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~ New Music Monday ~ Happy Bday 'Merica ~ July 3rd, 2017 ~

Happy 4th of July Music Lovers!! I wanted to start this post with a Thank You. Thank you to all those who serve in the various branches of military service. My Papaw served 20 years in the US Navy, my step father was in the Air Force, one of my besties family is deployed with the Army, in Germany and another bestie is currently deployed herself in Afghanistan. I know the work they did and do is vitally important to our freedom. When I hear stories of that life, I immediately know that there is no way I would be that strong...physically, mentally, emotionally, and all the other ways this kind of commitment requires. So, I am beyond grateful for those that are and are brave enough to answer that call to defend our country. I pray daily for my friends that are deployed. I know that the Lord will bless this dedication not just in the moment, but later in life as well.
Now, to move pass the heavy a bit and get our "Party in the USA" on......
Toby Keith - "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue"

I hope that you all are having a beautiful, relaxing, and festive long holiday weekend. Not gonna do a full #NMM post, but wanted to share a few patriotic jams to help you sound track your Independence Day festivities. I'm starting the tunes with some Toby Keith, "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue". I mean, sometimes you just wanna flip a middle finger to the things, places, and people that bug you and I think Toby does that in this tune. I mean, if anyone is going to flip off a foreign force on behalf of the country I think he'd be a good fit.

Next, Dolly herself!! Of course she has some patriotic tunes tracked!!! I truly think of Dolly kinda like the internet. If you can dream it, it's out there. If there is a special occasion, holiday, etc........Dolly has a song for it. And that is one of the many reasons I love her.

Dolly Parton - "Color Me America"

Martina McBride - "Independence Day"

O.K., so this one isn't all God bless America like one might expect for a fourth of July mix. I however find it extremely fitting. We are blessed enough to live in a country where as women, we have the ability to make choices for ourselves. Our government doesn't tell us who to marry, our family (though they may try) doesn't decide who we date or marry, and while there is still a ton of equality work to be done, we are far from where we use to be. Independence Day indeed.

I don't even care what genre of music you listen to regularly. Neil Diamond's, "America" comes on the sing and you dance!!!! Those are the rules!!!! Also, whenever I hear this song, this is my visual.....

Big Bang Theory - Amy and Howard
Neil Diamond - "America"

Neil Diamond - "America"
Judge all you want, but I sure am closing this 4th of July mix tape up with some Miley Cyrus, "Party in the USA".  She ain't who she use to be, but it isn't the songs fault. So, feel free to turn up the volume, sing along and out loud with all your heart. Don't act like you don't when no one is looking!!

Miley Cyrus - "Party in the USA"
Happy Independence Day everyone!!! Have a beautiful week and check in next week for a new post sharing tunes, tour updates, and more!!!
~ He Refuses to Look at the Camera
While Wearing a Sparkly Headband ~

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