Friday, July 21, 2017

~ A Look at Migraines from the Outside In ~

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~ Migraines From the Outside In ~
Top Pic = What You See When I'm in the Midst of a Migraine.
Bottom Pic = What I See In the Midst of a Migraine.

Often One of My Warning Signs (predecessors to the pain) is Loss of Sight in Either One or Both Eyes. Have You Looked Directly at the Sun then Looked Away? That Shadow that Remains in Your Vision for a few Moments Is What Folks w Migraines Call an Aura. ...Not a "Let Me Read Your Aura" Kind of Thing, Though it Does Come in Colors at Times, but Really More of a Let Me Rob You of Sight Kind of Thing. And it Happens Whether We've Glanced Something Bright or Not.

Many Times I am Awoken By it b/c it is Even There When We Close Our Eyes. It is Deceptive. We See Things That Aren't There & We Can't See Things That Are, the View is a Bit of What I Imagine a Horse w Blinders Has. Its Debilitating & is Only the Beginning of Senses That Will Fail in the Midst of a Migraine. All of That Said.....

I Think There are Two Ways to Truly Understand Someone Else's Journey,
1. Having Walked it or One Very Similar Yourself.
2. Education.

There are Thousands if Not Millions of Resources Out There to Read Up on Varied Health Issues, but for Each Sufferer Things Will Vary. I Don't Think I Do a Very Good Job Explaining in Discussion What is Going on w My Health So, I Thought Beginning a Series of Blogs/Socials Posts on it All Might Be Better. I Want You to Understand Why I Had to Bail Last Minute. I Want You to Know if I Could See My Phone When You Text I Would Have Responded ASAP. I Want You to Know How Frustrating the Health Care System Can Be So That When Given Opportunities to Vote on Health Issues You Don't Just Have a News Media Knowledge on the Matter, but You Actually Know Someone & Are Seeing How These Decisions are Effecting Real Life People. Does Any of This Make Sense?! Perhaps I'm Not Good at Written Explanation Either, LoL!!

I'm in No Rush w This. So, It Will Probably Go Like This, Post to Socials First, Later Expound via Blog. Gonna do My Best to Continue Giving Visuals to Help You Better Understand as Well. Thank You Loved Ones for Always Being so Patient w Me & Loving on Me These Last Few Years When I Have Been Difficult to Love. He is in Control.

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