Wednesday, March 22, 2017

~ Insta Blog ~ March 15th, 2017 ~ Glam Bag Must Haves ~

~ Glam Bag Must Haves ~

Happy Hump Day! Wanted to Share a Few of My Basic Glam Bag Essentials. No Matter What Style/Trend/Brand of Cosmetics You Use There are a Few Items I Find to be Universally Needed in Anyone's Glam Bag. Today I'll Share Non Cosmetic Items.

One Must Have That is Not Pictured is Qtips. Qtips that Have a Pointed Tip not a Rounded Tip will Help to Correct in Eye or Lip Lining that Attempts to Go Astray While Drying. Also, I Think Keeping Make-Remover Wipes & a Small Pack of Tissues in Your Bag is a No Brainer. Sometimes You Make Mistakes That Won't Simply Rub Off with Your Finger & Sometimes Ya Need a Test Area to Make Sure a Product isn't Clumpy, is Flowing Proper, Etc. I Also Use the Remover Wipes to Quickly Clean My Applicator Brushes. 

Another Must Have in My Bag is Neosporin. I Have Tried Basically Everything Under the Sun on Breakouts & Other Than Washing Your Face Everyday & Never Sleeping w Make-Up One of My Biggest Healers is #Neosporin. I Dab Just a Bit On My Break Outs & I Swear They Heal Quicker Than Any Zit Cream I've Used. Its Clear, A Gel, Making it Perfect to Go On Under Make-Up w/o Causing Clumps/Cakey Look.

Hand Sanitizer, No Matter What You Use to Apply Your Cosmetics it is Inevitable You're Gonna Get Stuff on Your Hands. Also, if You Use Your Fingers to Apply Certain Things Then You Wanna Wipe Your Hands Between Applications Either with The Remover Wipes or w/ AntiBacterial. One of The Biggest Ways Acne Spreads is Our Little Fingers!! Your Hands Should Always be Clean Before Using Them to Apply Make-Up.

Next, A Lighter. Sometimes Things Just Need Melted a Little. Most Often it is Eye/Lip Liners. If it Feels Like You Are Applying Liner w a Freshly Sharpened No.2 Pencil then the Liner is Too Hard. A Little Hovering of the Tip of the Liner Over a Flame Can Help. If Not, I'd Toss or Exchange the Product.

Lastly, Make-Up Sponges, I Have Wedges & Rounds in My Bag. I Keep The Ones I am Currently Using & Some Clean/New Ones for When its Time to Toss the Used. I Do Not Use a Sponge for Much Longer Than a Month or So. They Can be a Breeding Ground for Bacteria, Etc. Making the Rules for Applying Make-Up w Your Fingers Applicable for Sponges Too! Sponges Tend to Come in a Bag of a Dozen or More & They Aren't All That Expensive. I Got My Last Batch at @cvspharmacy w a Coupon. ~ 📱❤️💄 Just a Few of My Must Haves. Hope it Helps!!

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