Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An Evaluation of Prayer

As I've mentioned many times I am working on sifting through some of the things I've accumulated over the years. The last few days I've been reading or skimming through old journals. I am a avid journal writer. For me it's always best to get thoughts, worries, etc. out of my head. I've found that writing in a journal is the best way to do that, for me. I've also learned what an encouragement it can be when you write down specific prayers, requests, needs, praises, so on and so forth only to look back and have, for your self if no one else, evidence of God hearing and answering you.
In reading through prayer requests from YEARS ago I noticed a pattern. Since at least the summer before I left for college I've been asking for several things consistently. I'm not sure why I never noticed before. Even this week I'm pretty sure that a few of the same things are listed. It has me asking the question, "has this question already been answered ? ".  Some things require time. Some prayer requests the Lord doesn't answer immediately. And a few are meant to be prayed over and over. I understand that.  But should there come a time of reevaluation on our part concerning the things, situations, etc. we are bringing before the throne ?

If I have for years been asking for something to be changed and
 it hasn't then perhaps it as it should be ?
At what point do I surrender these requests and find acceptance in
that a situation is exactly how it's suppose to be ?

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