Monday, March 27, 2017

~ Glam Bag Reviews ~ Don't Lash Out ~ Clinique Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara ~

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~ StacieTennessee Instagram ~

Second #GlamBagReview and  #DontLashOut Follow Up. This Go 'Round We Are Discussing @clinique #ChubbyLashFatteningMascara in #Black NOT Waterproofed. I Am a #Clinique Brand Fan on Most All Products, However, I Have Never Really Cared for Their Mascara's. I Own Several That Came in Bonus' Which is Where I Came Across Todays Mascara. Only One of Clinique's Mascara's Comes in Waterproof According to My Online Research. I'm a Crier, I NEED Waterproofed Eye Cosmetics.

Anyway, Wore This Non-Waterproofed Mascara Just to Give it a Chance. My Day Has Included Handling Some Business via Phone, Working on the Blog, & Taking Jack Davis to the Vet. Doesn't Sound Like a Test Your Mascara Kind of Day, but the Vet Visits ALWAYS Turns Into a Wrestling Match w JD. I Break a Sweat Just Watching Others Be Active So, When Wrestling Jack Like He is a Greased Pig & Chasing Him Down as He Tries to Sneak Out of the Vet Office with Another Pet Parent, Causes Dripping Sweat. When I Got Back in the Car & Checked M'Look, as Expected, Mascara Had Relocated to Under My Eye Instead of on My Lashes. So. Annoying. My Hands are Full Chasing Down My Sick Puppy. I Don't Have Time to Carry Around a Mascara Wand in the Other Hand for Constant Reapplication.

I Don't Think it Made My Lashes Any Chubbier Either. The One Part of My Body That Doesn't Respond to Gain Techniques. Anyway, @ $17.50 for Full Size, Non-Waterproofed Mascara I Only Use it When Its Free and in a Bonus. When I Do Purchase #Clinique Products I Do So Online or @dillards During #BonusTime. I Recommend MANY Clinique Products, but I am Sorry to Say That Their Mascara Isn't One of Them. 

 #DontLashOut #GlamBagReview #Mascara #Clinique #ChubbyLashFatteningMascara #NotWaterProof #NOTStacieRecommended or #DiscountDivaApproved #StayTuned #MoreReviewsComingSoon

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