Monday, November 30, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ November 30th ~ Let's Break Up ~

Happy Post Thanksgiving ! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend . Now , can we talk about what is really on my mind ?! Miranda and Blake . Gwen and Gavin . Reba and Narvel . Miss Piggy and Kermit . Meredith and Derek !!!! My heart can't really take much more and let ' s face it , break ups are hard . Who exactly are they the hardest on ? That's right , the fans . Break ups are hardest on the fans . There . I said it . Someone had to !! When a artist couple breaks up we are sent into an immediate tail spin . Who did what ? Who did who ? Who are we mad at ? Who's to blame ? Who do we hate ? What about the work you made while together ? Are those songs a lie ? Do I still connect to it like before ? Am I allowed to love the song he wrote , but she sang ? When it comes on the radio do I automatically change the station ?! I mean , I have had the radio on scan for months out of sheer confusion of what to do . Can someone just freakin' tell me how to feel ??!!! And even more importantly......who gets the fans in the divorce ?! Is it one artist during the week and another on the weekend ? Do I spend a Summer following one around to all the fairs and in the Fall just show up like everything is normal to an arena show for the other ?!  I am still working out the answers to these questions . I'm actually still kinda mourning most of these relationships and trying to figure out the who gets the song in the divorce , so , I ' m not 100 % when I'll get these answers to you . For now , let us let music tend to our wounded hearts while we work out the who gets what in the divorce . Thank God for pre - nups ! Am I right ?!

As mentioned , I am still in mourning over these break ups . Making my first #NewMusicMonda post a bit controversial I think . I have gone back and forth . I was a fan before the break up . I should be a fan after the break up , especially after the nanny news . Ya know , girl power and all . Ho 's over bro' s and what not . But then , your rebound guy is apart of another break up I am mourning and now what ? Now what do I do ? My loyalty even more conflicted than before . So , I may still be torturing myself over who's " team " I am actually on here , but a lyric in this song just got to me . Making it #NewMusicMonday worthy . I mean , we can't blame the music . Right ? Can we ? That would really help me sort out a few of the questions in the above paragraph ?! Anyway , Gwen Stefani's , " Use To Love You " hit me square in the love when I honed in on the chorus and actual inspiration point for the tune . " But I think it's cause I remembered for the first time since I hated you , that I used to love you " .  DAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG GINA !!!!!! Once I focused in on that line , I was done . It all made sense . Stefani has mentioned in several interviews that writing and being creative have been one of the methods of healing she's used in this time since her divorce when everything got so public . " Use To Love You " being the first release from the singer in a while , feels directly aimed at her current situation . She has also said that the video was kind of a freak happening . She went in to do some creative photo-esq stuff for/with a friend and the video for " Use To Love You " ended up being the final and unexpected product . I am sorry , but like I said , we shouldn't punish the music for our broken hearts . So , " Use To Love You " makes the first pick for this weeks #NewMusicMonday .
 Gwen Stefani " Use To Love You "
Carrie Underwood - " Heartbeat " fr " Storytellers "

Remember that time Carrie Underwood dated Tony Romo ? Me either ! Rumor has been that " Cowboy Cassanova " was inspired by the relationship . But lets be real , beyond the awesome tune , no one really cares anymore . Leading us to what we do care about , the second upcoming release from Underwoods most recent studio album " Storyteller " , titled " Heartbeat " . I have been listening to it on repeat . Something that happens when I really get into a song . A solid album usually just lives in the CD player for months . Anyway , I am not a love song person . I am not . But I can't help it . Maybe I am softening in my old age , but " Heartbeat " makes me all warm and rose colored glasses-ey inside . Fun fact , wondering who those male BGV's are on the track ?! The one and only Sam Hunt . Hunt just won the Best New Artist award at the AMA's last week , beating out artists from all genre's . I mean , the kid is here to stay no matter what genre we believe he belongs in . I think his work here on the " Heartbeat " track shows a bit of his range . Not just a talky , rap-ish , singer/writer guy . Kid can harmonize . Underwood teased a forthcoming video today on social media , but until that drops a audio vid will have do . So , take a listen to " Heartbeat " and let us know if it will make it to your Valentine mix tape next year . Yes , I am already thinking about Valentines Day .

Last , but obviously never least , Kip Moore . That's right . More Wild Ones for ya . As the Fall leg of the Wild Ones tour heads towards an end , Moore has not stopped hearing his recent release " Wild Ones " sang back to him by fans . The writer is also consistently sharing new tunes with his live audiences . It is impossible to keep up . Wild Ones is only a few months old and for whatever reason my heart is already anticipant for the next album . I blame you Moore !! Ya big tease !!! How dare you release a 15 second #insta tease of a song and expect me to be satisfied !!! You have me on a constant ledge of loving you forever or hating you forever with those #insta teases by Life in Rewind . Below is a clip from one of  the VIP pre-show performances where Moore does a singer/songwriter type set for his biggest fans . This is a youtube clip of " Burn the Whole World Down " ( one of my faves from Wild Ones ) and " Play It Cool " .  I may be wrong , but I think " Play it Cool " was co-written with Jaren Johnston from The Cadillac Three . A bro-mance if ever there was one . I don't foresee these two breaking up anytime soon , and I greatly appreciate it . I mean , who can a gal depend on if it isn't a solid bro - mance between two amazing writers ?! I don't even know ! Anyway , I could have it confused with another tune . My mind is still a bit jangled over this who do I support in a artist break up situation .  " Play It Cool " is on neither studio albums from Moore . We can only hope it makes the cut for the next one .Though I must admit I have no idea how the guy chooses . His fans are passionate about every single song he plays . They sing them back word for word days after a clip hits youtube . I truly don't know that I have seen a following like Kip Moore's . His fans are the real deal . And I am proud to call myself one . If you haven't yet , go get Wild Ones or download the deluxe version ASAP !! It's worth the two latte's you'll have to take out of your budget . LOL !!!

Kip Moore - Youtube clip - VIP Wild Ones Tour

FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T FORGET !!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE POWERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! Call , tweet , text , facebook , e-mail , instagram and even snail mail those requests to your local DJ's and Country Music Television Stations . It TRULY MATTERS !!!!!!!! This is one of the easiest/quickest/cheapest ways to show your favorite artists your support . Save those numbers into your phone so when you are stuck in traffic you can make a quick call , on speaker of course . REQUEST ! REQUEST ! REQUEST !!!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ November 23rd ~ I'm Thankful for Men.....~

Happy Thanksgiving week and #NewMusicMonday !!! Today I am thankful for men.......of country music that is .

First for #NewMusicMonday is the one and only Eric Church . There was a lot happening at the CMA's and we all became undone over the Stapelton/Timberlake performance so , it is no surprise that I haven't made it to the discussion of the surprise album drop that happened that night . The surprise album drop of " Mr. Misunderstood " by Eric Church . No pre-drop promotion . No tune teases . Nothing . Day of , word started to leak that the Church Choir (Church's die hard & official fan club) had received early download copies . As the choir began to sing his praises word continued to travel and we all got a little anticipant come CMA show time what exactly would happen . Was it real ? Was it gossip ? Do dreams really come true ?! They do . At least when Eric Church is in charge anyway . So , here I share with you the title track from " Mr. Misunderstood " , the latest and surprise release from Eric Church , the Chief . Yes , this is on my list for Santa right behind Pageant Material by Kacey Musgraves . I 'm listing them for Santa in order of release not importance . Just so we are all clear and know I am not playing favorites .

Eric Church - " Mr . Misunderstood "
fr. Mr . Misunderstood

Second , Charles Kelley from Lady Antebellum's solo release of " The Driver " with Dierks Bentley and Eric Paslay . I am already a fan of his work with Lady A so , I was of course anticipant to hear what his solo tunes might sound like . With his first release off the album accompanied by the bgv and instrumental support of Dierks and Paslay , I think everyone is undeniably calling this an amazing tune . There is a bit of a darkness too it , which we all know I am a fan of . But the vocals of the three combined all by it's self is enough to admire this track . Then add in the lyrics . Forget about it !!! Take a listen and decide for yourself .

Charles Kelley " The Driver "

Last on this week of Thanksgiving I am thankful for the recent release of Wild Ones and am of course sharing another track from the album . " I'm To Blame " is the first release and only official video, so far , from Moore's second studio album , Wild Ones . I have loved the entire album so much that I'm not even mad anymore that it took 3 years to release it . Moore has said in interviews that this is very much a little insight into who he is as a person , artist and writer . If you've taken my advice and listed to any of the tunes I ' ve shared from Moore , I think you know by now that Kip is an artist that isn't afraid to speak his mind , whether you like what he has to say or not . That is something I deeply respect about the work he does and the way he has chosen to pursue a music career . I've heard him say in multiple interviews , " You can't live your life trying to please people . You be courteous and you be respectful , but you gotta do things the way you wanna do em ' . Especially in this field , if you let other people tell you how to run your career , you're gonna follow in the steps of a dozen other artists , hundreds of other artists . If you don't pave your own path and don't know in your gut what you're suppose to be and what you're suppose to say , then I don't think your music will ever see the light of day . I'm gonna march to the beat of my own drum and that's just the way it is . Ain't nothing anyone can say or do about it . " It's that thought that I relate too and that made me a fan and it is that thought , in action that will keep me a fan . While we are still a few days pre - holiday I have a sneaking suspicion that this may end up being my holiday theme song . I mean , " Where there 's a   ' What'd you say ? ' , damn right I said it " .

Kip Moore & The Slow Hearts - " I'm To Blame "
fr " Wild Ones "

Happy Listening and Happy Thanksgiving !!! What tunes sound tracked your life this year ? Feel free to share in the comments . Also , DON'T FORGET!!!!!!!! You HAVE POWER as a radio listener and as a fan . Call , tweet , text , facebook , insta , and heck even snail mail into those stations and get these songs heard . It only takes a minute and is a easy/inexpensive way to support your favorite artists .

Sunday, November 22, 2015

~ The Ministry We Have Now ~

" Pay attention to the ministry you have received in the Lord . " Colossians 4:17

Yesterday as I did my devo's and journaled , in the midst of all my question asking , crying in confusion and just openly hurting to my Heavenly Father , I for some reason wrote into my journal " use my tomorrow for whatever you need " . I had already had semi planned what the day might hold , but was awoken by God taking me at my word . When we say to Him , " use ......" Fill in the blank w my day , my talent , my time , my money , etc . we best well mean it . He will take us at our word . He will call on us when we have offered our lives or resources to His plans . He has continued to remind me that in the midst of my personal chaos and testing there is still work to be done for Him . This side of Heaven there will always be work to be done in His name . I would challenge/encourage you , no matter your current situation , to consider what ministry He may have for you right where you are . Right in the midst of your greatest pain , most financially unstable week,  month , year , most confounding confusion . Right there in the midst of your mess , what might He be wanting or trying to give you as a ministry . As Christians it is never gonna be about how we loved , lived and survived in the good times . Its gonna be how we loved , lived and managed to survive in the bad times . Does that make any sense to ya ? I pray so . This felt as though it was meant for more than just me . My prayer for you this week is that you would be able to sense His leading in your life . Be able to focus on what the ministry He is trying to allow you might be . Love y'all ! You are NOT alone .

~ Insta Blog ~ I Will Fight For You ~ Exodus 14:14 ~

" The Lord Will Fight For You , You Need Only to Be Still . " Exodus 14:14
In the last few days I have really felt the Lord taking me to task with this verse . I had become proud thinking the " be still " part was so simple . Well , I don't think I had really known what it was to want to fight , kick , punch , smack , swear , yell , hair pull & all the other violent actions of a fight until recently . Wanting to physically come to blows with someone and having this verse brought to mind is a real genuine struggle . Put down your dukes . Quiet your tongue and your mind . No kicking . No scratching . It isn't so easy . Today , hands to myself and mind everywhere else , I am clinging , perhaps like never before to the truth of this verse . He WILL fight for you . Matter of fact . It ' s so important for us to know that He will stand in front of us and in place of us to take or deliver a hit that He made sure the writer of this verse used the word FIGHT . Fight and Be Still . What contradictions !!! But His directive is clear . My job = Be Still . His job = Fighting . Whatever He may be taking you to task on believe on Him to keep His word . He is the most faithful of us all . 

Monday, November 16, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ Nov. 16th ~

Now that we are starting to calm down after the awesomeness that was the Stapelton/Timberlake performance from the CMA's , I think we can return to our regularly scheduled music obsessions . I am starting this weeks #NewMusicMonday with Kip Moore 's , " What Ya Got On Tonight " from the " Wild Ones " album . Below is a quick clip of the song by Life in Rewind . I think it is a super cute song and a fun little vid . I know all Kip fans are on the edge of our seats awaiting a video for " Running for You " , Moore's current radio single . While we wait , this will do . Kip , no matter what the haters ever have to say about you , you fit the phrase " hot pink argyle knee high socks " into a song and it doesn't sound out of place . That's just skill right there . Let em' hate . They just jealous .

" What Ya Got On Tonight "
by Kip Moore fr Wild Ones
Next on #NewMusicMonday is a bit of a throw back . In anticipation of the Spring release , " Full Circle " , a new album from Loretta Lynn , I thought I would share one of my fave's from back in the day . I don't know how many people automatically associate the name Loretta Lynn with Jack White that don't already know that they collaborated . I however automatically pair them together . I personally have been a fan of Jack for years . I think he is the kind of musical genius that is going to be forever misunderstood and confusing . Hence , the surprise , but magical collaboration of  he with Loretta Lynn . Together they produced the single , " Portland , Oregon " . It is still one of my favorite songs from either of them . I can't even help it . Jack helped produce the entire album for Loretta and they have every since seemed to have a undeniable connection . So much so that she accompanied him for his Nashville walk of fame ceremony . Anyway , until " Full Circle " gets here , please feel free to enjoy a little magical duet of " Portland , Oregon " .

Loretta Lynn & Jack White
" Porland , Oregon " fr Van Lear Rose
Kacey Musgraves " Dime Store Cowgirl "
fr Pageant Material
While we are discussing Loretta it is only fitting we transition to Kacey . A big fan of Loretta herself , Musgraves got to duet with her last year at the CMA's . Most people only recall the height of Musgrave's hair , but I recall the performance as well . LOL ! However , the CMA performance I am sharing today is from this years CMA's . I have Pageant Material on my list for Santa , fully expecting I have been a good enough girl to see it under my tree this year . " Dime Store Cowgirl " is another homage to Kacey's roots , style , and home state of Texas . She often writes songs that pay a certain kind of respect , truth and little tongue in cheek reference to her home state as well as who she is as a person . Her style is for sure all her own , but I definitely respect that about her . Not just anyone could perform in front of a room filled with country music legends wearing a bedazzled bathing suit and cowboy boots . Girl knows who she is and doesn't care if we like it........which automatically makes me like it . I wish I was so brazen . Anyway , enjoy a little " Dime Store Cowgirl " and consider which of you are getting this for me for Christmas ;-)

What are you all listening too this November ? Are you into the Christmas tunes yet ? Please feel free to share !!! Don't forget !!! You have the power as a fan and music lover to get your favorite tunes into radio rotation . I have my local stations saved in my phone so that I can request a tune whenever I want . It only takes a second and it is one of the easiest ways to show your favorite artists your support .

Happy Listening and #NewMusicMonday to you all !!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Quick Fix ~ Beans ~ N ~ Taters ~ Southern Comfort ~

This p is a recipe for Beans~N~Taters , cause I'm southern like that . idk why, but beans and taters just feel very southern to me , making them apart of what I consider comfort food . If you're looking to add a two for one to your meal I suggest these . I am all about multi-tasking , pre-planning and basically anything that makes a meal quicker and/or easier . So , here's how I fix em' up. Yes , it takes a bit of time , but it is a 2-4-1 so it balances out in my opinion .

Ingredients :
1 can Alan's green beans (I think the brand matters and Alan's is m'fave) , also French cut style beans will cook quicker so put that into consideration when picking bean/making this work for your tastes .

If you use the smaller can of beans use two smaller potatoes , but if you use the big can , depending on the size of taters use 3-4 .

You will also need about a cup to a cup and a 1/2 of Chicken broth . I use the bouillon cubes and just prep some whenever I am cooking . It is something that basically makes itself . Then I just store it in the fridge and it is already ready for use . Also , with the cubes I don't have to worry as much with them expiring quickly . Another small tip , I use reduced sodium broths so that I can better control the salt amount/taste .

Prep: Two small tabs equaling maybe a teaspoon of butter in large frying pan , 1/4 cup-ish chicken broth and chopped potatoes .

I chop mine a similar size as a nickel , thick as a grape . Let these items cook on medium for about 15-20 min (until potatoes are starting to soften) .

Add beans with their juice , add rest of chicken broth , salt and pepper (s&p up to your preference) mix and let continue to cook on med hi for another 15-20 min . Since you up the heat closer to high than medium , you gotta keep an eye that the liquid doesn't completely evaporate or that things don't burn to the pan . Once majority of liquid is gone , beans and taters are tender , its time to turn off the heat , letting them simmer a bit in the still hot pan and then serve .

I have a bad habit of eating them as they cook . I mean , someone has to sample them right . Hope you enjoy and that they add some southern comfort & warmth to your meal!!!!!

What are you cooking up for comfort meals as the weather starts to get chilly ?! That reminds me , anyone got a great recipe for chili ?!

Monday, November 9, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ November 9th ~ Chris Stapelton ~ The End ~

So , I ended up getting to the CMA viewing a tad late . Not because of my utter frustration with the impending ear bleed that was a FOB/Thomas Rett mash up , but because I'd forgotten I had out of town plans that day . Anyway , I got to the T.V. about a hour into the show . Just in time to see Chris Stapelton snag his first trophy of the night for Best New Artist .

Uhm....what did I say Last Week again ? That the music nerd in me thought Chris Stapelton " may prove a first go 'round upset to other artists " , yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh 'bout that . My hashtag for the night was #StapeltonForTheWin....AGAIN!!!!! Coming into the night as someone that everyone in the room already knew and had quiet possibly worked with , but never nominated , Stapelton walked away with three of the most coveted awards of the night . Best New Artist , Best Male Artist , and Album of the Year . I am unsure that any of his fellow nominee's disagreed with those wins . Stapelton is a writer that has been working with his fellow nominees for years . He is an artists, artist . While I was not in the room , even through the TV I got the overwhelming vibe that the Stapelton wins and performance renewed each artist in the room . His wins give me hope that what is on " trend " will not always win . As I read other reviews , status' , tweets , etc. I see that he is giving folks hope that all that we have known as the country genre , is not lost . I think one of the things that warm my heart most is that his wife is right beside him . Literally , she was the female on stage doing bgvs' with he and Timberlake for their performance . Morgan Stapelton is a vocalist and writer as well . They actually met through their writing back grounds . Their first date was apparently a writing session . Chris thinking Morgan would never go out with him asked if she wanted to write....on a Friday....around 6 p.m. LOL !!! I'm sorry , but that's adorable . I suppose the family that writes/sings together , stays together .

This weeks #NewMusicMonday is gonna be singular . I will return to my multiple artist/tune exposure next week . But , due to the AMAZINGNESS that was the Stapelton/Timberlake performance I feel it deserves it's own #NewMusicMonday with out competition . During the show Stapelton's album "Traveler" shot to number 2 on the iTunes chart , sitting right behind the surprise album drop from Eric Church at number 1 . Still holding strong I think " Traveler " is going to break some records . For your #NewMusicMonday viewing pleasure I will be posting the CMA performance that EEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYONE was talking about . Justin Timberlake , Chris & Morgan Stapelton covering George Jones , " Tennessee Whiskey " & Timberlakes , " I Can't Drink You Away " .

CMA 2015 - Justin Timberlake & Chris Stapelton
" Tennessee Whiskey " " Can't Drink You Away "
I don't know about you , but I had me some chur-urch during this performance . Sometimes when something is so on point , so true , so pure , so RIGHT ON , you can't help , but make some stank face and raise that hand . That was me . Justin Timberlake also an artists , artist , as always vocally was on point , stylistically this performance was nothing but a glass of perfectly aged bourbon vocalized . Why am I not as angered by a JT mash up as I am FOB . Well , as I said , Timberlake is a artists, artist . It is clear by all of his bodies of solo work that he is a coinsurer  of music in every way . He has worked with varied influences that reach beyond his genre . I think if JT produced a country album , not many in the community would be mad about it . The difference between JT and other artists is that he does not abandon his " style " to fit . Many artists that mash up or try a genre hop into country try to act as though they are country . I'm sorry , but a country fan knows . Don't even try it . It worked for Darius Rucker , cause he is southern born and bread . He wasn't trying to be Hootie in a cowboy hat . It didn't work for Jessica Simpson because she was a Texas girl turned California girl who thought that because she played Daisy Duke in a movie role she could capitalize on her temporary country image . Strong words from strong feelings . I think if Timberlake released a country inspired album it would quiet possibly be respected by the genre , due to his respect of the genre . If that makes sense to ya .
Anyway , enjoy this and feel free to listen to it over and over and over . No judgment . To catch up on past #NewMusicMonday's feel free to check past links in the right side of the page in the blog archive . Follow me on #Insta for updates , deals , and my general hilarity @ 

Monday, November 2, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ Nov. 2nd ~ CMA Week ~

So , if you know me even a teen tiny bit , then you know of my great affection for awards shows . You also are aware of my passion for music . So , imagine my uncontrollable excitement when there is a music award show......normally . The more I learn , it would seem the more irate I become about musical politics/trends . I am still on the fence about watching Wednesday nights CMA's . Several artists that 100% deserve to be nominated , presenting or performing are not . However , Fall Out performing . Cause that makes nothing , but sense . Is it me or is their current album full of jacked back tracks ??!! ANYWAY...Justin Timberlake is performing....I am less irate about this than the FOB thing , mainly cause I see him as a general fan and coinsure of music all around , not just his specific genre . Maybe I am being all judgy wudgy , but it is just the truth of where I am at currently . I am sad to report that only TWO of the groups in today's #NewMusicMonday are nominated this year . I believe next year we could see Cam in the New Artist of the year category . Kip Moore.....DON'T GET ME STARTED . Kip has been nominated for New Artist in years past and lost (which makes me swear at the TV ) , but this year is absent from all categories . I am unsure if it was the release date for his most recent release #WildOnes , his tendency to do his own thing , trends be damned , or what the problem is . However , as a fan of the mans music I can't help but throw in my two cents of , " Kip is selling out show after show and the fans are OBSESSED with his work . For real , you should read what some of those crazies write on his social media . Come to think of it a few may be obsessed in the need a restraining order kind of way . That's off topic for the moment so , HEY CMA !!! Get your top out of your bottom and start giving credit where credit is due !!! Stop being the not so popular kid trying to fit in with all the popular kids so you'll do whatever everyone else is doing . Mkay ?! Mkay . If you are not on the fence and are wanting to watch you can do so by tuning into ABC on November 4th (this Wednesday) at 8 p.m. EST . Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are hosting . In all reality I am sure I'll at least flip back and forth and 100 % will watch red carpet if it is aired . I love the clothes . I can't even help it . I ' ll step off  that soapbox for a sec and now share with you my list for this weeks #NewMusicMonday .

Cam - " Burning House "
Yes , I did highlight Cam last week . I am reposting her on this weeks list because as of Friday she was added to GAC 's top twenty countdown voting page . If you like what you hear/see head over to to cast your vote and get " Burning House " charting on the count down . On this moody , dreary , rainy day I have listed to this track almost ten times I think . I love it . So , I vote it hitting the voting page along with it fitting the day qualifies it for a second week in a row posting to #NewMusicMonday .

Next , leading the pack with six nominations is Little Big Town . Nominated for album of the year , I think " Pain Killers " has a strong chance . Personally I am torn between LBT and Kacey Musgraves , " Pageant Material " for the win . But then the music nerd in me believes that Chris Stapelton may prove a first go 'round upset to all the artist in the Best Album category . I plan to share a few of his tunes in the weeks ahead . However , as an accomplished writer you may have already heard some of them with out even knowing it . Back to LBT , off of one of my favorite albums this year , " Pain Killers ", I am sharing " Faster Gun " .  Again , a tune that musically kinda goes with the darkness of the day and my mood . I am unsure it will be a single seeing as three songs have already been released off the album . Every artist is a bit different with how much of an album will be released . For example , Taylor Swift has released to radio 5 tracks of off 1989 and it is only a year old . So , ya just never know . I is " Faster Gun " by Little Big Town .

Little Big Town - " Faster Gun "
fr . " Pain Killers "
Thompson Square - " Trans Am "
Up for best duo of the year is Thompson Square . For whatever reason I can not find the official video for this song , so a performance vid will have to do . " Trans Am " is the duo's first release of the year after taking a small bit of time off after number one's such as " Are You Gonna Kiss Me " , " Glass " , & " If I Didn't Have You " . Now , expecting their first child Square is up for the Best Duo award I wanna say third time , I am super bad at numbers so , it could be a give or take situation on the amount , but not for the first time they are up for Duo of The Year . Having won several years ago it would seem all duo's in the recent two years have been shut out by Florida Georgia Line . I mean , o.k. they win it once cause they crossed genre's and toured with a R&B star . O.k. I might get it . Simply due to the exposure of country music around the world through genre mixing factor . But I am now over it . I think that while Maddie and Tae are young/new they have co - written a wonderful first album and are doing well on the heels of the Sounds of Summer tour with Dierks Bently , Kip Moore and Caanan Smith . As I have said before I have a strong affection for writers . Especially writers that are performers as well . I mean , it is a scary thing to sing your own tune for folks to criticize . Considering that all of us who have access to the internet have also deemed ourselves official music critics I am unsure how a person gets that brave . Don't think I could do it . So , props ! Anyway , I kinda have my fingers crossed for TSquare , but could see it going to any set in the category . My fear is that trend will reign and FGL will win for a third year in a row . I think it's third . Third or second . UHG , WHATEVER !
Last , but as expected , I am sharing another tune from Kip Moore's #WildOnes . Small fact , Kip co - wrote , " Let's Fight " , Thompson Squares first official single to hit radio several years ago . While it didn't get all the traction it should have , it is still one of my favorite of their tunes . This week I am sharing the title track from #WildOnes , my ninth share from the 16 track deluxe album . The below video is a bit of a teaser from Life in Rewind films . Responsible for several instagram teasers & youtube, behind the scenes , etc. videos Life in Rewind seems to have been documenting Moore's climb up music row from the very beginning . I love the teaser vids so much that I hope , eventually , LIR will get the opportunity to do a full video that lands on a countdown . Wild Ones is the title track from Moore's most recent studio release . A bit of a chant , a bit of this is how we do and don't , Wild One's is no doubt an anthem . Seeing as he did not release the title track from his last album " Up All Night " , my favorite track from the record btw , I don't even know what to expect from Moore when it comes to the releases off of Wild Ones . Release to single or not I shall be chanting along to this one as I go wherever I want , whenever I want , with whomever I want , if I want . " Cause tonight we're just worried about having fun !! " . Last week I shared " Running For You " on the #NewMusicMonday post , the current single to radio from Moore . Today I called two separate radio stations to request it have some air time . I just wanna remind you that as a fan you have power . VOTE ! VOTE ! VOTE ! REQUEST ! REQUEST ! REQUEST !

Kip Moore - " Wild Ones" fr "Wild Ones"
BONUS VIDEO !!!!! - Co-Written by Kip Moore , Thompson Square's " Lets Fight "
Thompson Square - " Let's Fight "
DON'T FORGET !!!!!! You have power as a fan and music listener to get your favorite artists on radio rotation and on video countdowns . Make a call , go online and vote , tweet , text , face book , e-mail , and perhaps even some snail mail would work . Whatever method you choose make sure you are giving your favorite artists some support in this way . It literally only takes a few seconds ! The D.J.' s are always happy to hear from their community . Today one wanted to chat for a bit , but I was all , listen , stop talking to me and go play that dadjim Kip Moore's "Running for You" right this instant.....he did . Happy New Music Monday !!!! What are you listening too ? Are you planning to watch the CMA's ? Are your favorites nominated ? To see a full list of nominee's or to keep up with CMA announcements you can follow them on Facebook or head over to , NashWeekly , or Billboard .