Monday, April 23, 2012

It Takes Time

I've spent the weekend and today going through old journals, boxes, etc. It seems that I will never be finished sifting through all the different things I've collected over the years. I also did a little and much needed spring cleaning on my ipod/itunes. In trying to transfer tunes from one computer to another I seemed to have some how doubled up on many songs. It frustrates me to no end when it comes time to sync my ipod. So, I also spent time FINALLY getting everything transferred, deleted, and synced. It truly took several hours by the time all was said and done. I now feel like I should be considered some sort of itunes staffer.

While I am far from finished with all the sifting, cleaning out, disposing of, passing along, re purposing and organizing of things collected from over the years I am learning......
  1. I am a hoarder.
  2. I come by it honest. I live the former home of a parent and they are also a hoarder:-)
  3. Sometimes, to get things done in the way that truly satisfies you and completes the task well, it takes time.
  4. Reading through old journals I ....
          1. Continue to be shocked at how God is faithful to answer prayers that haven't left my lips for years.
          2. I am a recycler.....of mistakes.
          3. The answer to the question often asked, "Will you ever learn your lesson ? ", for me is apparently...."no".
          4. Something that I wrote about not long ago, the devil doesn't learn new tricks or temptations to use against us. He simply learns what works.
          5. I'M SUCH A GIRL!!!!! The "issues" I found journal worthy are HILARIOUS and embarrassing.
          6. I will put my journals under lock and key. Dig a deep deep hole for the key somewhere and leave a note for great great great great grand children to find them once I'm so long gone I don't give a hoot if they're read. HA!! I had a friend once say that they didn't keep a journal because they didn't want people to know what they had been thinking. I now see the solid reason for that.
  5.  Some things deserve years worth of prayer before the Lord answers.
  6. God's timing is always perfect.
  7. God never fails to provide. Even for our silliest of wants/needs.
  8. Life is a roller coaster - buckle up, take a few pictures, remember peoples names, and try not to throw up.
  9. There doesn't seem to be a "right way" when it comes to health, fashion, education, etc. It's all a game of cards. You work the hand you're dealt.
  10. If you haven't used, worn, or displayed it in 2 years you never will. Give it, donate it, re purpose it, or something else that will get it out of the closet.

Happy Monday! I hope your day has been productive as well. Remeber, no rush. Some things just take time.

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