Friday, July 21, 2017

~ Glam Bag Philosophies ~ Be Strong. Be Confident. ~


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~ Glam Bag Philosophies ~

For Some, This List is a Very Difficult One. I Am Apart of that "Some". My Prayer for Us All is That We'd Have More Good Days Than Bad, but in Both We Would Find a Way to Point Back to the Lord. Our Beauty, However We Define it, No Matter Who Might Agree/Disagree w that Defining, is from the Lord Not a Tube of Lipstick. Though I Do Find Great Beauty in a New Tube of Lipstick. Our Confidence, Wherever We End Up Finding It, Needs to be Rooted in the Lord if We Expect it to Last.

Being the Star of Our Life isn't a Vanity/Attention Thing in My Ideals of it. It is Embracing that God Made You, Specifically You, Not Like That Girl/Guy, He Made You Like Him & Like You. What You Bring to the World is Unlike What Anyone Else Has Been Gifted w & it was Intentionally Given to You. I Shared Yesterday that Stewardship isn't Always About "Saving" Things. Well, it Also isn't Always About Physical Things. Joy, Peace, Abundance, & Even Pain/Hard Times are to be Stewarded as Well. Everything We are Given, Inside & Out, Tangible or Not, is to be Balanced, Used, Saved or Given Away for the Glory of the Lord! Be the Star He Made You to Be & Shine Brightly for Him. You are Loved Beauty Queens.

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