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~ New Music Monday ~ March 27th, 2017 ~ In Bloom, Spring Singles ~

Happy Spring Music Lovers!!!! Last Monday was the first official day of Spring and Winter weather doesn't seem to be anywhere in sight. I'm kinda bummed because I do love me a snow day. It kinda feels like we went from Fall to Spring without a good snow, but alas I digress.

So much has happened in the two weeks New Music Monday was away. I hardly know where to begin, but I think I'm gonna go with traumatic first just to get it out of the way. As we all know by now The Band Perry has jumped ship....or perhaps more jumped the fishin' boat, for Pop music. They have released their first single, "Stay in the Dark" from their upcoming album, "My Bad Imagination" and have been performing on nearly every late night show there is. They successfully performed a small block of sold out pop up concerts the last month in prep for the albums release.  Now, I really wanna support these guys. When they said they weren't jumping ship and just taking a long time to work on this album, I believed them. When they started the "Comeback Kid" single, 24 hour live stream, hashtags, promo hype, I watched. Not for 24 hours cause I don't have that kind of attention span, but I checked in through out. Now, they have changed their image, their actual, physical image and the artwork for "My Bad Imagination", to go along with this conversion from country to pop. I cannot lie, kinda creeps me out. Once the lyric vid was released I decided I would for sure need some sort of pill, counseling or something to help me through this transition if I am gonna remain a The Band Perry fan. If that makes me a fair weather fan, than that's what it does, but I'm just being honest. I'm struggling to keep up with this trio. I so want to be behind them and support this transition, but there has been so much back and forth I am struggle to believe that they are the ones actually in charge of what is going on. Kimberly said recently at one of their late night performances that they felt this is kinda who they've been all along and they are just now getting the chance to let it all come out. I mean.....does that mean you faked your country career to get to your pop career? Does it mean you are faking your pop career to spread the word and expand your country listening fan base? I'm still confused and I feel it won't resolve quickly. Give the new single a listen and decide for yourself.
Image result for the band perry my bad imagination
Art Work for My Bad Imagination
The Band Perry - "Stay in the Dark"
fr "My Bad Imagination"
Above is the artwork and lyric video that has been released along with "Stay in the Dark". I heard the trio discuss the masks used on both as kind of a green screen type idea. The masks remove anything specific and leaves room for you to fit whatever image relates to you and you relate to the song. I'm sorry, but I can't focus on anything other than the creepy robber masks. It's al I see. Robbers making out, robbers doing yoga-esq modern dance, and bangs.....because Kimberly Perry's bangs are sharp right now!! Decide for yourself.
Kelleigh Bannen - "Church Clothes"
While we were breaking Spring several of our favorites released new singles, EP and a Album. I am going to start off with Kelleigh Bannen's single, "Church Clothes". Per the artist it has taken four years for this single to finally get the opportunity it deserved. Now released and with a video complete "Church Clothes" has been on repeat in my home for several weeks now. I LOVE this song y'all!!! Maybe it is because I grew up in church, the south, or because I spent time serving in ministry. It maybe because I have such strong feelings towards being exactly who we are even when who we really are is extremely flawed. Whatever it is, I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Written by Liz Rose and Nicolle Galyon, "Church Clothes" is a testimony to what we present vs. who we are in private. I encourage you to download this tune via iTunes, spotify, and whatever other outlet you can. This song is so on point that I seriously struggle to understand why it has taken four years for it to be released. If you don't follow Kelleigh on socials you should. She also does a weekly pod cast called, "This Nashville Life" and in promotion for "Church Clothes", every Sunday she is doing a "confessions" live stream via Facebook at 6p.m. central time. Check it all out and download "Church Clothes", ASAP!!
Also dropping a single is the ever popular Sam Hunt. Earlier in Fall Sam's fans nearly died when he began posting Insta vids and pics with a female. Speculation hit crazy high levels and the virtual hate spewed like that bitter high school mean girl who finally realized she peaked in 11th grade. Bitter, Mean, Rude, Uncalled for are all good words to describe some of the comments on Mr. Hunts socials over these postings. It is my understanding that his now fiancé Hannah had to delete her socials. I would hope that she has since been able to return to socials, perhaps as a private account or with a secret identity cause that is straight up ridiculous. I'll expound on ridiculous fans in a upcoming post. I'm still trying to calm down before I write it. Well, Sam has been undeterred by the lack of fan support for his relationship. I mean, I support that choice Sam. Since the original post Sam has not apologized or made any "real" comments on the topic other than announcing his engagement. I just read today that the wedding will probably be this Spring. Inspired by his fiancé and the rekindling of their love Hunt has released two songs, "Drinkin' Too Much" and "Body Like a Back Road", both inspired by and dedicated to Hunts lady. "Body Like a Back Road" has been stuck in my head for days and kinda feels like a country version of John Mayer's, "Your Body is a Wonderland", the idea of it, not the sound. Anywho, I find both tracks very endearing and can understand how they might help win back a old flame. Give them each a listen and decide for yourself. The album these tracks will be apart of is set to release in the Fall. Congrats on the upcoming nuptials Sam and Hannah!!! 
Sam Hunt - "Body Like a Back Road"

Sam Hunt - "Drinkin' Too Much"
Friday, March 24th, 2017 both Lindsay Ell and RaeLynn dropped albums to country radio, iTunes, and in stores.
Lindsay Ell released a EP titled, "Worth the Wait" by having a concert in Nashville where she performed tracks from the album for fellow industry folk as well as several fans. Lindsay has been touring as opener for acts like Brad Paisley, Kip Moore, she performed with Carrie Underwood on the CMA's, the Ryman, and regularly performs with the Raging Idiots, a band led by her bf and radio host, Bobby Bones. She will also be apart of this years, "Tin Pan South" which is a writer/performer kind of time in Nashville where a lot of artists/writers do unplugged, in the round-esq gigs around town telling the stories behind the songs and performing a few. I am legit having serious FOMO over it and it's just begun.
Lindsay Ell - "Worth the Wait"
fr "Worth the Wait"
RaeLynn - "Wild Horse"
Title Track fr "Wild Horse"
RaeLynn released, "Wild Horse" just in time for her first headlining tour, The Rave Tour. The Voice alumn just finished touring with Blake Shelton and with the release of "Wild Horse" I don't see her touring schedule calming down anytime soon. I pre-ordered this album after hearing. "Love Triangle", "Insecure", and "Diamonds". I genuinely love this album. I think that the five years it has taken since her time on The Voice has served her well. It appears and sounds as though she has been learning from her coach Blake, as well as many others in the country music community. The writer I mentioned earlier on the Kelleigh Bannen track, Nicolle Galyon is co-producer on this album and I think the entire team did a wonderful job with it. They all should feel very proud about this musical offering they have released to the fans. Today I am gonna share the title track from the album as it is one of my faves. If you have the chance you should youtube Rae sharing where the song came from and how it became the title track for the album. I love behind the music type stuff.
Another single hitting radio TODAY is Maren Morris, "I Could Use a Love Song", from "Hero". This will be the third release from Morris' freshman album. She has already won a CMA, Grammy, and several other awards for "My Church" the first single off the record. I expect she will be performing at the ACM's this weekend as she is nominated in several categories. There was a performers list published, but I have already forgotten all the details. I just know that some of our faves are performing at the Party for a Cause as well as the big show. You can read my past post on my ACM predictions to see what my money is on for winners this year. Morris will be releasing the video which has already been filmed, shortly.
Maren Morris - "I Could Use a Love Song"
fr "Hero"
You have so much listening to do I am going to close out this weeks New Music Monday with a reminder. These tracks are all new to radio which means you need to do some requesting. You can call in, tweet, insta, facebook and even good ol' fashion snail mail in your requests to your local radio. Soon video's for all of these tunes will hit video stations and will need votes as well. Keep an eye out and be sure to follow all these amazing artists on socials for the most up to date information on singles, albums, tours, etc.

~ Glam Bag Reviews ~ Don't Lash Out ~ Clinique Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara ~

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~ StacieTennessee Instagram ~

Second #GlamBagReview and  #DontLashOut Follow Up. This Go 'Round We Are Discussing @clinique #ChubbyLashFatteningMascara in #Black NOT Waterproofed. I Am a #Clinique Brand Fan on Most All Products, However, I Have Never Really Cared for Their Mascara's. I Own Several That Came in Bonus' Which is Where I Came Across Todays Mascara. Only One of Clinique's Mascara's Comes in Waterproof According to My Online Research. I'm a Crier, I NEED Waterproofed Eye Cosmetics.

Anyway, Wore This Non-Waterproofed Mascara Just to Give it a Chance. My Day Has Included Handling Some Business via Phone, Working on the Blog, & Taking Jack Davis to the Vet. Doesn't Sound Like a Test Your Mascara Kind of Day, but the Vet Visits ALWAYS Turns Into a Wrestling Match w JD. I Break a Sweat Just Watching Others Be Active So, When Wrestling Jack Like He is a Greased Pig & Chasing Him Down as He Tries to Sneak Out of the Vet Office with Another Pet Parent, Causes Dripping Sweat. When I Got Back in the Car & Checked M'Look, as Expected, Mascara Had Relocated to Under My Eye Instead of on My Lashes. So. Annoying. My Hands are Full Chasing Down My Sick Puppy. I Don't Have Time to Carry Around a Mascara Wand in the Other Hand for Constant Reapplication.

I Don't Think it Made My Lashes Any Chubbier Either. The One Part of My Body That Doesn't Respond to Gain Techniques. Anyway, @ $17.50 for Full Size, Non-Waterproofed Mascara I Only Use it When Its Free and in a Bonus. When I Do Purchase #Clinique Products I Do So Online or @dillards During #BonusTime. I Recommend MANY Clinique Products, but I am Sorry to Say That Their Mascara Isn't One of Them. 

 #DontLashOut #GlamBagReview #Mascara #Clinique #ChubbyLashFatteningMascara #NotWaterProof #NOTStacieRecommended or #DiscountDivaApproved #StayTuned #MoreReviewsComingSoon

~ Insta Blog ~ March 27th, 2017 ~ Motivation Monday ~ That's What Valleys are For ~

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~ Pinterest ~

Happy Motivation Monday Friends!! I Came Across This Quote from #BillyGraham Last Night & it's Been Simmering in My Mind Since. As I Wake Up Far Earlier Than My "Normal", in A Lot of Pain Trying to Make the Best Decisions for the Day Ahead, W Jack Davis Seeming to be in Pain As Well I've Gotta Make the Right Choices for Him as Well.

As I Prayed Through My Morning Wake-Up Routine This Quote Lingers. Today, I Am in a Valley & That isn't Necessarily a Bad Place to Be. The Valley is Wear the Fruit is Grown!!! What a Thought to Cling Too on a Rough Day!!! I'm Grateful for Folks like Billy Graham Who Have Followed Their Callings & Never Seem to Flinch in Their Obedience to Him When it Comes to These Kinds of Words of Wisdom. 

I Pray Your Morning Hasn't Started Painfully, but if it Has, Know That He is W You Always. Even When it Doesn't "Feel" Like He is. Don't be Afraid of the Valleys, They Have Purpose Too.

~ Glam Bag Reviews ~ Don't Lash Out ~ Maybelline Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara ~

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~ StacieTennessee Instagram ~

Don't Lash Out!!! Coming Soon to #TheFaithJournals #GlamBag a Review of Mascaras. We Sample So You Don't Have To. Six Different Mascaras, Six Different Price Points, Three Different Brands, All Black, NOT All Water Proof!! Stay Tuned!

Image may contain: text
~ StacieTennessee Instagram ~

First Up in the #GlamBagReview  #DontLashOut Mascara Series is @maybelline #Falsies #PushUpAngel in #BlackWaterProof . The Application Wand for This is Kinda Odd. I Would Say its More of a Comb Than Brush. Its A Very Small Comb, but It Works for What This Item Advertises. Which is a More Winged Outer Lash. Feel Free to Zoom as the Wand Pic is fr the #Maybelline Site.

Wore it All Day, Laughed, Got a Little Emotional, Yawned A Lot Which Makes My Eyes Water Even More & By The Time I Took Off My Make Up at End of Day it Was Still Where it Belonged, on My Lashes Not Under My Eye.

 I Have What is Called a "Hooded" Eye Lid, Basically You Can't Really See My Lids or What's on Them Until I Blink or Close My Eyes. Most Folks w This Kind of Lid Do Not Bother Much w Shadows, but I Do. I Make it Work for Me. So, w a Hooded Lid my Eye Lashes are Also Hard to See & W/O Mascara My Lashes are Light So, Even if I Don't Wear Shadow w a Look I Always Wear Mascara. I Feel I Look Sickly, Well, More Sickly, Otherwise.

Got This #MaybellineMascara @walmart for Just Under $8.00. Compared Prices w Other Similar Shops/Drug Stores & They Are All Similar, Like w/i Pennies. It Comes w/o Water Proofing, but My Eyes Water All Day, Eeerrrreeyyy Day So, #WaterProof is a MUST For Me.

 #TheFaithJournals #GlamBagReview #DontLashOut #Maybelline #FalsiesSeries #PushUpAngel #Mascara #WaterProof #Black #Tested #StacieRecommended & #DiscountDivaApproved 

Stay Tuned for More Mascara Reviews This Week!

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~ Boldly Be, Uniquely You ~

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~ Pinterest ~

~ Insta Blog ~ March 22nd, 2017 ~ Glam Bag, The Eye's Have It ~ Revlon, Tarte, Elf, & Benefit Cosmetics ~

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~ Blue Eyeliner by Stacie and Tarte ~
When You Do Blue Eyeliner & The Very Next Day Does a Blue Eyeliner Tutorial = Matchy Matchy Best Friends High Five!! #CosmeticsJunky #ICantQuitWhenIWant #ButWhyWouldIWantTo #TarteCosmetics #Blue #Eyeliner #Tutorials #MimiBobeckInspiration #ItsOkToFeelBlueNowAndThen

This Was a Instagram Post from Last Week. The Day After I Did a Blue Eyeliner, Tarte Did a Insta Tutorial for Their Limited Edition Clay Pot Waterproof Shadow/Liner, Found Here. I Always Get Amped When I Come Across Something Similar to What I've Done on a Brands Site. It Lets Me Know That My Idea Wasn't as Crazy as I Feared or if it is That I'm Not the Only Crazy Cosmetics Junky Out There, LOL!!! I Am Becoming a Huge Fan of These Insta Tutorials that Tarte has Been Offering. If You Ever Need/Want a Little Tip or Just to See What is New then be Sure to Follow Them on Socials. I Have Not Tried the Tarte Brand Yet, but Have Plans to in the Near Future.
And Just for Reference My Blue Eyeliner Pictured Above is By Revlon and is the Photoready Kajal Collection in Matte Marine. It Can be Found at Local Drug or Box Stores as well as Online, Here.

Image may contain: one or more people and closeup
Left - Clinique Chubby Lash Mascara
Right - Benefits They're Real Mascara

1. I Know This Pic is Creepy. My Apologies in Advance for Any Nightmares it May Cause. 2. Further Proof My Eyes Change Colors. 3. No Filters. No Edits. Just Lighting & Angles. While We Are Discussing Eye's I Wanted to Go Over This Recent Gem in My March Birch Box. I Have What I Call a "Beauty Bucket List", it is Basically Products That I Have Either Heard, Read or Seen So Much About that I Too MUST Try Them at Some Point. One Such Product is Benefit Cosmetics, "They're Real" Mascara. It's Been on My List for Awhile So I was Mega Stoked to See It as a Customizable Option for My March Birch Box. I Was So Excited I Nearly Waited on the Curb for the Mail Man. Once it Arrived I Had to Try it ASAP!!!

I Must Say, It Did Not Disappoint. They are Very close, but I Can Say #TheyreReal Seems to Have Added a Bit of Length. I Have Light Eye Lashes & What is Called a Hooded Eye Lid. So, Eye Make - Up is Almost Pointless, but I Wear it Anyway to Surprise People When I Blink, LoL!!! Anyway, All That Said My Lashes Require a Good Quality Mascara to Even be Seen and Benefits "They're Real" Impressed Me.

No automatic alt text available.
~ StacieTennessee Instagram ~

No automatic alt text available.
~ StacieTennessee Instagram ~

I Am Not a One Brand Only Kind of Girl. When it Comes to Cosmetics I Am All About What Works, What I "Need" and What is Financially Wise for My Budget, Making Elf Cosmetics  One of My Favorite Go-To's!! Friends/Fam/Followers, If You Aren't Registered on as a #BeautySquad Member You Should Be. You Earn Rewards When You Purchase via the Site & That is On Top of Whatever Bonus Might Be Offered by ebates & Elf Regular Promotions. For Any Fellow #CosmeticsJunky it Really is a Must!! Stay Tuned for Some Stacie Created Beauty Looks with Elf Products. To Register w Elf Click Here. Elf Cosmetics, Thanks So Much for the Fun #MysteryGifts!! I Could NOT Wait to Play w it All.
Continuing in the Elf and Eye Theme of This Post I Wanted to Share Elfs, Eye Primer. My Eye's Water ALL THE TIME!!! And Allergy Season Only Makes it Worse. So, When I am Doing a Bold Eye or Really Any Eye Look, Primer is Important. I Must Say that I am Pleasantly Surprised to Find that Elf's Eye Primer was Such a Solid Product. It is Almost Silky to the Touch as it Goes on and Totally Works w Keeping Shadow Where it is Suppose to Be!! I Was Glad When I Returned from Grocery Shopping a Few Days Ago to See that My Eye Shadow Was Still on My Eye and Not Under it & for $2.00 it is a Legit STEAL!!!!!!
Revlon, Benefit, Birch Box and Elf are Now Officially #StacieRecommended, #DiscountDivaApproved, Glam Bag Must Have Brands!! I Suggest Following them on Socials to Keep Up w What is New, Discounts, Give-A-Ways, Tutorials, Ideas, Tips, Etc.
Stay Tuned for Future Glam Bag Posts Coming Soon!

~ Insta Blog ~ March 15th, 2017 ~ Glam Bag Must Haves ~

~ Glam Bag Must Haves ~

Happy Hump Day! Wanted to Share a Few of My Basic Glam Bag Essentials. No Matter What Style/Trend/Brand of Cosmetics You Use There are a Few Items I Find to be Universally Needed in Anyone's Glam Bag. Today I'll Share Non Cosmetic Items.

One Must Have That is Not Pictured is Qtips. Qtips that Have a Pointed Tip not a Rounded Tip will Help to Correct in Eye or Lip Lining that Attempts to Go Astray While Drying. Also, I Think Keeping Make-Remover Wipes & a Small Pack of Tissues in Your Bag is a No Brainer. Sometimes You Make Mistakes That Won't Simply Rub Off with Your Finger & Sometimes Ya Need a Test Area to Make Sure a Product isn't Clumpy, is Flowing Proper, Etc. I Also Use the Remover Wipes to Quickly Clean My Applicator Brushes. 

Another Must Have in My Bag is Neosporin. I Have Tried Basically Everything Under the Sun on Breakouts & Other Than Washing Your Face Everyday & Never Sleeping w Make-Up One of My Biggest Healers is #Neosporin. I Dab Just a Bit On My Break Outs & I Swear They Heal Quicker Than Any Zit Cream I've Used. Its Clear, A Gel, Making it Perfect to Go On Under Make-Up w/o Causing Clumps/Cakey Look.

Hand Sanitizer, No Matter What You Use to Apply Your Cosmetics it is Inevitable You're Gonna Get Stuff on Your Hands. Also, if You Use Your Fingers to Apply Certain Things Then You Wanna Wipe Your Hands Between Applications Either with The Remover Wipes or w/ AntiBacterial. One of The Biggest Ways Acne Spreads is Our Little Fingers!! Your Hands Should Always be Clean Before Using Them to Apply Make-Up.

Next, A Lighter. Sometimes Things Just Need Melted a Little. Most Often it is Eye/Lip Liners. If it Feels Like You Are Applying Liner w a Freshly Sharpened No.2 Pencil then the Liner is Too Hard. A Little Hovering of the Tip of the Liner Over a Flame Can Help. If Not, I'd Toss or Exchange the Product.

Lastly, Make-Up Sponges, I Have Wedges & Rounds in My Bag. I Keep The Ones I am Currently Using & Some Clean/New Ones for When its Time to Toss the Used. I Do Not Use a Sponge for Much Longer Than a Month or So. They Can be a Breeding Ground for Bacteria, Etc. Making the Rules for Applying Make-Up w Your Fingers Applicable for Sponges Too! Sponges Tend to Come in a Bag of a Dozen or More & They Aren't All That Expensive. I Got My Last Batch at @cvspharmacy w a Coupon. ~ 📱❤️💄 Just a Few of My Must Haves. Hope it Helps!!

~ Insta Blog ~ March 22nd, 2017 ~ "Daughter Your Faith Has Healed You" ~

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~ Blush Network Socials ~
Jehovah Rapha
Luke 8:48 - "Then he said to her,
"Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace."

~ New Music Monday ~ March 20th, 2017 ~ Breaking Spring, Be Back Soon ~

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~ Pinterest ~

#NewMusicMonday Has Been on Spring Break These Last Two Weeks. Never Fear, it Shall Return Next Week & The Things to Discuss Just Keeps Adding Up.

We Have @thebandperry Lyric Video for #StayInTheDark, I am Fairly Certain I'm Gonna Need Some Sort of Counseling After Watching It. We Have #C2C Which Happened A Week Ago in Glasgow, #CMC Happening in Australia, the Performers for the @acmawards Have Been Announced as Well as #PartyForACause Performers.

@thejaren Kicked a Guys Rear on One of the Last Dates of the #BlackRosesTour. @kelleighbannen Released Her Single, #ChurchClothes & I Legit Can NOT Stop Listening to It. SO! SO! POWERFUL!!!! Especially for Anyone Who Grew Up in the Bible Belt or in Ministry. I Fo' Reals Suggest You Not Wait for #NMM to Download This One. If You Have a Streaming Service Like @spotify it is There as Well.

So, We Will Have So Much to Discuss!!! Until Then, Enjoy This First Day of Spring & the Rest of Your Week. Hope You Have Some SpringTastic Tunes Soundtracking the Changing of the Seasons!

~ New Music Monday ~ Insta Blog ~ March 7th, 2017 ~ Words on Worship Devotional ~

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ATTENTION: @charlesbillingsley New Book on Worship is Available Now!!! Check Bottom of Pic for Stores or Order Online via Charles' Web Site. You Can Head Over to His Socials for Links. ~ 📱❤️📖 ~ #TheFaithJournals #NewMusicMonday #NewBookTuesday #RightHere #WordsOnWorship #Regram ~ Thank you Candace Cameron Bure. You bless me!

#WordsOnWorship is available today at, Barnes & Noble, LifeWay Christian Stores and www.charlesbillingsley/com.

~ Insta Blog ~ March 8th, 2017 ~ The Father of Lies ~

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~ Pinterest ~

I Am Unsure Why At This Point in My Life I Struggle w Keeping Myself Reminded that the Enemy is the Author of Lies, John 8:44 Tells Us So. However, as I Battle w The Things the Lord Has Placed in My Life For the Moment I Seem to Consistently Forget That I am Also, On Top of All These "Life" Things, Battling, as Ephesians 6:12 States, the "Father of Lies". Realizing Who We are in Christ is So Ver...y Vital to Our Daily Survival. It is of the Same Importance & Plays as Big a Role in Our Health as nourishment, Hydration, Sunlight, Sleep, Movement, Etc. Spending Time in His Word, in Prayer, in Serving His Children are the Best Ways to Help Keep Us Reminded of the Truth in Our Lives, in Our Being, in Our Creation. Without, We Fall Prey to the Lies. Be Intentional Today in Owning Who He Has Made You & Called You to Be. He Knows Every Star in the Sky & Every Grain of Sand on the Beach & Still He Felt Your Presence Was Missing fr This World.

~ Motivation Monday ~ March 13th, 2017 ~ The Pressure Has Purpose ~


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~ Pinterest ~

Even the Pressure has Purpose.  Do Not Allow Yourself to be Defeated by It. He Has Shown Us Repeatedly in His Word That Beautiful, Strong, Rare Things Come From an Excessive/Consistent Amount of Pressure. The Pressure Has Purpose. Find Peace in That Truth if You Can.

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Monday, March 6, 2017

~ New Music Monday ~ March 6th, 2017 ~ Brand Spakin' New ~

It's New Music Monday Y'all!!!! How did you soundtrack your weekend? For whatever reason I have had "Call Your Girlfriend", by Robyn stuck in my head all weekend. The last few weeks have been rather busy for some of our favorite artists. Awards show nominations, performances, wins and thank you speeches. Headlining tours, new singles, new collaborations, and even genre transitions. It is only the sixth day of March and I feel like so much has happened this month. This week I am gonna share some brand spankin' new tunes with ya. Some are already out and the others are releasing soon. So, let us get to it....

I want to start with The Band Perry. By now everyone knows that they have decided to genre hop aka pull a Swift one on the country music community. Back when they released "Live Forever", just days after they left their label. "Live Forever" was picked up by Team USA for the Summer Olympics and was their theme song for the festivities, but that is about all the traction the single got. Earlier this year the trio did a Facebook live stating they weren't planning on leaving the country music community, that they had been working on all new stuff and had somewhat scraped the project "Live Forever" would have been on. The even began rebranding with lead singer, Kimberly Perry, dying her hair brown to match her two brothers. They also attempted to begin some viral branding creating a new hash tag to go along with the upcoming single/album. The single that was released shortly after the 24 hour Facebook live stream and Q&Q was, "Come Back Kid". Now, I am fairly certain that every single Kip Moore fan had something to say about this online seeing as one of his tracks from "Wild Ones" is also titled the same, but as I have mentioned in past posts, that's just the kind of stuff that happens. For example, Kip just released, "Moore Girls Like You", well Easton Corbin has also released a single called, "Girl Like You". Similar, no?! It's just going to happen. Anyway, TBP went dark after the release of "Come Back Kid" only to reemerge weeks later with a wiped clean social media and cryptic photo postings. They later announced their move to the pop genre, their new single, "Stay in the Dark", and the upcoming releases of their first pop album, "My Bad Imagination". In prelude to the drop of MBI the trio has sold out a set of pop-up shows scheduled for promotion of the album.

The Band Perry - "Come Back Kid"

I wanted to believe The Band Perry and even wrote about their deciding to scrap the first go 'round on "Live Forever" to start over. I mean sometimes you gotta make stuff just to see what doesn't work. However, with two false starts and now an announcement that they are leaving the genre, I don't know, I think I am a little ticked. I can't decide if I feel deceived or what. I do know that I feel like all this start and stop has caused me to fear that either the trio or their team doesn't have their crap together this go. All the changing back and forth, the big facebook live streams, the singles that fail, the absence at awards shows, etc. all just makes it look as though they don't know what they're doing. Maybe that is just my now jaded point of view. Anyway, here is "Stay in the Dark", decide for yourself.

The Band Perry - "Stay in the Dark"
fr "My Bad Imagination"
Keith Urban w Carrie Underwood -
"The Fighter" fr "Ripcord"
Keith Urbans latest single from "Ripcord" has Carrie Underwood lending her vocals to the track. I love both artist, but I do not exactly love this song. There is something 80's-tastic about it that I just don't like and LOVE the 80's, so that is really saying a lot. Again, the duo's vocals are on point as always, but IDK there is just something that doesn't win me over. They performed it at the Grammy's as well as the last episode of American Idol, where Underwood got her start and Urban was a judge. I somewhat expect the duo to be on the list of performers for the upcoming ACM's in April, but that is still all TBA. Give it a listen and let me know how you feel about the tune.
Last week Grammy and CMA award winner, Maren Morris announced that, "I Could Use a Love Song" from her album, "Hero", will be her third single. I love this entire album so I think I would have been amped no matter what she chose to release, but I really do LOVEEEEEEEEE "I Could Use a Love Song". I can't tell you how many late night drives have been sound tracked by this tune lately. I love everything about this song. The lyrics, the instrumental arrangement, the vibe and mood that automatically goes with it. I just love it and can't wait to see the video, which Morris teased this week on her socials. Maren is currently on her first headlining tour and is performing for sold out crowds. Recently she was in a few counties over from mine and my heart broke at how quickly the tickets sold out before I could get one. I haven't seen a release date yet for this new single, but with Maren as a nominee at the ACMs in April and I bet she will perform either at the main show or the Party for a Cause, I expect it will release before then. We will see.
Maren Morris - "I Could Use a Love Song"
fr "Hero"
Little Big Town - "When Someone Stops Loving You"
fr "The Breaker"
This last offering for the week is one that I am not 100% will be the bands next single, but after streaming "The Breaker" on Spotify this is currently my favorite off the album. As with most records my favorite tune changes with my mood, but "When Someone Stops Loving You" is such a painful truth and testimony to what it is like trying to carry on like normal with every day life, like everyone else does even though you are completely broken inside. Little Big Town just knows how to tap into a persons emotions. They know how to make us feel such a variety of things and I find this to be a real gift. Especially when tunes like, "Snapback" and "Green Light" are what is flowing through radio waves. I love Lorde, but for the love of sophomore albums WTF is "Green Light"???!!! I have tried and maybe it is one of those tunes that takes a few replays to love and get, but I mean, so far....I'm just not there. I read on Instagram where one of Lorde's besties and contributor to LBTs "The Breaker", Taylor Swift LOVES the single and was going to immediately "create an interpretive dance" to go along with it. Which, let us be honest, watching T. Swizz at an awards show dancing to the performances is really one of the top five reason I even watch award shows. Wait, back to LBT, "When Someone Stops Loving You" is a beautifully heart wrenching track and I highly recommend your giving it a listen and downloading, purchasing or stream "The Breaker" ASAP!!!
I hope you all have a wonderful week. I know for most you are gearing up for Spring Break. I hope that you go back through some of the past New Music Monday posts to help you make your play list. Also, these tunes are all new so, they need our help getting them air play. Even if a station hasn't received the track yet for air play it is still good to call in and request. It lets the station know that fans are anticipant of the track and to begin playing it ASAP. "The Fighter" already has a video out and "I Could Use a Love Song" has one on it's way, meaning you can vote for those on GACTV or CMT websites each week to get them charting up the Top Twenty Countdowns.
Gonna leave you with another brand spakin' new lyric video, released last week from Kip Moore produced by Life in Rewind Films for Kips new single, "More Girls Like You". The video was recorded from Moore's recent time off traveling, surfing, and general adventuring. If you can watch it with out wanderlust than I'm unsure you should even be watching it. You're dead inside. What was I saying? Oh!! Kip and the Slow Hearts played their first gig with new guitarist, who coincidentally is named Dave, this weekend in Florida. Per fan postings to socials and YouTube it would seem the guys haven't skipped a beat. I have to say, I think that the time off served Kips vocals rather well. The clips I've gotten to hear from his last few performances post vaca have his voice sounding strong and healthy. Which is what the fans like considering it is about that time that he and the boys hit the road again. Give Kip's lyric video for "More Girls Like You" a watch and a listen and tell me you don't wish you were an adventurer like he is. Dare ya. Double dog dare ya. Also, be sure to be requesting the single with your local radio stations!!!

Kip Moore - "More Girls Like You"


~ Motivation Monday ~ March 6th, 2017 ~ Something New ~

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~ Lord Let it be True ~

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"I wont remove the pressure but I have already
provided the grace you need to handle it.....". - Autumn Miles!!!!!!!
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~ NOT Discount Diva Approved ~ March 6th, 2017 ~ Buyer Beware ~

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WARNING: Friends/Fam/Followers, I Really Hate Doing This, but Believe That This Kind of Stuff is Our Responsibility as Social Media Users. I Want to FYI You About My Experience w @Shop615.

Over a Month Ago I Made a Order, Was Immediately Sent Confirmation & That Was All. Weeks Pass w No Communication. I Made a Comment on Their Page, Direct Messaged, & Called the Number Linked to Their Account all to No Avail. I Decided to Put in a Complaint via @paypal & as Of a Few Minutes Ago I Was Refunded.

However, Had I Not Filed Complaints w #PayPal & #Insta I Believe They Would've Just Kept the Money. As I Scrolled Their Comments I Saw That I Was Not the Only One Having This Problem w Them. Several Customers Have Experienced the Same Issue. IDK if They All Have Gotten Their Refunds, but as of Yesterday All of Their Complaints Had Been Deleted fr the Page Which I Find Extremely Shady.

I Along w Several Other Customers Have Lodged Complaints w @instagram, but I Thought I Should Share w You as Well. I Wouldn't Want You to Have a Similar Hassle or Get Hustled. Again, I Hate Making These Kinds of Posts & Am Grateful it Doesn't Happen Often. Hope This Helps My Fellow Online Shoppers. ~ @shop615 is NOT #DiscountDivaApproved or #StacieRecommended !!!!! ~ 📱👿💻💳☠ ~ #FYI #WARNING #ShoppersBeware #Shop615 NOT #DiscountDivaApproved or #StacieRecommended!

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When KB High Jacks Your Dramatic Eye, Nude Lip, Caption & Emoji, but You are Cool w It Cause You are a Fan Like That. @kelseaballerini LOVED Your Look at the @iheartradio Awards Tonight. That Jumper Was so Glitz & Glam I Couldn't Even Handle It.
Weeweeerrrrkkkkk Honey, Weeerrrkkk!!!!!