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~ New Music Monday ~ July 24th, 2017 ~ Radio Who?! SNS ~

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Kip Moore - "S L O W H E A R T"
Releasing Sept. 8th, 2017

Happy New Music Monday my fellow music addix!! I hope that you are having a beautifully sound tracked Summer. I have seen on socials that some are already back at school. Not to sound all elderly and stuff, but in my day we didn't start back till near end of August. Isn't this early? Is it just me?! Well, whether you are sound tracking your morning drive to school or still soakin' up rays pool side I have some tunes to suggest for your listening pleasure.

As I mentioned in my last #NMM post Kip Moore is gearing up for a September drop of his third studio album, "SLOWHEART". He began by teasing some tune tid bits, behind the scenes working of tracks, and is following up those teases with texts to fans with first looks at things such as the albums cover art, as seen above. If you haven't signed up for these updates and texts head to and do so now. SLOWHEART is also available for pre-order on his site on it's own and also in some varied merch bundles. Below is a clip from Kips Facebook sharing some behind the scenes on "Just Another Girl", a track off of the upcoming, "SLOWHEART". "Just Another Girl", is a tune that most Kip fans is already going to know, but based on some recent performance footage along with the clip below I think we can expect it to have been changed up a bit from its original version. Kip is the kind of artist that will write a song in the afternoon with some guys in the band, mess around with it at sound check and then test it out on the fans during VIP acoustic or even during the full band part of a live show. I recall seeing footage on Youtube of "Just Another Girl", perhaps the first time he performed it. He seemingly had the words written down in front of him on the floor and while he still missed a few words, I mean, who wouldn't?! The fans hung on every last phrase and or pause. I get the feeling it was loved from the beginning which is one of the reasons I am so stoked to see it make it to "SLOWHEART". Head to Youtube and look it up or just give it a quick audio glance from the clip below. Either way I think it will only make you "Moore" excited for the release of "SLOWHEART"....see what I did there..... "Moore" not "more"....mkay, onto the next.

Kip Moore - "Just Another Girl"

Danielle Bradbery - "Sway"
You may recall Danielle Bradbery from her stent on NBC's The Voice. Another member of Team Blake that took home the trophy and headed straight to Nashville. With a few singles released not long after the win Danielle then seemed to disappear a bit. Still serving as opening act for folks like Thomas Rett she was mainly absent from radio. Apparently the reality show winner has been working on what and who she is as an artist. "Sway" is the first single of her upcoming record and is currently available on Spotify, itunes, and on Bradbery's page of course. If your local radio isn't playing it then give them a hollar and request it be added to their spin cycle! I teeter back and forth with reality show winners when it comes to music, but I feel as was with Carrie, there simply is no denying that this girl has a voice all her own. She is not a manufactured artist at this point. Which I think many will disagree with simply because she comes from reality contest popularity, but I do think that Brandbery has a voice all her own and it took none other than Country's own, Blake Shelton to prove it. He has compared her to Pam Tillis and her earlier singles def have a throw back country vibe with a bit of current country lyrical spin. I think that "Sway" is the beginning of a possible lighting of the fuse for Danielle. Radio can be unpredictable. They may feel they already have a long haired blond topping their charts and call-in's. If I could figure out how to topple radio politics all on my own I would and I'd spin all sorts of artsits like Bradbery, TC3, Kip, Sturgill, Cam, Kelleigh Bannen and my list goes on for days and days. Anyway, rabbit trail aside I think there is potential here for radio wave domination. Give it a listen and decide for yourself.

Speaking of folks that radio pretends like they don't know until they need something, The Cadillac Three has sent out their second single from the upcoming album, "Legacy". "Dang if We Didn't" is a tune that "should" fit in with a lot of what is getting played, lyrically. However, I am unsure if it is the bands instrumental choices, vocal arrangements, I have no clue, but "White Lightening" from "Bury Me in My Boots" seems to be the only track of the trio's that radio will play. If I get on the who radio will play and who they won't track for to long I'll get rage black out mad, so, let us proceed to listening to some Cadillac Three and mark our calendars for the release of their album, "Legacy" coming out in August!! Below is a vid from the Pennzoil Garage Sessions series on Youtube featuring the bands new single. Give it a watch and listen and start asking your local radio to play the dang thing!!!!

The Cadillac Three @ Pennzoil Garage Sessions
 "Dang if We Didn't" fr "Legacy"
Releasing August 2017

RaeLynn - "Lonely Call"
fr "Wild Horse"
Another blond hitting airwaves and video countdowns from Team Blake is RaeLynn. Releasing the second single and video from her album, "Wild Horse", "Lonely Call" is that friend that helps you let go of a bad habit you have. I am a fan of the album so I don't know that I would've been disappointed by any track getting a release to radio, but I think "Lonely Call" has the potential to slide in and take down a few of the guys on the top of the charts. The lyrics just hit home with so many, and I think especially with females. Who btw are starving to be represented in multifaceted ways both visually and lyrically. Taking a sharp turn from the visual tone of  "Love Triangle" the first track dropped from the album, Rae serves as your bestie that calls the other besties and commits to getting you through that bad habit that began by way of text messages. A technological break up is sometimes harder than any other kind of break up. Not always because you had these deep rooted feelings, but because you had this habit which gave you feelings and real or not, they become hard to let go of. I think the video is cute and fun and I like that the singer isn't the love interest this go 'round. Rae is just getting started so there will be plenty of video's to come that place her in the romantic lead. I am guessing she is waiting for her man, Josh Davis, to return from military training before going the love story route visually on a video. Give "Lonely Call" a watch and a listen then head over to CMT and GACTV sites to vote for it on the video countdowns!!
O.K. Last share of the week and I am stepping away from the country genre for this one, Demi Lovato's "Sorry Not Sorry". WARNING: This track has language NSFW (not safe for work) or really anywhere or in front of anyone that you wouldn't be o.k. dropping a F'bomb in front of. Girl has pipes and ain't no body that can say different!!!! Like her, don't like her, follow her on socials, don't,  WHATEVER, girl can sang!!!! I love this tune, swear words and all. I don't even care if you judge me for it. I think we all would like to think of ourselves as making the one that left sorry for it in one way or another. These days, one of the most popular phrases and revenge tactics is a "revenge bod", i.e. gettin' even more fine physically than you already were to begin with. This kinda hits on that idea of visual regret on the leavers part and the sweet sweet taste of vengeance on the part of the one left. The vid has a few cameo's like Paris Hilton and Jamie Foxx. Paris is apparently a DJ now, which actually kinda makes a lot of sense. Who else has spent that much time on the club scene and managed to turn it into a actual real job??!! I mean, other than reality stars who "host" their bday party's in vegas and what not, lol!!! Anyway, serving as vid D.J. Paris makes a cameo. Give it a watch and or a listen and add it to your break up play list ASAP!!!

WARNING: Language!!!

Demi Lovato - "Sorry Not Sorry"
Have a beautiful last full week of July, loves!!!! Check back next week for more New Music Monday!!! If you would like to be apart of day to day vids, updates, etc. you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @StacieTennessee

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