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~ New Music Monday ~ July 10th, 2017 ~ Dreaming of Fall ~

Happy Monday Music Lovers!!! I hope that you have had a beautiful holiday week and got to celebrate the fourth of July with some of your favorite friends and tunes. I have always loved 4th of July festivities, until I got my dog, Jack Davis. He is not a fan of fireworks, thunder, loud trucks that rumble like thunder and so on. So, the weekend leading into the fourth and for several days after he was having a rather difficult time. He doesn't shake and shiver or bark, but he will NOT be convinced that is safe to go outside. The vet has said that for a small dog he has a exceptionally large bladder, but even with a large bladder a fella has to potty!!! This weekend I resorted to picking him up and carrying him to the yard. Desperate times, desperate measures.

I know that it is July and technically the beginning of Summer, but I have already begun dreaming of Fall. Y'all know my affections for the Fall season. Call me basic, I don't even care. Well, along with the cooler weather, light layers and pumpkin spice everything, this Fall season is going to bring a few other things with it that have me dreaming of leaves falling. New album drops by a few of my favorite folks!!! Starting with.....

The Cadillac Three will be dropping, "Legacy" on August 25th. The title track is out now and the album is avail for preorders via iTunes and the bands official site, you can check their Facebook for more details by clicking here TC3 . Let me go ahead and say, the recent marriage and the addition of a baby Cadillac are starting to show their influence in the bands work. "Legacy" is a BEAUTIFUL tribute to these new changes, additions, experiences, etc. going on in the bands personal lives. Leading off with the title track for this next project, I feel, has set a different tone for the anticipation of the albums release. I am confident there will be the expected ruckus raisin', beer saluting, country and ain't ashamed of it tunes like "Bury Me in My Boots", had. But the release of "Legacy" the single causes me to think there are going to be some deeper waters to wade through on this album and I am looking forward to it. I have my swimmies and my beer cozy ready to go. Give the single and title track, "Legacy" a listen and decide for yourself.
Side Note: THIS VIDEO THOUGH!!!!!! Perfect. Beautiful. Perfect.

The Cadillac Three - "Legacy"
fr "Legacy"

Kip Moore - "More Girls Like You"
fr "Slow Heart"
Next on deck is Kip Moore's, "Slow Heart" dropping September 8th. My birthday is in September so, I am of course choosing to believe that is why that month was selected. Has nothing to do with sales, radio, tours, etc., LOL!!! The first single off of "Slow Heart" is "More Girls Like You". The lyric vid has been released to not only online outlets, but country music video channels like CMT. I was super amped to see it this weekend on the 12 pack count down. Recorded on one of his many adventures, Moore leaned on frequent adventure buddy and fellow creative, P.J. Brown from Life in Rewind for this production. Kip has said in the past that having a friend, someone he is comfortable with, like P.J. doing his documentarty-esq filming helps him to feel more natural and like he is giving something real to the viewers. I know most hear this song as a love song and I guess it is, but the video leans itself to the search more so than the actual attainment. It shows Moore's wandering spirit, curiosity, and general love of adventure in a very home video kind of way. Walking, surfing, hanging with locals, goofing off and just doing his thing, blending in. I would imagine he doesn't get that opportunity a lot, making his wanderlust even greater. All that wandering a beautiful picture of travel and other cultures, but also a great representation of that hunt one goes on when deciding to settle down with someone. Lots of walking, surfing, hanging with locals and goofing off there as well, lol!!
"Slow Heart", is set to drop on September 8th, as I mentioned above and Moore has been releasing small teaser video's as he did with the release of, "Wild Ones".  I think, at the moment, of the four tracks we have gotten a glimpse of, "The Bull", may be my favorite, so far. While in Coasta Rica Moore shared some Insta's that had everyone wondering what he had gotten himself into this time when he posted what appeared to be a rodeo. Sitting on the gate of the bull ring we all imagined that Kip took his turn. Well, the quick clip confirms our suspensions...

Kip Moore - "The Bull"
fr "Slow Heart"

The Lone Bellow - "There's Always Leaving'
fr "Walk into a Storm"
One of my favorite, underappreciated bands is The Lone Bellow. I have shared tunes of theirs in past #NMM posts and would encourage you to download some of their tunes so that you are prepared for September 15th when they drop, "Walking into the Storm" their next album. This first track released, "Time's Always Leaving", gives me exactly the soul I want and expect from this band. I fail to understand how music like this exists and yet it isn't played on radio. How are The Lone Bellow still a "Underground" kind of band??!!! Zack Williams vocals are as thick as ever on this track and the perfectly soulful "bellowed" harmonies and bgvs of the rest of the group are wonderful!!! I feel like I should be holding a glass of whiskey on the rocks, swirling the ice around, while being completely entranced by this trio's talents in some bar in deep Georgia. But that's just me. Give it a listen and mark your calendars!!!! You don't wanna miss this release.
Beginning with "Legacy" and ending with "Legends" just worked out for this post. Miss Kelsea Ballerini has released the first video for her sophomore project to country music radio and video stations. "Legends", is the presumably first track off of Ballerini's next studio project. She has teased lyrics, done quick listens, and performed some of the new tunes live at her show's, but this is the first "official" look we are getting at "what's next" for Kelsea. Setting records and busting a hole in the roof of the glass ceiling, Kelsea's first three singles off of her Freshman offering went number one. Her fourth and last single off of "For the First Time", "Yeah Boy" hasn't moved as quickly, but it is on the charts and is moving steadily. I have a feeling that it was released as 1.A pacifier while the new work is tweaked. 2. To test the waters and see if they could go four for four. But, that is just me and what do I know about such things??!! I don't foresee "Yeah Boy" following in it's predecessors chart topping steps, especially with this release of "Legends", but ya never know. Miss Ballerini will not be "Miss Ballerini" for much longer as along with her new album planning she is also planning a wedding to her Aussie Bo', Morgan Evans. It hasn't been announced which will happen first, the album or the wedding, but either way we have a lot of Kelsea to look forward to in our news feeds.

"Legends", I am still deciding my feelings on this track and it's video. Most agree the video is a emotional roller coaster with a curve ball of a ending. It is theatrical and you can see that the label has seen that investing in Ballerini financially with bigger vid budgets, is a good gamble. I still struggle with the idea that Ballerini is T.Swifts country music heir apparent in that if I were on KB's team I would want to separate her as much as possible from any Swift comparisons and idk that is being done. I don't know if it is me or what, but my initial thought upon hearing the opening of "Legends" takes me to a Taylor Swift place, as does the video. Both beautifully audio and visual, but I just can't seem to separate the two. Obviously if KB veered to an extreme left or right from who she has appeared to be up to this point I would have issue with that as well. So, maybe it is just me. I feel like I have to say this every time I write about Kelsea, I am in fact a fan. It just maybe doesn't sound like it completely, LOL!! Give the vid a watch and a listen and decide for yourself. Also, feel free to share with me your thoughts on the Swift comparison factor. I predict more KB will be shared in future New Music Monday's once we get more info on her upcoming album release dates, etc. So, stay tuned!

Kelsea Ballerini- "Legends"
Alright gang, I hope that you have a beautiful week!!! What albums are you looking forward to this Fall??!!! Have you pre ordered??!!!

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