Monday, December 14, 2015

~ Merry Christmas ~

Christmas 2013

As you all know , I love me a holiday. Particularly Christmas . I don't exactly know why it makes me so happy, but it just does . The twinkly lights , the permission to decorate all things with glitter , the sweet treats everywhere , fond memories of Christmas ' past or maybe the excitement of a new year and fresh start ahead . Whatever it is I have found myself wanting to spread that cheer......( for all to hear , how was I to resist quoting Elf ?! ) . I've been saying Merry Christmas since December 1st . Right after thank you or have a good day or whatever other greeting is exchanged I follow it up with Merry Christmas ! Something that I have noticed , more so this year than ever before , is the actual surprise on folks face when I say it . Then the almost relieved tone in their voice when saying it back or saying " Thank You " in return . Its been so thought provoking for me . It is almost as if everyone is waiting for permission . Permission to express their joy , permission to say something semi-religious or spiritual , or just permission to be kind . I don't know . Its just so odd to me . I don't think I am even explaining it properly I am so baffled by it . I feel like with every surprised reaction the Lord is saying to me , " Yes . Keep reminding them . Keep loving them in this simple way . Keep surprising them with the reminder of the " reason for the season " . " If that makes any sense to ya . So , Merry Christmas loved ones ! I hope your holiday season is a merry and bright one . Lets not forget the true reason we have to celebrate . Spread His joy with someone today .

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