Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Quick Fix ~ Beans ~ N ~ Taters ~ Southern Comfort ~

This p is a recipe for Beans~N~Taters , cause I'm southern like that . idk why, but beans and taters just feel very southern to me , making them apart of what I consider comfort food . If you're looking to add a two for one to your meal I suggest these . I am all about multi-tasking , pre-planning and basically anything that makes a meal quicker and/or easier . So , here's how I fix em' up. Yes , it takes a bit of time , but it is a 2-4-1 so it balances out in my opinion .

Ingredients :
1 can Alan's green beans (I think the brand matters and Alan's is m'fave) , also French cut style beans will cook quicker so put that into consideration when picking bean/making this work for your tastes .

If you use the smaller can of beans use two smaller potatoes , but if you use the big can , depending on the size of taters use 3-4 .

You will also need about a cup to a cup and a 1/2 of Chicken broth . I use the bouillon cubes and just prep some whenever I am cooking . It is something that basically makes itself . Then I just store it in the fridge and it is already ready for use . Also , with the cubes I don't have to worry as much with them expiring quickly . Another small tip , I use reduced sodium broths so that I can better control the salt amount/taste .

Prep: Two small tabs equaling maybe a teaspoon of butter in large frying pan , 1/4 cup-ish chicken broth and chopped potatoes .

I chop mine a similar size as a nickel , thick as a grape . Let these items cook on medium for about 15-20 min (until potatoes are starting to soften) .

Add beans with their juice , add rest of chicken broth , salt and pepper (s&p up to your preference) mix and let continue to cook on med hi for another 15-20 min . Since you up the heat closer to high than medium , you gotta keep an eye that the liquid doesn't completely evaporate or that things don't burn to the pan . Once majority of liquid is gone , beans and taters are tender , its time to turn off the heat , letting them simmer a bit in the still hot pan and then serve .

I have a bad habit of eating them as they cook . I mean , someone has to sample them right . Hope you enjoy and that they add some southern comfort & warmth to your meal!!!!!

What are you cooking up for comfort meals as the weather starts to get chilly ?! That reminds me , anyone got a great recipe for chili ?!

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