Saturday, April 28, 2012

Green House 2 Go ~ Reduce~Reuse~Repurpose ~

I received a wonderful gift of a Aloe plant several weeks ago. A friend knew that I get burned just looking at the oven and felt sympathetic to my burn prone self. Aloe is a plant that can multiple quickly. So, after having the plant for a few weeks I started to think of ways to share my blessing with others. I was able to re-pot several of the roots and give to friends who also frequently burn them self or spend a lot of time in the sun. I was able to give them their aloe plants in a pot. I didn't travel far or long to be able to give them their gifts. Next weekend I am going to see one of my oldest college friends and my travels will be a bit more extensive before I get to see her. She has three little ones that spend the majority of their day outside. They also live on a farm. So, I am sure she will benefit from some of the Aloe as well. In my trying to figure a way to get the aloe to her with out spilling it all over my car floor ( totally happened spent the rest of the afternoon vacuuming out my car  ), I came up with the following idea.

"Green House 2 Go"
Supplies Needed:
Plant, shovel (plastic spoon),
trash bag, and cleaned out yogurt
& granola container

I saved an old yogurt and granola container thinking that surely there was something I could
re- purpose it for. And I'm so glad that I did. For those that that follow my blog you know I love finding multiple purposes for items. REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE!!! This may not be our eternal home, but I believe it's our responsibility to care for it while we are here as best we can. This re-purposed container was perfect for my little "Green House 2 Go".

Step 1:  Clean out a yogurt and granola container. A container for just yogurt alone doesn't provide a lid that's needed to complete the green house effect.

Step 2: Use your shovel (plastic spoon) to put a thin layer of fertilizer/soil in the bottom of your cup. Insert roots of plant and cover with fertilizer/soil. I use Miracle Grow Moisture Control at the moment. I hope to eventually make my own compost. Eventually. Baby steps :-)

Step 3: Be sure to trim the proper amount off of the top of the plant (if needed)
so it will fit in the container under the lid.

Step 4: ENJOY!!! Your plant is ready for travel in your cup holder! It is also equipped to sit in a window seal and comes with it's very own drip container.

Green House 2 Go!!!! Reduce Reuse Recycle :-)

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