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~ Glam Bag ~ Tips and Tricks ~ A Cat Eye ~ July 11th, 2017 ~

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~ Maybelline Metallic Liquid Liner ~

Quick Trick for a Cat Eye = Tape!! Some Folks Use Regular Ol' Office/Gift Wrapping Tape to Help Create a Sharp, Clean, Bold Line for Their Liquid Line. You simply place the tape at the far end of your eye lid. Begin your liquid line on the inner part of your upper lash line. Slowly pull the line from the inner corner towards the outer corner and go along the natural shape of your lid/lash line. Doesn't have to be perfect and recall that no one gets it right first go. It takes practice to become comfortable with the application process. As you pull the line closer to the tape just do as you would if you are painting something that has painters tape as a guide. Lightly pull the liner out as far as you would like using the edge of the tape as your guide. If using liquid liner (which I recommend) allow it a few seconds to dry before pulling off the tape. You can clean up rough edges after you finish if needed.

~ Tarte Man Eater Liquid Liner ~

To clean up any rough spots you can either go back over with your liner, making the original line a bit thicker or you can also use lightly moistened qtips to clean up the rough edges. I use the qtips that are formed into a point at the end instead of being rounded. Hard Candy cosmetics also has a liquid line fixer product. I haven't tried it yet, but if I do I will for sure share my thoughts with you.

A Few Clarifications for FYI. The Dif in a #CatEye & a #Wing is Basically Thickness of the Line. Think #AmyWinehouse When You Think Wing, I Mean Hers is Clearly a Very Drastic Wing, but its a Wing None the Less. Cat Eye Think Petite & Sharp, #MarilynMonroe-esq. Also, Cat Eye Tends to Line the Entire Eye, Top and Bottom, Where the Wing Tends to be Just the Top Lid Lash Line.

Again, as w All M'Tips, Make it Work for You. That is the Beauty of Cosmetics, its a Creative Space the Same as Any Other Canvas. Take the "Basics", Then You Make it Work for You.

~ Tarte Man Eater Liquid Liner in Black
and Hard Candy Liquid Liner in Silver ~
You are Perfect #BeautyQueens!!! Happy Monday!

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