Monday, December 14, 2015

~ Insta Blog ~ Do Not Conform ~ You Be You ~

Perhaps one of the more difficult directives we will ever be given . It is a task to not allow ourselves to simply melt into the mold this world has created for us and the expectations it has put on us . Graduate at this age . Go to this college . Get this job . Marry . Have babies . Have grand babies . Retire comfortably . So on , so forth . But God has not called us to a neatly scheduled life . When we buck the " norm " of this world to pursue after Gods " norm " ( and I use the word lightly ) for our life it can make folks uncomfortable . It is frightening to see someone going against the grain confidently . Well , if I have learned anything in the last four years it is I do not mind to live a life that scares or makes people uncomfortable if I am living a life I am confident He is taking part in . Not falling into the worlds idea of what my life should be is a daily task . At any moment I could throw my hands in the air and say , " Fine ! I'll just do what everyone else is doing " . But I know in my heart I was called to be different . Right now that " different " is the schedule of my life . I skipped past a few things on the " worlds " list of who I should be and what I should be doing at this current time in the life line . But In a month , year , 2 years the different I am living may be , well....different . My prayer for you this week is that you would find the strength or keep hold of the strength to continue your pursuit of Gods " norm " for you and that you would not be tempted by the worlds idea of " norm " . You are not alone . He is FOR you and WITH you . If you know NOTHING else about His calling and plans for your life KNOW this , you were not called to conform to this worlds idea of " norm " . I hate to go all mom talk on ya , but if all your friends jumped off a bridge would you ??!! Square pegs rule !!! Let no one make you feel like less for being who God made you and for following His call on your life .

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