Friday, March 28, 2014

Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose - Tip #14....or 15 ( I seem to have lost count)

With Earth Day approaching I thought it might be a good time to share a few more "Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose" ideas that I have been putting to good use as of late . First let us start with one of my favorite RRR topics , free materials . Whether it comes in the mail, is used to wrap a fragile item bought, bought at the grocery or given to you containing a gift ; we come into contact with containers that can be repurposed ALLLLL the time . Just today I flipped a box to use later for mailing purposes . Many companies make the outside of their box somewhat bland in order to keep it safe in case your mail person has to leave in on your porch . To make up for that blah outside they tend to spruce up the inside . This box was bright pink on the inside . Y'all know I love me some pink !!! To read about flipping a box you can check out THIS PREVIOUS POST  from November 2013 . It is super simple ! Now, back to the material at hand , Packaging/wrapping paper . It doesn't matter where you buy a glass from , if it isn't already boxed it will be wrapped before being placed into your bag . Usually it is wrapped with several pieces of what appears to be plain (possibly recycled) 11x11 ish pieces of paper . Not as thin as writing paper, but not as thick as scrapbook papers usually are . With its plain simplicity it is the perfect wrapping for one of those boxes that do not have a pretty enough inside to be flipped . If you desire design you can paint it , places stickers on it or my favorite do a little sharpie art prior to taping it up for mailing . I also save up this stuff to use for stuffing in a box if I am giving/sending something breakable . 
Next on my list stays with in the mailing family . I had been saving the plastic containers that water flavoring packets come in confident I would eventually find a good Repurpose for them . Several weeks ago I did . I needed to send some small , oddly shaped bday gifts to a friends children . Hot wheels don't exactly fit in a envelope . Just in case you debate mailing some at any point :-)
The label slips right off . Since it is plastic and hallow it is light weight and sturdy . Bonus , it comes with a lid !! After removing the label , writing a note and gathering the small toys I was ready to test out this new mailing cylinder idea .
I happen to have some mini-cards on hand that I had received as a gift once . They were the perfect fit for this container . I didn't want the recipient to be able to see the contents so I stuffed some paper inside and covered the outside with colorful packing tape that I also already had on hand . The front of the container is flat enough to attach a return mailing label and a label for the destination address perfectly !!! I covered both labels with clear packing tape , just in case ! I also secured the lid with packing tape . I don't want anything falling out during it's journey to my little buddy . To mail this with several hot wheels and one or two other odds and ends only cost about $2 . 00 . Since I had all my supplies and gifts already on hand I thought it was a pretty good $2 . 00 spent .
Last on this list of "Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurposes" is something for your lunch box ! Whether you pack a  lunch daily or just enjoy a good picnic now and then , I am sure you will find this one handy . Again , once a water flavoring container I Repurposed this little guy into a condiment to-go container . These flavorings are so great to keep around . Toss them in your lunch box , purse, keep one in your car or desk they are just super handy to have . And lets face it , sometimes getting in those suggested 8 glasses of water a day requires some jazzing up .
Once this container was empty of flavoring I took it apart and tossed it into the dish water to soak . After a thorough soaking and washing it didn't smell or have any lingering hints that it had once held flavoring in it . Making it the perfect container for some ketchup , mustard , or dressing !!!
Most come with a leak proof spout , but I have not tested it's strength with a condiment just yet . If you do , please report back !!!! If a restaurant never seems to carry your fave dressing or you use a reduced sodium or other special type of condiment this could be your new favorite to-go container .
I hope that the little bits of info are helpful for you as you look around for items that you can Reuse ~ Repurpose !!! What have you found lately that you can Repurpose ? Please share with us in my comment section ! To find other posts in my "Reduce~Reuse~Repurpose" series you can simply type "Reduce~Reuse~Repurpose"  into the search bar or follow HIGHLIGHTED links in this and other previous posts !!
Earth Day is April 22nd !!! How do you plan to celebrate and give back ?! This Earth may not be our forever home , but it is ours for now . So, I think we need to do our best to care for it while we are here .
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