Tuesday, July 4, 2017

~ Presidential Hazing ~ Independence In Deed ~ July 4th, 2017 ~

So, not to get all political and what not on this day of independence, but like everyone else in the country it's on my mind. I am baffled by our current political climate. Why is everyone so surprised that Donald Trump is acting, like Donald Trump? He wasn't one person pre-presidency and is now a totally different person. Why are people still as pissed today as they where in November that Hillary lost? AND HOW FOR THE LOVE OF HOW is the "resistance" anything, but counter productive???!!! Can we all agree that we got ourselves into this and to be honest that with either winner there is a solid chance we would be where we are now?! I'd love to say that one party is far more mature and better behaved than the other, but I mean.......telling you Tinkerbelle walked Jack Davis tonight would be more believable.

I am not the gal who follows politics 24-7. I hop around from CNN to Fox to local to online to actual in hand news papers. I follow news outlets on m'socials and I have the occasional discussion with friends, who are able to discuss and not fight, on the topic. I keep up, but I'm no Carol Radziwill from RHONY. I know a few of you will get that and totally appreciate it. Anyway, is it just me or is there a legit temper tantrum being thrown by at least half of the nation??!!!

How, and I am genuinely asking, how, is it different when openly homosexual clothing designers refuse to dress the First Family because the First Families Husband/Father/Grandfather and oh yea, President, doesn't "support" homosexuality, but it is illegal for a private/family owned bakery in a small town in the middle of who knows where, that happens to be owned by people with a faith that doesn't agree with homosexuality, to refuse service to anyone they choose? Bars have signs that state they can turn away anyone they want for any reason they want. However, this small, independent bakery was forced out of business when they refused to go against their beliefs in serving a homosexual couple. They didn't say they didn't like the couple, from all my readings on the situation there were no physical altercations, just a simple denial of service due to religious beliefs. I am fairly certain the couple that sued just got their wedding cake elsewhere, but this family lost their income, insurance, and their character was attacked nation wide. Am I missing something?

I get it, Trump is a difficult person to defend or boldly support for most folks. I agree. There are times I shake my head and think, "Where is his team? Shouldn't someone change his social media passwords and not tell him what they are?". But, I at times have had similar thoughts to each president since I was old enough to understand somewhat, what is going on. Hello!!! Can we all say, "It depends on what the definition of "is", is."??!! No one is going to get it 100% right a 100% of the time. That's kinda life. But how are we helping ANYTHING by consistently "resisting" doing any kind of discussing, negotiating, serving, business, and/or agreeing to disagree with one another?! HOW??!! I am seriously asking!!!!

I've said it before, I'll say it again, like it or not, we are all on this plane together. Our president fails, we fail no matter if you have a D or a R on your voting card. Trump could save 50 puppies from a burning building and the press would headline the story with he didn't use the proper harness to lead the dogs out. I truly don't believe I am exaggerating in saying that. Perhaps that is the problem ? We all think that our way of thinking is so clear and obvious and the other side is not. I truly think it is that mentality, along with a few other things, that lost the election for the Democratic party. Too much underestimating citizens from throughout the states. It isn't good to assume that everyone see's or thinks on things as you do, am I right?! Am I going in circles here? I'll close this out with the following....

I am proud to be an American. I am grateful that the Lord saw fit to allow me to be born into this country. A country of freedom. I get to decide who I vote for, if I vote at all, Who I marry, if I marry. I decide how many children I have, if I even want to have them. I, as a female, am not forced to work in a factory, mill, or to stay at home if I don't choose. I can be a CEO, housewife, TV personality, artist, member of the military, and heck, what did I learn from this last election??!! I can run for office. I can run for the highest office in the nation. I get that this is an extreme privilege and not all countries get this as a right.

I am proud to be a American, southern, Christian, female who is college educated, has served in ministry, been in the "general" work force, and has actually gone door to door for local candidates in my home town. I can still remember the song that we sang when going door to door campaigning for a candidate when I was in middle school. True story. I am proud of my friend for being a Army wife who has moved with her husband and their family at least six times, I'm bad with numbers so, maybe more, and is currently stationed in another country. She homeschools her three kids, hosts any of us that wants to come visit in whatever country or state she is in and she smiles even when it's been a full year since she's gotten to see family or friends from the States. In my mind, she is magical. She is a camouflaged unicorn. And speaking of camouflaged unicorns, I am super proud of one of my long time bffs for her current service in being deployed. Over there, in the sand pit, doing her best not to laugh when things are ironically funny, but she is in charge and has to keep a straight face. I mean, I know there are other things going on, but if you knew her you'd get how difficult the straight face thing is in comparison to some of the other stuff, LOL!! I'm proud of my grandfather who served in the US Navy for 20 years. I will always be impressed by my grandmother, mother, aunt and uncle who moved as he moved and made the best of it until it was time to relocate back in the home town.

I'm proud to be an American. I do not hate you if you are not. I simply don't understand you and this is me asking for help in understanding. I am able to agree to disagree. I am ok with you thinking I'm wrong on things. I am ok with  you not being able to understand my side of things. I hope that you'd have a desire to understand and we could have a real discussion. A meeting of minds. I want to be part of the solutions, not the problems. That is me flexing my feminine, religious, southern, political, right and privilege as a US citizen. Join me? Won't you?

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