Monday, July 31, 2017

~ New Music Monday ~ July 31, 2017 ~ Boys of the Summer ~

Kenny Chesney - "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems"
fr "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem"

Happy sunshine-y Monday to you all!!! Today is one of those days where I made plans for one thing, but ended up needing to do something else. Days like this are good reminders for me to always be flexible with my "plans". I do my best to not get too attached to a days schedule. All that to say, the change of plans has allowed me time to cook, sit, update the blog and handle New Music Monday. So, all in all, it's a pretty o.k. Monday for The Faith Journals.

This weeks New Music Monday is gonna focus on one of my most favorite of seasonal perks....boys of the Summer!! I think they may be my favorite even more than holiday clearance isles, maybe.  Let us be real, who hasn't in their high school, college years, or really, even last week, been to the beach, on vaca, road trippin', etc. and found a warm weather beau??!! There is just something easy about a vacation romance. No pressure. You know it has a expiration date. It isn't a big deal if your friends don't get along with him as he will only be around for a moment. Maybe that sounds heartless, but I'm just telling some truths from a females perspective. The guys aren't the only players in the game after all. Kenny Chesney, Jimmy Buffet, and Jake Owens aren't the only ones allowed to speak reminiscent on Summers gone by.

Now, along with these momentary romances there is most always a song or two that even a solid decade later will take you back to that night on the beach watching the sun set and the moon rise. Today's #NMM is going to focus on some of my favorite #BoysOfTheSummer and the tunes that come along with them. Now, none of them have been my personal boy of the Summer, but I am about 99.99% they have been someone's. I mean, their lyrics tell me so!!! Beginning with a guy known for his love of all things Beach. Rum, waves, dive bars, shell necklaces and going barefoot, Kenny Chesney. The song above is the inspiration behind the name Chesney's fans go by, "No Shoes Nation". Chesney has so many video's filmed at the beach that I lose track. This one though is one of my faves. Enjoy that beautiful blue water as you take a listen and a throw back to "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem".

Next is Dierks Bentley and "Somewhere on a Beach". "Beach" was the first single off of "Black", Dierks most recent studio release. While I don't think it goes along with the theme of the rest of the album, I still think it is very Dierks. I believe I read somewhere that he knew it would be a song radio liked and that was the reasoning in cutting it. I also think, just my own opinion from afar, he needed a little breathing room to finish up "Black" and this was obvious win that would provide that time as well as create hype for the drop of "Black". But, that's just me. "Somewhere on a Beach", isn't a love song, but it is still very Boys of Summer in my book. I mean, sometimes it isn't about who you fall in love with at the beach so much as it is about who you fall out of love with at the beach. Am I right?! Give "Beach" a listen and add it to your beach play list ASAP!!

Dierks Bentley - "Somewhere on a Beach"
fr "Black"

Jake Owen - "Beachin'"
fr "Days of Gold"
My sometimes spotty memory is getting the best of me today. I'm not sure if it is cause it's Monday or just me, either way, I can't recall if this is the first feature for Jake Own on New Music Monday or not, but I'm just gonna go ahead and say it is. When you are the boss you can do things like that, LoL!! When you think Summer tunes, you almost automatically think Jake Owen. I mean, he does not shy away from his love of being barefoot in the sand,  heck, it is apart of his social media handle!! With several tunes under his belt glorifying Summer, the beach, the lake, etc. he was an obvious addition to this weeks post of "Boys of the Summer".
About.....uhmmm........8 or 9 Summers ago I worked a festival called "Riverbend" in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It is a yearly outside event that happens in Summer that show cases a multitude of artists on a variety of stages for about 4-6 days. There are carnival esq foods, booze, lawn chairs, and a stage built on top of the Tennessee River. It is the highlight of many Tennesseean's Summer. The year I worked Billy Currington was the headliner for the night. I was a fan prior to his performance, but after watching him rock that floating stage in what felt like 1000 degree weather I became an even bigger fan, a legit fan, not just a "Party for Two" fan. BC fans will get that.
~ Instagram ~
@bccoconutman is another artist known for his love of the laid back beach vibe of life. He is a known surfer, explorer and waterfall jumper. Over Winter holiday, it would seem via socials, that Billy met up with one of New Music Monday's favorites, Kip Moore. Moore also a avid surfer and beach bum has toured with Currington in the past. Well, since this encounter Kip has been asked on multiple occasions if they will collaborate sometime soon, he hasn't given anything definite and with Billy currently on tour, Kip preparing to drop "SLOWHEART" in September, etc. I can only assume that if they do, it will be a 2018/2019 thing. I however expect we will see surfing trips on socials prior to that. Several weeks ago Currington posted a invite to Moore for drinks while they both happen to be in Nash at the same time. A rarity I would think for friends that are performers.Given that most would presume that you would text such a invite my New Music Monday antennas immediately went up. So much so that I shared my thoughts via my socials. It is my inclination that they discussed that possible music collab, future surf trips and their mutual crushes on Shania Twain, LoL!! After posting my suspensions Curringtion posted this pic later in the evening.....
~ @bccoconutman Insta ~, I'm not saying it was posted because I shared my thoughts, but I mean, I think it was posted because I shared my thoughts, ahahahahah!!!! Whatever the reason I am stoked at the idea of some fun social media pics of their surfing and maybe some sweet tunes in the not too far off future. As I mentioned above they have toured together before, so, ya just never know!!! Gonna close out this weeks #NMM with tracks from both Billy and Kip. It just seems right. If ever there were "Boys of the Summer" it is these guys!!

Billy Currington - "Must be Doin' Somethin' Right"
fr "Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right"

Kip Moore - "Girl of the Summer"
fr "Wild Ones"
I hope you all have a wonderful week! I know some are already gearing back up for back to school, while others are just getting their Summers started. Either way I hope that The Faith Journals and New Music Monday is a resource as you soundtrack your days!! Happy Listening and Happy Summer Lovin'!!!

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