Monday, July 31, 2017

~ New Music Monday ~ July 31, 2017 ~ Boys of the Summer ~

Kenny Chesney - "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems"
fr "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem"

Happy sunshine-y Monday to you all!!! Today is one of those days where I made plans for one thing, but ended up needing to do something else. Days like this are good reminders for me to always be flexible with my "plans". I do my best to not get too attached to a days schedule. All that to say, the change of plans has allowed me time to cook, sit, update the blog and handle New Music Monday. So, all in all, it's a pretty o.k. Monday for The Faith Journals.

This weeks New Music Monday is gonna focus on one of my most favorite of seasonal perks....boys of the Summer!! I think they may be my favorite even more than holiday clearance isles, maybe.  Let us be real, who hasn't in their high school, college years, or really, even last week, been to the beach, on vaca, road trippin', etc. and found a warm weather beau??!! There is just something easy about a vacation romance. No pressure. You know it has a expiration date. It isn't a big deal if your friends don't get along with him as he will only be around for a moment. Maybe that sounds heartless, but I'm just telling some truths from a females perspective. The guys aren't the only players in the game after all. Kenny Chesney, Jimmy Buffet, and Jake Owens aren't the only ones allowed to speak reminiscent on Summers gone by.

Now, along with these momentary romances there is most always a song or two that even a solid decade later will take you back to that night on the beach watching the sun set and the moon rise. Today's #NMM is going to focus on some of my favorite #BoysOfTheSummer and the tunes that come along with them. Now, none of them have been my personal boy of the Summer, but I am about 99.99% they have been someone's. I mean, their lyrics tell me so!!! Beginning with a guy known for his love of all things Beach. Rum, waves, dive bars, shell necklaces and going barefoot, Kenny Chesney. The song above is the inspiration behind the name Chesney's fans go by, "No Shoes Nation". Chesney has so many video's filmed at the beach that I lose track. This one though is one of my faves. Enjoy that beautiful blue water as you take a listen and a throw back to "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem".

Next is Dierks Bentley and "Somewhere on a Beach". "Beach" was the first single off of "Black", Dierks most recent studio release. While I don't think it goes along with the theme of the rest of the album, I still think it is very Dierks. I believe I read somewhere that he knew it would be a song radio liked and that was the reasoning in cutting it. I also think, just my own opinion from afar, he needed a little breathing room to finish up "Black" and this was obvious win that would provide that time as well as create hype for the drop of "Black". But, that's just me. "Somewhere on a Beach", isn't a love song, but it is still very Boys of Summer in my book. I mean, sometimes it isn't about who you fall in love with at the beach so much as it is about who you fall out of love with at the beach. Am I right?! Give "Beach" a listen and add it to your beach play list ASAP!!

Dierks Bentley - "Somewhere on a Beach"
fr "Black"

Jake Owen - "Beachin'"
fr "Days of Gold"
My sometimes spotty memory is getting the best of me today. I'm not sure if it is cause it's Monday or just me, either way, I can't recall if this is the first feature for Jake Own on New Music Monday or not, but I'm just gonna go ahead and say it is. When you are the boss you can do things like that, LoL!! When you think Summer tunes, you almost automatically think Jake Owen. I mean, he does not shy away from his love of being barefoot in the sand,  heck, it is apart of his social media handle!! With several tunes under his belt glorifying Summer, the beach, the lake, etc. he was an obvious addition to this weeks post of "Boys of the Summer".
About.....uhmmm........8 or 9 Summers ago I worked a festival called "Riverbend" in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It is a yearly outside event that happens in Summer that show cases a multitude of artists on a variety of stages for about 4-6 days. There are carnival esq foods, booze, lawn chairs, and a stage built on top of the Tennessee River. It is the highlight of many Tennesseean's Summer. The year I worked Billy Currington was the headliner for the night. I was a fan prior to his performance, but after watching him rock that floating stage in what felt like 1000 degree weather I became an even bigger fan, a legit fan, not just a "Party for Two" fan. BC fans will get that.
~ Instagram ~
@bccoconutman is another artist known for his love of the laid back beach vibe of life. He is a known surfer, explorer and waterfall jumper. Over Winter holiday, it would seem via socials, that Billy met up with one of New Music Monday's favorites, Kip Moore. Moore also a avid surfer and beach bum has toured with Currington in the past. Well, since this encounter Kip has been asked on multiple occasions if they will collaborate sometime soon, he hasn't given anything definite and with Billy currently on tour, Kip preparing to drop "SLOWHEART" in September, etc. I can only assume that if they do, it will be a 2018/2019 thing. I however expect we will see surfing trips on socials prior to that. Several weeks ago Currington posted a invite to Moore for drinks while they both happen to be in Nash at the same time. A rarity I would think for friends that are performers.Given that most would presume that you would text such a invite my New Music Monday antennas immediately went up. So much so that I shared my thoughts via my socials. It is my inclination that they discussed that possible music collab, future surf trips and their mutual crushes on Shania Twain, LoL!! After posting my suspensions Curringtion posted this pic later in the evening.....
~ @bccoconutman Insta ~, I'm not saying it was posted because I shared my thoughts, but I mean, I think it was posted because I shared my thoughts, ahahahahah!!!! Whatever the reason I am stoked at the idea of some fun social media pics of their surfing and maybe some sweet tunes in the not too far off future. As I mentioned above they have toured together before, so, ya just never know!!! Gonna close out this weeks #NMM with tracks from both Billy and Kip. It just seems right. If ever there were "Boys of the Summer" it is these guys!!

Billy Currington - "Must be Doin' Somethin' Right"
fr "Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right"

Kip Moore - "Girl of the Summer"
fr "Wild Ones"
I hope you all have a wonderful week! I know some are already gearing back up for back to school, while others are just getting their Summers started. Either way I hope that The Faith Journals and New Music Monday is a resource as you soundtrack your days!! Happy Listening and Happy Summer Lovin'!!!

~ Insta Blog ~ Pray First, Plan Second ~ July 31st, 2017 ~

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The Faces You Make When You Give the Lord Your Day to
Do What He Will & He Takes You Up On It.
When Will I Learn?! Pray First, Plan Second.

~ Glam Bag ~ Product Details fr Insta Story ~ I'm Blue Da De Da Dy ~

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Happy Monday #BeautyQueens!! Here are Glam Bag Detz from This Weekends Insta Story.

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?'s on Specifics, Color, Costs, Coupons, Where to Find, etc. Feel Free to Ask in Comments or DM!

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~ Insta Truth ~ July 31st, 2017 ~ God is With You ~


Image may contain: text, outdoor and nature
~ Pinterest~

I do not know what season you are in your life, but for me it is a very complex time. One thing can't be done because of another thing and another thing needs to be done if I want to make progress, etc. It's all a vicious cycle and I, for the last few years have been doing my best to sort through it all. Both spiritually and physically. All that to say, I have needed A LOT of encouragement over these last few years and I am so grateful that the Lord has continued to send what I need, when I need it most. Whether it be words, like these pinterest pics, a text from a friend, or a piece of snail mail, He always seems to know exactly what I need.

Image may contain: text

Currently I have so many stressful things whirling around in my mind and heart it is really rather overwhelming. And I know that allowing that anxiety, stress, and whirling is NOT how He would have me handle it all. I know that in His timing He will reveal, provide, etc. whatever it is that I need and my part is to just remain faithful in my relationship with Him. But sometimes that is just easier said than done, if I'm being honest.

So, I thought I would share a few of the things I've posted to my socials in the last week or so that have brought me some calm to this jangled mind of mine. I hope that they provide something for you that you might need too. I am grateful for those of you that follow and read on a regular basis and I pray often for you. Not by name, because I don't know all that, but I do pray for my followers and readers. That is the main reason I blog, the belief that it isn't all about me, but maybe something someone else needs as well.
Image may contain: text
You are loved. You are prayed for. He is with you. He is for you.

~ Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose ~ Mamaws Earrings ~


A Long While Back My Mamaw Gave Me a Shoe Box of Old Jewelry. Some Pieces Broken, Some Earrings Missing Their Mate, Some Tarnished fr the Years, Some Still w Price Tags on, Etc. She Said I Could Throw it Away if I Didn't Want it. Well, the Hoarder/Repurposer I Am Of Course Didn't Throw Them Away.
I've Brainstormed on What I Might Use Them for, for a Long Time. This Isn't All of the Jewelry or the Only Project I Have in Mind, but I am Glad to Get a Idea from Inside My Mind, Out & It Turn Out as I Hoped it Would.
I Kinda Love It & Haven't Settled on Where it Might Live in My House, but I Love That it Will Be a Different Way to Display Some of Mamaw's Old Earrings. I Haven't Showed it to Mamaw Yet So, Who Knows?! She May Not Approve & I'll Burn it, LoL!!! For Now, I Love It!! I Plan on Attaching a Broken Necklace to the Back for Hanging.

~ Dream Destination ~

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~ Insta Blog ~ The Excitement of Uncertainty ~ July 29th, 2017 ~

Image may contain: text
~ Moral Revolution Instagram ~
The Difference in a Ordeal & a Adventure is Attitude. Uncertainty Can Either Send Us into a Downward Spiral of Anxiety & What Ifs or it Can Ignite a Anticipant Flame in
Our Hearts for What God Might Do Next. Perspective. The Decision is Ours.

Monday, July 24, 2017

~ New Music Monday ~ July 24th, 2017 ~ Radio Who?! SNS ~

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Kip Moore - "S L O W H E A R T"
Releasing Sept. 8th, 2017

Happy New Music Monday my fellow music addix!! I hope that you are having a beautifully sound tracked Summer. I have seen on socials that some are already back at school. Not to sound all elderly and stuff, but in my day we didn't start back till near end of August. Isn't this early? Is it just me?! Well, whether you are sound tracking your morning drive to school or still soakin' up rays pool side I have some tunes to suggest for your listening pleasure.

As I mentioned in my last #NMM post Kip Moore is gearing up for a September drop of his third studio album, "SLOWHEART". He began by teasing some tune tid bits, behind the scenes working of tracks, and is following up those teases with texts to fans with first looks at things such as the albums cover art, as seen above. If you haven't signed up for these updates and texts head to and do so now. SLOWHEART is also available for pre-order on his site on it's own and also in some varied merch bundles. Below is a clip from Kips Facebook sharing some behind the scenes on "Just Another Girl", a track off of the upcoming, "SLOWHEART". "Just Another Girl", is a tune that most Kip fans is already going to know, but based on some recent performance footage along with the clip below I think we can expect it to have been changed up a bit from its original version. Kip is the kind of artist that will write a song in the afternoon with some guys in the band, mess around with it at sound check and then test it out on the fans during VIP acoustic or even during the full band part of a live show. I recall seeing footage on Youtube of "Just Another Girl", perhaps the first time he performed it. He seemingly had the words written down in front of him on the floor and while he still missed a few words, I mean, who wouldn't?! The fans hung on every last phrase and or pause. I get the feeling it was loved from the beginning which is one of the reasons I am so stoked to see it make it to "SLOWHEART". Head to Youtube and look it up or just give it a quick audio glance from the clip below. Either way I think it will only make you "Moore" excited for the release of "SLOWHEART"....see what I did there..... "Moore" not "more"....mkay, onto the next.

Kip Moore - "Just Another Girl"

Danielle Bradbery - "Sway"
You may recall Danielle Bradbery from her stent on NBC's The Voice. Another member of Team Blake that took home the trophy and headed straight to Nashville. With a few singles released not long after the win Danielle then seemed to disappear a bit. Still serving as opening act for folks like Thomas Rett she was mainly absent from radio. Apparently the reality show winner has been working on what and who she is as an artist. "Sway" is the first single of her upcoming record and is currently available on Spotify, itunes, and on Bradbery's page of course. If your local radio isn't playing it then give them a hollar and request it be added to their spin cycle! I teeter back and forth with reality show winners when it comes to music, but I feel as was with Carrie, there simply is no denying that this girl has a voice all her own. She is not a manufactured artist at this point. Which I think many will disagree with simply because she comes from reality contest popularity, but I do think that Brandbery has a voice all her own and it took none other than Country's own, Blake Shelton to prove it. He has compared her to Pam Tillis and her earlier singles def have a throw back country vibe with a bit of current country lyrical spin. I think that "Sway" is the beginning of a possible lighting of the fuse for Danielle. Radio can be unpredictable. They may feel they already have a long haired blond topping their charts and call-in's. If I could figure out how to topple radio politics all on my own I would and I'd spin all sorts of artsits like Bradbery, TC3, Kip, Sturgill, Cam, Kelleigh Bannen and my list goes on for days and days. Anyway, rabbit trail aside I think there is potential here for radio wave domination. Give it a listen and decide for yourself.

Speaking of folks that radio pretends like they don't know until they need something, The Cadillac Three has sent out their second single from the upcoming album, "Legacy". "Dang if We Didn't" is a tune that "should" fit in with a lot of what is getting played, lyrically. However, I am unsure if it is the bands instrumental choices, vocal arrangements, I have no clue, but "White Lightening" from "Bury Me in My Boots" seems to be the only track of the trio's that radio will play. If I get on the who radio will play and who they won't track for to long I'll get rage black out mad, so, let us proceed to listening to some Cadillac Three and mark our calendars for the release of their album, "Legacy" coming out in August!! Below is a vid from the Pennzoil Garage Sessions series on Youtube featuring the bands new single. Give it a watch and listen and start asking your local radio to play the dang thing!!!!

The Cadillac Three @ Pennzoil Garage Sessions
 "Dang if We Didn't" fr "Legacy"
Releasing August 2017

RaeLynn - "Lonely Call"
fr "Wild Horse"
Another blond hitting airwaves and video countdowns from Team Blake is RaeLynn. Releasing the second single and video from her album, "Wild Horse", "Lonely Call" is that friend that helps you let go of a bad habit you have. I am a fan of the album so I don't know that I would've been disappointed by any track getting a release to radio, but I think "Lonely Call" has the potential to slide in and take down a few of the guys on the top of the charts. The lyrics just hit home with so many, and I think especially with females. Who btw are starving to be represented in multifaceted ways both visually and lyrically. Taking a sharp turn from the visual tone of  "Love Triangle" the first track dropped from the album, Rae serves as your bestie that calls the other besties and commits to getting you through that bad habit that began by way of text messages. A technological break up is sometimes harder than any other kind of break up. Not always because you had these deep rooted feelings, but because you had this habit which gave you feelings and real or not, they become hard to let go of. I think the video is cute and fun and I like that the singer isn't the love interest this go 'round. Rae is just getting started so there will be plenty of video's to come that place her in the romantic lead. I am guessing she is waiting for her man, Josh Davis, to return from military training before going the love story route visually on a video. Give "Lonely Call" a watch and a listen then head over to CMT and GACTV sites to vote for it on the video countdowns!!
O.K. Last share of the week and I am stepping away from the country genre for this one, Demi Lovato's "Sorry Not Sorry". WARNING: This track has language NSFW (not safe for work) or really anywhere or in front of anyone that you wouldn't be o.k. dropping a F'bomb in front of. Girl has pipes and ain't no body that can say different!!!! Like her, don't like her, follow her on socials, don't,  WHATEVER, girl can sang!!!! I love this tune, swear words and all. I don't even care if you judge me for it. I think we all would like to think of ourselves as making the one that left sorry for it in one way or another. These days, one of the most popular phrases and revenge tactics is a "revenge bod", i.e. gettin' even more fine physically than you already were to begin with. This kinda hits on that idea of visual regret on the leavers part and the sweet sweet taste of vengeance on the part of the one left. The vid has a few cameo's like Paris Hilton and Jamie Foxx. Paris is apparently a DJ now, which actually kinda makes a lot of sense. Who else has spent that much time on the club scene and managed to turn it into a actual real job??!! I mean, other than reality stars who "host" their bday party's in vegas and what not, lol!!! Anyway, serving as vid D.J. Paris makes a cameo. Give it a watch and or a listen and add it to your break up play list ASAP!!!

WARNING: Language!!!

Demi Lovato - "Sorry Not Sorry"
Have a beautiful last full week of July, loves!!!! Check back next week for more New Music Monday!!! If you would like to be apart of day to day vids, updates, etc. you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @StacieTennessee

~ However Abstract it May Appear ~

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~ Glam Bag ~ Make Up of the Day ~ Natural and Neutral ~

A little glam for those not inclined to peacock inspired shadows. Natural and neutral are a good place to glam as well!!! Like what you like. Rock what you got. Boldly be, uniquely you. Bold isn't always neon, ya know?!
Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

Not Every Day is About Purple Eyeliner & Pink Lipstick. Sometimes it is About the #NudyBlues. Highlighting Your Natural Tones. Of Course, for Me, There is Still, Always, Shimmer Involved Even in My Neutrals. It also usually includes some pink as my undertones are naturally pinkish. This was a look from the weekend. Chill, not so glitzy, not so bold, but I love it just as much as I do my turquoise eyeliner and purple lip stick. Thought I'd share for those looking to start glamming up their "every day" natural.

You are loved. You are beautiful!!

#GlamBag Deatz = #Foundation/#SettingPowder @clinique #Concealer @wetnwildbeauty #Blush/#AquaShadows/#LiquidEyeLiner/#ShadowLock @elfcosmetics #Shadows @tartecosmetics #Mascara @lorealmakeup #Lips & #SettingSpray @hardcandylife #Glam #InstaGlam #NaturalGlam #NudyGlam #MUOTD (Make Up of the Day) #LikeWhatYouLike #RockWhatYouGot

~ Glam Bag Philosophies ~ Boldly Be, Uniquely You ~ July 24th, 2017 ~

If you follow me on socials then you already know that drawing peacock's is one of my "things". I'm not sure my fascination with them. I guess it is their regal way of being. So beautiful and seemingly knowing just how beautiful they are they decide when you will get to see the most detailed parts of them, their fan feathers. So intricate in detail and so specific to each bird. I am drawn to things, people, animals, ideals that aren't afraid to be exactly what they are, however different or unconventional as that may be. Unicorns (yes, I know unicorns aren't "real", chillax), Mermaids the Unicorns of the Sea (yes I know Mermaids aren't "real", calm down and don't let Ariel hear you say that!!), and Peacocks, which are real. I did not make them up....I don' think. While each of these are apart of a grouping each one is portrayed visually as unique unto themselves. The eye's on a peacocks tail feathers are unique to each specific bird. While they may all look the same when in a bunch, if you look closely you'll start to see their differences.

Kinda similar to humanity is it not?! When you view us all together we kind of look the same, sound the same, act the same, but when you get to know us individually you start to see the uniqueness, the differences, the things that make me, Stacie and the things that make you, you. One of my creative outlets is cosmetics. I truly enjoy putting on my make-up. Sometimes I put on make-up even if I am not leaving the house. It makes me happy in the same way that the color pink, glitter or Jack Davis make me happy, simply. I don't know the intricate deep rooted reasoning as to why I love these things so absolutely, I just do, and that comforts me. It confirms to me that I am a specific, individual creature that God has chosen to give the gift of life to. I may, when with my flock, heard or school look like the rest, but when you get to know me you quickly see that I am a bit different, as are you.

I have shared it before, but I think it is something that bears repeating, God made you, specifically you with purpose. The things that make you different are the things that will give you a outlet, ministry, voice, and power. I am unsure if it is our similarities that bring us together or the shared burdens of our differences. I post my highs and lows because I know that for me it is important to see those posts. I don't want anyone looking at my curated socials thinking I have it made or that life is perfect. NO WAY!!! I also don't want to be a constant Debbie Downer, I mean, the world has enough. So, I do my best to use the platforms I have to share a hope of balance, understanding, sympathy, empathy, insight, clarity, and really just community. I want people to think, "if she can, I can" or "I'm not the only one with this hurt, struggle, baggage, illness, experience, etc.".

There is a difference in being uniquely you and rebelling against how God made you. The enemy will in every way he can try to convince you that the only use for that uniqueness is rebellion, hate, and being stand off-ish. That is a lie. To be an individual doesn't always mean you have to put up a fight. I have seen so many cause a ruckus because they think that is what "has" to be done in order to be seen as unique and to have a voice. I disagree with that thought.

Psalm 147:4 He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names.

If the God of the universe can know every star by name, then He probably knows yours too!! You are known. You are loved. You are perfect just the way you are. I am reminded of a verse from a popluar song that is out right now by Alessia Cara called "Scars to Your Beautiful". The line goes, " don't have to change a thing, the world can change its heart", BEAUTIFUL!!!! Perfect, beautiful, TRUE verse if ever there were one. Before you make yourself ill to fit a pant size, before you go having something nipped or tucked out of vanity, before you start thinking you are just like everyone else, KNOW that you are perfect just the way you are and it's the world that needs a nip and a tuck, not you.

Wear your peacock inspired eye shadows. Dye your hair pink, purple, blue. Wear that navy blue lip paint. Go blond! Go blonder! Keep it natural and neutral. Rock your jammies to Wal-Mart at 11:30 at night with no make up and a top knot. CHILD!!! YOU DO YOU!!!! If someone has a problem with it, that's on them. To be comfortable in your own skin is one of life's greatest challenges from my personal point of view. It is something I feel I struggle with daily. That struggle is part of why I share some of the things I do. I wouldn't have you feeling the way I feel and let you give into the thought that you are the only one feeling that way. I simply can't. So, here I am, brightly colored eye shadow and all. You are not alone. Do what you do, wear what you wear because it makes you feel good, not because it keeps you reminded of the things that make you feel bad. Make sense?

Glam Bag Deatz from the Looks Pictured in This Post. To Keep Up with my Day to Day, Updates, etc. Follow me on Insta or Twitter @StacieTennessee.

Friday, July 21, 2017

~ Glam Bag Philosophies ~ Be Strong. Be Confident. ~


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~ Glam Bag Philosophies ~

For Some, This List is a Very Difficult One. I Am Apart of that "Some". My Prayer for Us All is That We'd Have More Good Days Than Bad, but in Both We Would Find a Way to Point Back to the Lord. Our Beauty, However We Define it, No Matter Who Might Agree/Disagree w that Defining, is from the Lord Not a Tube of Lipstick. Though I Do Find Great Beauty in a New Tube of Lipstick. Our Confidence, Wherever We End Up Finding It, Needs to be Rooted in the Lord if We Expect it to Last.

Being the Star of Our Life isn't a Vanity/Attention Thing in My Ideals of it. It is Embracing that God Made You, Specifically You, Not Like That Girl/Guy, He Made You Like Him & Like You. What You Bring to the World is Unlike What Anyone Else Has Been Gifted w & it was Intentionally Given to You. I Shared Yesterday that Stewardship isn't Always About "Saving" Things. Well, it Also isn't Always About Physical Things. Joy, Peace, Abundance, & Even Pain/Hard Times are to be Stewarded as Well. Everything We are Given, Inside & Out, Tangible or Not, is to be Balanced, Used, Saved or Given Away for the Glory of the Lord! Be the Star He Made You to Be & Shine Brightly for Him. You are Loved Beauty Queens.

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~ Insta Blog ~ July 12th, 2017 ~ Special Occasions ~

Image may contain: one or more people and text
I Believe the Conversation Began Over "Fancy" vs "Everyday" Dishes. I Grew Up "Saving" Things for "Special" Occasions. Easter Dress, Back to School Stuff, Certain Jewelry/Make Up, etc. I Almost Went Insane. I'm Not Always the Most Patient Person, Especially if I Don't Understand the "Why" of Something.

As I Got Older & Became in Charge of When I Use, Wear, etc. Stuff I Started Wondering Why We Save Things for Special Occasions?! If it Makes You Happy, If it Brightens Your Room, Day, Mindset or Someone Else's, Why Would We Only Reserve it for "Special" Occasions?! Why Wouldn't We Use it to Make Every Day a Special Occasion??!! That Was the Discussion I Had w a Bff About Her Wedding Dishes. She Now Uses Them on the Regular & Has Gotten Opportunities to Use Them to Brighten Others Days As Well. Its Important to Be a Steward of What the Lord Has Given Us, but We Mustn't Think That ALWAYS Equals "Saving".

Sometimes it is "Spending", Wearing, Using, Sharing That Equals Good Stewardship. Wear the Earrings & Lipstick. Use the Christmas Dishes Starting in November. Share the Dessert. Now, We Only Know Now. Yesterday is Gone & Tomorrow is Not Promised. Take it a Day at a Time, but Don't Neglect to Enjoy the Day & All the Opportunities it Presents to be a Special Occasion.

~ A Look at Migraines from the Outside In ~

Image may contain: one or more people and closeup
~ Migraines From the Outside In ~
Top Pic = What You See When I'm in the Midst of a Migraine.
Bottom Pic = What I See In the Midst of a Migraine.

Often One of My Warning Signs (predecessors to the pain) is Loss of Sight in Either One or Both Eyes. Have You Looked Directly at the Sun then Looked Away? That Shadow that Remains in Your Vision for a few Moments Is What Folks w Migraines Call an Aura. ...Not a "Let Me Read Your Aura" Kind of Thing, Though it Does Come in Colors at Times, but Really More of a Let Me Rob You of Sight Kind of Thing. And it Happens Whether We've Glanced Something Bright or Not.

Many Times I am Awoken By it b/c it is Even There When We Close Our Eyes. It is Deceptive. We See Things That Aren't There & We Can't See Things That Are, the View is a Bit of What I Imagine a Horse w Blinders Has. Its Debilitating & is Only the Beginning of Senses That Will Fail in the Midst of a Migraine. All of That Said.....

I Think There are Two Ways to Truly Understand Someone Else's Journey,
1. Having Walked it or One Very Similar Yourself.
2. Education.

There are Thousands if Not Millions of Resources Out There to Read Up on Varied Health Issues, but for Each Sufferer Things Will Vary. I Don't Think I Do a Very Good Job Explaining in Discussion What is Going on w My Health So, I Thought Beginning a Series of Blogs/Socials Posts on it All Might Be Better. I Want You to Understand Why I Had to Bail Last Minute. I Want You to Know if I Could See My Phone When You Text I Would Have Responded ASAP. I Want You to Know How Frustrating the Health Care System Can Be So That When Given Opportunities to Vote on Health Issues You Don't Just Have a News Media Knowledge on the Matter, but You Actually Know Someone & Are Seeing How These Decisions are Effecting Real Life People. Does Any of This Make Sense?! Perhaps I'm Not Good at Written Explanation Either, LoL!!

I'm in No Rush w This. So, It Will Probably Go Like This, Post to Socials First, Later Expound via Blog. Gonna do My Best to Continue Giving Visuals to Help You Better Understand as Well. Thank You Loved Ones for Always Being so Patient w Me & Loving on Me These Last Few Years When I Have Been Difficult to Love. He is in Control.

Monday, July 10, 2017

~ New Music Monday ~ July 10th, 2017 ~ Dreaming of Fall ~

Happy Monday Music Lovers!!! I hope that you have had a beautiful holiday week and got to celebrate the fourth of July with some of your favorite friends and tunes. I have always loved 4th of July festivities, until I got my dog, Jack Davis. He is not a fan of fireworks, thunder, loud trucks that rumble like thunder and so on. So, the weekend leading into the fourth and for several days after he was having a rather difficult time. He doesn't shake and shiver or bark, but he will NOT be convinced that is safe to go outside. The vet has said that for a small dog he has a exceptionally large bladder, but even with a large bladder a fella has to potty!!! This weekend I resorted to picking him up and carrying him to the yard. Desperate times, desperate measures.

I know that it is July and technically the beginning of Summer, but I have already begun dreaming of Fall. Y'all know my affections for the Fall season. Call me basic, I don't even care. Well, along with the cooler weather, light layers and pumpkin spice everything, this Fall season is going to bring a few other things with it that have me dreaming of leaves falling. New album drops by a few of my favorite folks!!! Starting with.....

The Cadillac Three will be dropping, "Legacy" on August 25th. The title track is out now and the album is avail for preorders via iTunes and the bands official site, you can check their Facebook for more details by clicking here TC3 . Let me go ahead and say, the recent marriage and the addition of a baby Cadillac are starting to show their influence in the bands work. "Legacy" is a BEAUTIFUL tribute to these new changes, additions, experiences, etc. going on in the bands personal lives. Leading off with the title track for this next project, I feel, has set a different tone for the anticipation of the albums release. I am confident there will be the expected ruckus raisin', beer saluting, country and ain't ashamed of it tunes like "Bury Me in My Boots", had. But the release of "Legacy" the single causes me to think there are going to be some deeper waters to wade through on this album and I am looking forward to it. I have my swimmies and my beer cozy ready to go. Give the single and title track, "Legacy" a listen and decide for yourself.
Side Note: THIS VIDEO THOUGH!!!!!! Perfect. Beautiful. Perfect.

The Cadillac Three - "Legacy"
fr "Legacy"

Kip Moore - "More Girls Like You"
fr "Slow Heart"
Next on deck is Kip Moore's, "Slow Heart" dropping September 8th. My birthday is in September so, I am of course choosing to believe that is why that month was selected. Has nothing to do with sales, radio, tours, etc., LOL!!! The first single off of "Slow Heart" is "More Girls Like You". The lyric vid has been released to not only online outlets, but country music video channels like CMT. I was super amped to see it this weekend on the 12 pack count down. Recorded on one of his many adventures, Moore leaned on frequent adventure buddy and fellow creative, P.J. Brown from Life in Rewind for this production. Kip has said in the past that having a friend, someone he is comfortable with, like P.J. doing his documentarty-esq filming helps him to feel more natural and like he is giving something real to the viewers. I know most hear this song as a love song and I guess it is, but the video leans itself to the search more so than the actual attainment. It shows Moore's wandering spirit, curiosity, and general love of adventure in a very home video kind of way. Walking, surfing, hanging with locals, goofing off and just doing his thing, blending in. I would imagine he doesn't get that opportunity a lot, making his wanderlust even greater. All that wandering a beautiful picture of travel and other cultures, but also a great representation of that hunt one goes on when deciding to settle down with someone. Lots of walking, surfing, hanging with locals and goofing off there as well, lol!!
"Slow Heart", is set to drop on September 8th, as I mentioned above and Moore has been releasing small teaser video's as he did with the release of, "Wild Ones".  I think, at the moment, of the four tracks we have gotten a glimpse of, "The Bull", may be my favorite, so far. While in Coasta Rica Moore shared some Insta's that had everyone wondering what he had gotten himself into this time when he posted what appeared to be a rodeo. Sitting on the gate of the bull ring we all imagined that Kip took his turn. Well, the quick clip confirms our suspensions...

Kip Moore - "The Bull"
fr "Slow Heart"

The Lone Bellow - "There's Always Leaving'
fr "Walk into a Storm"
One of my favorite, underappreciated bands is The Lone Bellow. I have shared tunes of theirs in past #NMM posts and would encourage you to download some of their tunes so that you are prepared for September 15th when they drop, "Walking into the Storm" their next album. This first track released, "Time's Always Leaving", gives me exactly the soul I want and expect from this band. I fail to understand how music like this exists and yet it isn't played on radio. How are The Lone Bellow still a "Underground" kind of band??!!! Zack Williams vocals are as thick as ever on this track and the perfectly soulful "bellowed" harmonies and bgvs of the rest of the group are wonderful!!! I feel like I should be holding a glass of whiskey on the rocks, swirling the ice around, while being completely entranced by this trio's talents in some bar in deep Georgia. But that's just me. Give it a listen and mark your calendars!!!! You don't wanna miss this release.
Beginning with "Legacy" and ending with "Legends" just worked out for this post. Miss Kelsea Ballerini has released the first video for her sophomore project to country music radio and video stations. "Legends", is the presumably first track off of Ballerini's next studio project. She has teased lyrics, done quick listens, and performed some of the new tunes live at her show's, but this is the first "official" look we are getting at "what's next" for Kelsea. Setting records and busting a hole in the roof of the glass ceiling, Kelsea's first three singles off of her Freshman offering went number one. Her fourth and last single off of "For the First Time", "Yeah Boy" hasn't moved as quickly, but it is on the charts and is moving steadily. I have a feeling that it was released as 1.A pacifier while the new work is tweaked. 2. To test the waters and see if they could go four for four. But, that is just me and what do I know about such things??!! I don't foresee "Yeah Boy" following in it's predecessors chart topping steps, especially with this release of "Legends", but ya never know. Miss Ballerini will not be "Miss Ballerini" for much longer as along with her new album planning she is also planning a wedding to her Aussie Bo', Morgan Evans. It hasn't been announced which will happen first, the album or the wedding, but either way we have a lot of Kelsea to look forward to in our news feeds.

"Legends", I am still deciding my feelings on this track and it's video. Most agree the video is a emotional roller coaster with a curve ball of a ending. It is theatrical and you can see that the label has seen that investing in Ballerini financially with bigger vid budgets, is a good gamble. I still struggle with the idea that Ballerini is T.Swifts country music heir apparent in that if I were on KB's team I would want to separate her as much as possible from any Swift comparisons and idk that is being done. I don't know if it is me or what, but my initial thought upon hearing the opening of "Legends" takes me to a Taylor Swift place, as does the video. Both beautifully audio and visual, but I just can't seem to separate the two. Obviously if KB veered to an extreme left or right from who she has appeared to be up to this point I would have issue with that as well. So, maybe it is just me. I feel like I have to say this every time I write about Kelsea, I am in fact a fan. It just maybe doesn't sound like it completely, LOL!! Give the vid a watch and a listen and decide for yourself. Also, feel free to share with me your thoughts on the Swift comparison factor. I predict more KB will be shared in future New Music Monday's once we get more info on her upcoming album release dates, etc. So, stay tuned!

Kelsea Ballerini- "Legends"
Alright gang, I hope that you have a beautiful week!!! What albums are you looking forward to this Fall??!!! Have you pre ordered??!!!

~ Glam Bag ~ Tips and Tricks ~ A Cat Eye ~ July 11th, 2017 ~

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~ Maybelline Metallic Liquid Liner ~

Quick Trick for a Cat Eye = Tape!! Some Folks Use Regular Ol' Office/Gift Wrapping Tape to Help Create a Sharp, Clean, Bold Line for Their Liquid Line. You simply place the tape at the far end of your eye lid. Begin your liquid line on the inner part of your upper lash line. Slowly pull the line from the inner corner towards the outer corner and go along the natural shape of your lid/lash line. Doesn't have to be perfect and recall that no one gets it right first go. It takes practice to become comfortable with the application process. As you pull the line closer to the tape just do as you would if you are painting something that has painters tape as a guide. Lightly pull the liner out as far as you would like using the edge of the tape as your guide. If using liquid liner (which I recommend) allow it a few seconds to dry before pulling off the tape. You can clean up rough edges after you finish if needed.

~ Tarte Man Eater Liquid Liner ~

To clean up any rough spots you can either go back over with your liner, making the original line a bit thicker or you can also use lightly moistened qtips to clean up the rough edges. I use the qtips that are formed into a point at the end instead of being rounded. Hard Candy cosmetics also has a liquid line fixer product. I haven't tried it yet, but if I do I will for sure share my thoughts with you.

A Few Clarifications for FYI. The Dif in a #CatEye & a #Wing is Basically Thickness of the Line. Think #AmyWinehouse When You Think Wing, I Mean Hers is Clearly a Very Drastic Wing, but its a Wing None the Less. Cat Eye Think Petite & Sharp, #MarilynMonroe-esq. Also, Cat Eye Tends to Line the Entire Eye, Top and Bottom, Where the Wing Tends to be Just the Top Lid Lash Line.

Again, as w All M'Tips, Make it Work for You. That is the Beauty of Cosmetics, its a Creative Space the Same as Any Other Canvas. Take the "Basics", Then You Make it Work for You.

~ Tarte Man Eater Liquid Liner in Black
and Hard Candy Liquid Liner in Silver ~
You are Perfect #BeautyQueens!!! Happy Monday!

Stay tuned for future Glam Bag Reviews, Tips and Tricks. Also, follow me now on Insta AND Twitter for updates, deals, etc. @StacieTennessee

~ Quick Fix ~ Summer to Do's ~ Glam Bag Decor ~ July 2017 ~

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A Little Project I've Had on My Summer To-Do's is Framing a Few of My Cute Make-Up Bags to Use Them as Decor. I've Gotten Some Adorable Bags as Gifts & w a Few Being fr Dear Friends I Hadn't Been Able to Bring Myself to Actually Use Them & Risk Cosmetic Spillage In or On the Bag.

Finding a Frame Deep Enough w/o Going Full Shadow Box Had Proven Difficult, but Today I Scored These Three Gold Frames at the Dollar Tree. They Have Just Enough Depth to Hold My Smaller Bags Laid Flat. The Main Issue is Zippers, but These Frames Worked Pretty Good. Plus, They Were Just a $1.00 Each!!

They Didn't Have All the Sizes I Needed Today, but I'm Glad to Have Been Able to Take the Idea fr Inside My Head to IRL & Know it Works.

~ Glam Bag ~ Dreaming of Fall Colors ~

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~ When its July, but You Already Feelin' Those October Colors ~

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

~ Presidential Hazing ~ Independence In Deed ~ July 4th, 2017 ~

So, not to get all political and what not on this day of independence, but like everyone else in the country it's on my mind. I am baffled by our current political climate. Why is everyone so surprised that Donald Trump is acting, like Donald Trump? He wasn't one person pre-presidency and is now a totally different person. Why are people still as pissed today as they where in November that Hillary lost? AND HOW FOR THE LOVE OF HOW is the "resistance" anything, but counter productive???!!! Can we all agree that we got ourselves into this and to be honest that with either winner there is a solid chance we would be where we are now?! I'd love to say that one party is far more mature and better behaved than the other, but I mean.......telling you Tinkerbelle walked Jack Davis tonight would be more believable.

I am not the gal who follows politics 24-7. I hop around from CNN to Fox to local to online to actual in hand news papers. I follow news outlets on m'socials and I have the occasional discussion with friends, who are able to discuss and not fight, on the topic. I keep up, but I'm no Carol Radziwill from RHONY. I know a few of you will get that and totally appreciate it. Anyway, is it just me or is there a legit temper tantrum being thrown by at least half of the nation??!!!

How, and I am genuinely asking, how, is it different when openly homosexual clothing designers refuse to dress the First Family because the First Families Husband/Father/Grandfather and oh yea, President, doesn't "support" homosexuality, but it is illegal for a private/family owned bakery in a small town in the middle of who knows where, that happens to be owned by people with a faith that doesn't agree with homosexuality, to refuse service to anyone they choose? Bars have signs that state they can turn away anyone they want for any reason they want. However, this small, independent bakery was forced out of business when they refused to go against their beliefs in serving a homosexual couple. They didn't say they didn't like the couple, from all my readings on the situation there were no physical altercations, just a simple denial of service due to religious beliefs. I am fairly certain the couple that sued just got their wedding cake elsewhere, but this family lost their income, insurance, and their character was attacked nation wide. Am I missing something?

I get it, Trump is a difficult person to defend or boldly support for most folks. I agree. There are times I shake my head and think, "Where is his team? Shouldn't someone change his social media passwords and not tell him what they are?". But, I at times have had similar thoughts to each president since I was old enough to understand somewhat, what is going on. Hello!!! Can we all say, "It depends on what the definition of "is", is."??!! No one is going to get it 100% right a 100% of the time. That's kinda life. But how are we helping ANYTHING by consistently "resisting" doing any kind of discussing, negotiating, serving, business, and/or agreeing to disagree with one another?! HOW??!! I am seriously asking!!!!

I've said it before, I'll say it again, like it or not, we are all on this plane together. Our president fails, we fail no matter if you have a D or a R on your voting card. Trump could save 50 puppies from a burning building and the press would headline the story with he didn't use the proper harness to lead the dogs out. I truly don't believe I am exaggerating in saying that. Perhaps that is the problem ? We all think that our way of thinking is so clear and obvious and the other side is not. I truly think it is that mentality, along with a few other things, that lost the election for the Democratic party. Too much underestimating citizens from throughout the states. It isn't good to assume that everyone see's or thinks on things as you do, am I right?! Am I going in circles here? I'll close this out with the following....

I am proud to be an American. I am grateful that the Lord saw fit to allow me to be born into this country. A country of freedom. I get to decide who I vote for, if I vote at all, Who I marry, if I marry. I decide how many children I have, if I even want to have them. I, as a female, am not forced to work in a factory, mill, or to stay at home if I don't choose. I can be a CEO, housewife, TV personality, artist, member of the military, and heck, what did I learn from this last election??!! I can run for office. I can run for the highest office in the nation. I get that this is an extreme privilege and not all countries get this as a right.

I am proud to be a American, southern, Christian, female who is college educated, has served in ministry, been in the "general" work force, and has actually gone door to door for local candidates in my home town. I can still remember the song that we sang when going door to door campaigning for a candidate when I was in middle school. True story. I am proud of my friend for being a Army wife who has moved with her husband and their family at least six times, I'm bad with numbers so, maybe more, and is currently stationed in another country. She homeschools her three kids, hosts any of us that wants to come visit in whatever country or state she is in and she smiles even when it's been a full year since she's gotten to see family or friends from the States. In my mind, she is magical. She is a camouflaged unicorn. And speaking of camouflaged unicorns, I am super proud of one of my long time bffs for her current service in being deployed. Over there, in the sand pit, doing her best not to laugh when things are ironically funny, but she is in charge and has to keep a straight face. I mean, I know there are other things going on, but if you knew her you'd get how difficult the straight face thing is in comparison to some of the other stuff, LOL!! I'm proud of my grandfather who served in the US Navy for 20 years. I will always be impressed by my grandmother, mother, aunt and uncle who moved as he moved and made the best of it until it was time to relocate back in the home town.

I'm proud to be an American. I do not hate you if you are not. I simply don't understand you and this is me asking for help in understanding. I am able to agree to disagree. I am ok with you thinking I'm wrong on things. I am ok with  you not being able to understand my side of things. I hope that you'd have a desire to understand and we could have a real discussion. A meeting of minds. I want to be part of the solutions, not the problems. That is me flexing my feminine, religious, southern, political, right and privilege as a US citizen. Join me? Won't you?

~ Glam Bag ~ Kiss and Tell ~ Stolen Kisses ~

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When @maybelline Hi-Jacks Your Look.
It's Cool. I'ma Fan of You Too!
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~ Red, White and My Boo ~

Sunday, July 2, 2017

~ Glam Bag ~ Abstract Peacock Glam ~

 "The Peacock is here to remind that nothing, including beauty, should be taken too seriously. This will help you stay centered on what is and allow you to be grateful for what you have. Having a light hearted approach to all things that come our way because laughter really is the best medicine to keeps us healthy and happy." ~ Spirit Animal
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"You are a person who always comes from a place of honor and integrity. You stand up for your beliefs and you live by them. You have a tendency towards flamboyance at times and enjoy showing your true colors to all those around you. You are completely trustworthy, self-confident and are good at discerning the truth in all matters. You are always willing to walk your talk." - Spirit Animal ~  Flamboyant You Say?!
~ #Glam Deatz = #Concealers @wetnwildbeauty #Foundation/#Blush/ @clinique #HighLight @elfcosmetics #LipStick @revlon #SilverEyeLiner @hardcandylife #Shadows #GraffitiPop #PurpleEyeLiner #Metals #Mascara #PushUpAngel all @Maybelline ~

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~ New Music Monday ~ Happy Bday 'Merica ~ July 3rd, 2017 ~

Happy 4th of July Music Lovers!! I wanted to start this post with a Thank You. Thank you to all those who serve in the various branches of military service. My Papaw served 20 years in the US Navy, my step father was in the Air Force, one of my besties family is deployed with the Army, in Germany and another bestie is currently deployed herself in Afghanistan. I know the work they did and do is vitally important to our freedom. When I hear stories of that life, I immediately know that there is no way I would be that strong...physically, mentally, emotionally, and all the other ways this kind of commitment requires. So, I am beyond grateful for those that are and are brave enough to answer that call to defend our country. I pray daily for my friends that are deployed. I know that the Lord will bless this dedication not just in the moment, but later in life as well.
Now, to move pass the heavy a bit and get our "Party in the USA" on......
Toby Keith - "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue"

I hope that you all are having a beautiful, relaxing, and festive long holiday weekend. Not gonna do a full #NMM post, but wanted to share a few patriotic jams to help you sound track your Independence Day festivities. I'm starting the tunes with some Toby Keith, "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue". I mean, sometimes you just wanna flip a middle finger to the things, places, and people that bug you and I think Toby does that in this tune. I mean, if anyone is going to flip off a foreign force on behalf of the country I think he'd be a good fit.

Next, Dolly herself!! Of course she has some patriotic tunes tracked!!! I truly think of Dolly kinda like the internet. If you can dream it, it's out there. If there is a special occasion, holiday, etc........Dolly has a song for it. And that is one of the many reasons I love her.

Dolly Parton - "Color Me America"

Martina McBride - "Independence Day"

O.K., so this one isn't all God bless America like one might expect for a fourth of July mix. I however find it extremely fitting. We are blessed enough to live in a country where as women, we have the ability to make choices for ourselves. Our government doesn't tell us who to marry, our family (though they may try) doesn't decide who we date or marry, and while there is still a ton of equality work to be done, we are far from where we use to be. Independence Day indeed.

I don't even care what genre of music you listen to regularly. Neil Diamond's, "America" comes on the sing and you dance!!!! Those are the rules!!!! Also, whenever I hear this song, this is my visual.....

Big Bang Theory - Amy and Howard
Neil Diamond - "America"

Neil Diamond - "America"
Judge all you want, but I sure am closing this 4th of July mix tape up with some Miley Cyrus, "Party in the USA".  She ain't who she use to be, but it isn't the songs fault. So, feel free to turn up the volume, sing along and out loud with all your heart. Don't act like you don't when no one is looking!!

Miley Cyrus - "Party in the USA"
Happy Independence Day everyone!!! Have a beautiful week and check in next week for a new post sharing tunes, tour updates, and more!!!
~ He Refuses to Look at the Camera
While Wearing a Sparkly Headband ~

~ Glam Bag Tips and Tricks ~ Quick, Call a Glam-Bulance - Glam 911 ~ Gooey Mascara ~

~ Benefits "They're Real" Mascara ~

~ Glam 911~ Quick, Call a Glam~Bulance!!!
If Your #Mascara is a Tad Gooey or Clumpy, but it Isn't Time to Replace
 it Yet Just Add in a Few #EyeDrops, Put the Lid Back on, & Shake the Tube.
Boom!! Good as New....or it Will at Least Get You Through Until Replacement Time.
Have a Happy Day,  #BeautyQueens!
Hope This Helps Your Glam to Stretch a Little Further.