anyway , I am not a love song person . I am not . But I can't help it . Maybe I am softening in my old age , but " Heartbeat " makes me all warm and rose colored glasses-ey inside . Fun fact , wondering who those male BGV's are on the track ?! The one and only Sam Hunt . Hunt just won the Best New Artist award at the AMA's last week , beating out artists from all genre's . I mean , the kid is here to stay no matter what genre we believe he belongs in . I think his work here on the " Heartbeat " track shows a bit of his range . Not just a talky , rap-ish , singer/writer guy . Kid can harmonize . Underwood teased a forthcoming video today on social media , but until that drops a audio vid will have do . So , take a listen to " Heartbeat " and let us know if it will make it to your Valentine mix tape next year . Yes , I am already thinking about Valentines Day .

Last , but obviously never least , Kip Moore . That's right . More Wild Ones for ya . As the Fall leg of the Wild Ones tour heads towards an end , Moore has not stopped hearing his recent release " Wild Ones " sang back to him by fans . The writer is also consistently sharing new tunes with his live audiences . It is impossible to keep up . Wild Ones is only a few months old and for whatever reason my heart is already anticipant for the next album . I blame you Moore !! Ya big tease !!! How dare you release a 15 second #insta tease of a song and expect me to be satisfied !!! You have me on a constant ledge of loving you forever or hating you forever with those #insta teases by Life in Rewind . Below is a clip from one of  the VIP pre-show performances where Moore does a singer/songwriter type set for his biggest fans . This is a youtube clip of " Burn the Whole World Down " ( one of my faves from Wild Ones ) and " Play It Cool " .  I may be wrong , but I think " Play it Cool " was co-written with Jaren Johnston from The Cadillac Three . A bro-mance if ever there was one . I don't foresee these two breaking up anytime soon , and I greatly appreciate it . I mean , who can a gal depend on if it isn't a solid bro - mance between two amazing writers ?! I don't even know ! Anyway , I could have it confused with another tune . My mind is still a bit jangled over this who do I support in a artist break up situation .  " Play It Cool " is on neither studio albums from Moore . We can only hope it makes the cut for the next one .Though I must admit I have no idea how the guy chooses . His fans are passionate about every single song he plays . They sing them back word for word days after a clip hits youtube . I truly don't know that I have seen a following like Kip Moore's . His fans are the real deal . And I am proud to call myself one . If you haven't yet , go get Wild Ones or download the deluxe version ASAP !! It's worth the two latte's you'll have to take out of your budget . LOL !!!

Kip Moore - Youtube clip - VIP Wild Ones Tour

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