Monday, March 6, 2017

~ NOT Discount Diva Approved ~ March 6th, 2017 ~ Buyer Beware ~

~Instagram ~

WARNING: Friends/Fam/Followers, I Really Hate Doing This, but Believe That This Kind of Stuff is Our Responsibility as Social Media Users. I Want to FYI You About My Experience w @Shop615.

Over a Month Ago I Made a Order, Was Immediately Sent Confirmation & That Was All. Weeks Pass w No Communication. I Made a Comment on Their Page, Direct Messaged, & Called the Number Linked to Their Account all to No Avail. I Decided to Put in a Complaint via @paypal & as Of a Few Minutes Ago I Was Refunded.

However, Had I Not Filed Complaints w #PayPal & #Insta I Believe They Would've Just Kept the Money. As I Scrolled Their Comments I Saw That I Was Not the Only One Having This Problem w Them. Several Customers Have Experienced the Same Issue. IDK if They All Have Gotten Their Refunds, but as of Yesterday All of Their Complaints Had Been Deleted fr the Page Which I Find Extremely Shady.

I Along w Several Other Customers Have Lodged Complaints w @instagram, but I Thought I Should Share w You as Well. I Wouldn't Want You to Have a Similar Hassle or Get Hustled. Again, I Hate Making These Kinds of Posts & Am Grateful it Doesn't Happen Often. Hope This Helps My Fellow Online Shoppers. ~ @shop615 is NOT #DiscountDivaApproved or #StacieRecommended !!!!! ~ 📱👿💻💳☠ ~ #FYI #WARNING #ShoppersBeware #Shop615 NOT #DiscountDivaApproved or #StacieRecommended!

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