Sunday, July 19, 2015

~ Summer Time ~

It has been a hot minute since my last post . Literally. I don't know about where you are , but it has been hot as fire here in East Tennessee . I hope that you all are having a restful and yet productive Summer . I can't say that The Faith Journals have much to report .

As in fourth of July's past I spent the holiday with several of my former roomies . This partial reunion was in North Georgia ( which is also hot as a freshly baked potato ) and to say our plate was full with princess-esq duties is an understatement .
Because when you are Snow White animals eat from your hand .
Riverbanks Zoo - South Carolina

As if a true Princess would allow her train to drag .
Aunt Ebe & BB aka Elsa
Jack Davis spent the majority of our visit hiding in his carrier . I learned that in his ripe age of 9 years old he is very set in his ways and refuses to make new friends . He clearly doesn't get this discipline from me . I could never resist this little face . P.S. who knew 10 month olds aren't allowed to have dip-n-dots ?! I mean it was one dot , everyone calm down . It isn't like we fed her half a cone of cotton candy......which we did once to Sophia , our groups first baby  . This among other reasons I why I am Auntie Stacie and not momma . LOL !!!

How does this face get resisted ?
I sure don't know , but he resisted it .

All Lucy wanted was just a bit of his attention
and just like a man he refused her .

Look closely and you will see JD is hiding in
his travel crate while Princess Elsa decides
which shoes go with that dress .
We spent the actual fourth of July close enough to fire works that we all came home with a bit of ash in our hair . You know it was a good night when you spent part of it a little afraid your hair might catch fire . That tends to be my rule of thumb for all outings . We also took the kids to a jump park one day . For those that do not know what that is , it is basically wall to wall trampolines . I of course could not hang as long as every one else so I tagged in for baby duty . Auntie Stacie is always available for baby holding . I also fell literally as soon as I stepped onto the trampoline . First thing . Actual first thing I did was fall . I mean , of course it was .
A good friend helps you up when you fall.......
while the other friend takes a picture .
AirStrike Jump Park - Augusta , GA
Addison Clare and I watching people
jump around ! Jump around !
Jump up ! Jump up ! and Fall Down !
We also (minus the children) saw Jurassic Park at a drive in . I highly recommend seeing this movie in the outdoors . It's like watching Jaws while floating in a lake . It was awesome !! As always time with friends was therapeutic . It is truly a treasure to find folks that love and accept you flaws and all . The summer heat mixed with my RA leaves me wore plumb out most of the time , but I am lucky to have friends that understand and are cool w nap time .

This trip along with a lot of normal day to day has been the Summer thus far and actually that is just fine with me . I'm becoming a content shut in , in my old age . LOL !! Jack Davis has spent many an after noon chasing bunnies .

I am not 100% sure what the rest of our Summer holds , but even in the stillness of a calm schedule I am learning a lot . I continue to pray , think on and pursue God's plans for me . I am doing my best to be faithful in the little and content in the now . I know that his silence has purpose . So , I continue to wait . What has God been teaching you this Summer ? Have you laid big requests at His throne in anticipation of an answer ? Please feel free to share in the comment section . We are all in this together !!