Friday, December 4, 2015

~ I'm Sensing A Pattern ~

I have been struggling lately with something I have never , that I can recall , have ever struggled with before . Not since my salvation anyway . The fight . The desire to physically tear someone up . I recall that when I was knee high to a grass hopper I had a bit of bite to me , but that was literally decades ago . So , with this seemingly new struggle of wanting to put up my dukes I feel in my heart that I am stumbling all over the place . I know . I know !! Physical violence is NEVER the answer . I know . I know !!! But , knowledge does not always triumph over desire . Knowledge does not always triumph over instinct . Especially when it isn't about defending yourself , but another . All rules , out the window . However , I cling to the knowledge that God is higher . That vengeance is the Lords . I am doing my best to cling to the truths He has instilled in me long before this particular battle was my own . I was looking back over a few of my social media posts from the last few weeks that have come as a result of my quiet time with Him . I have posted them below in their entirety . I'm sensing a pattern . Give them a glance and you may as well .

" Do not be surprised by the fiery attacks on your mind ."  " You are engaged in massive warfare , spiritually speaking ." "....; your role is simply to trust Me as I fight for you ." Jesus Calling - Proverbs 3:5 " Trust in the Lord with all your heart , and do not lean on your own understanding ." - Psalm 3:3 " But You , O Lord are a shield about me , my glory and the lifter of my head ." - Know tonight that whatever you are going through , struggling with , or are being weighed down by , He fighting FOR you . We are at war on every front . It should be no surprise that it includes spiritual warfare too . " Trust the Lord with all your heart " because He fights FOR you !!!! You are not alone . He loves you . He as planned ahead for you . He fights for you . I can't seem to say that enough tonight . He . Fights . For . You .

Exodus 14:14 " The Lord will fight for you , you need only to be still . "
In the last few days I have really felt the Lord taking me to task with this verse . I had become proud thinking the "be still" part was so simple . Well,  I don't think I had really known what it was to want to fight , kick , punch , smack , swear,  yell , hair pull & all the other violent actions of a fight until recently . Wanting to physically come to blows with someone and having this verse brought to mind is a real genuine struggle . Put down your dukes . Quiet your tongue and your mind . No kicking . No scratching.  It isn't so easy . Today , hands to myself and mind everywhere else , I am clinging , like perhaps never before to the truth of this verse . He WILL fight for you . Matter of fact . It's so important for us to know that He will stand in front of us and in place of us to take or deliver a hit that He made sure the writer of this verse used the word FIGHT . Fight and Be Still . What contradictions!!! But His directive is clear . My job = Be Still . His job = Fighting . Whatever He may be taking you to task on believe on Him to keep His word . He is the most faithful of us all .

" We must pray with our eyes on God , not on the difficulty . " Oswald Chambers

Current Struggle . I'm unsure I have ever struggled like I am now to focus on just the God part of a prayer . Some situations we just continue to stare at the issue/problem/situation afraid that if we take our eyes off of it , it will sneak off and God won't be able to find it and "fix" it . I've got it twisted . Its about keeping my eyes on God while no matter what happens knowing 1 . No sin is hidden from Him . 2. Vengeance , is the Lords . 3. He loves Me . His desires/plans for me are to prosper and keep me well . Gotta keep m'eyes on the God of the situation , not the situation . Lord come quick .

Do you see it ? The pattern . As I pray , as I struggle to leave this particular time in my life at His feet , He is speaking to me . He is answering my prayers as they leave my lips . He . Will . Fight . For . Me . So , tonight as I settle into an attempt at thankfulness over wallowing in negative thought , I will thank Him . Thank Him for fighting for me . Thank Him for providing and weaving all these truths into my heart and mind before I even knew I needed them . Thank Him for a million other things He does daily . He's got this . He's got me . Also , He has you . I share what I share on social media and this blog for 1. Selfish therapy . It feels good to get it all out of my head . I feel when we let things linger in our minds for long we give the enemy a open shot at us . 2 . I don't believe it's all about me . I think that when the Lord shows us something , shares some sort of wisdom , provision , protection , etc . it is as important as the gospel it's self . It is a reflection of His character and goodness and it is our job to share that with folks . So , even if just one person feels a little less alone in their struggle because I am sharing mine , mission accomplished .

My prayer for you this weekend is that you would stop to consider what the Lord may have been preparing for you and whatever struggle you are going through before it began . He equips us . He does not lead us astray . He is purposeful . Let us thank Him for going before us in ALL situations .
Happy Weekend !!

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