Monday, August 31, 2015

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It would seem that while I became lazy with my blogging I've been fairly faithful with my Instagraming . There is a chance that in an effort to save some energy I will start sharing my InstaThoughts here as well . They are kinda mini-blogs so , I vote they count as bloggable material . No ? Yes ? I'm doing it anyway . So , here we go .....

When we say, "whatever You will Lord" we better be sure we mean it. I scroll through social media while waking up in the morning and came across this post fr the beautiful @donatelifeobx who probably knows the truth of these words all too well . Then as I sat to do my devos I read this from ‪#‎JesusCalling‬. "Grow strong in your weakness . Some of My children I've gifted w abundant strength and stam...ina. Others , like you, have received the humble gift of frailty . Your fragility is NOT a punishment nor does it indicate lack of faith . On the contrary, weak ones like you must live by faith, depending on Me to get you through the day.........This is how you grow strong in your weakness." I LOVE when the Lord 1. Uses the sometimes ridiculous medium of social media for His glory. 2. Connects the dots for us in such clear ways . 3. Is so very specific when speaking to our needs , fears, etc . I am forever jealous of my friends who seem to have boundless energy and can go go go with only the need of a nap a the end of it all. I have a bad habit of seeing their energy as a gift and my fragility as a punishment. I'm wrong . Anything , ANYTHING that comes from Him is a gift w purpose . I have some difficult choices to make in the weeks ahead and as it all weighs heavy on me todays #JesusCalling and this #regram help me put it all in perspective . I pray that in whatever difficulty you face today , tomorrow, a week from now, you would find the strength and faith to see it as a gift from God . He has a plan for you . We do NOT serve a purposeless God .

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~ New Music Monday ~ August 31st ~

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It's that time once again, ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ !! Kacey Musgraves has become one of my favorite writers . She is behind several artists #1's (i.e. Miranda Lamberts "Mommas Broken Heart") as well as her own . She broke out as a artist in her own right w the tune "Merry Go Round" and her newest album "Pageant Material" is sure to crank out more ‪#‎1s‬ . This isn't her current single ("Biscuits"), but it is so very much my home town that I am addicted to it . You can find the track "This Town" on ‪#‎YouTube‬ if you'd like to hear it . Trust me small town peeps, you're gonna love this one . The voice at the beginning of the track is Musgrave's grandmother telling a story from her time as a nurse . OH!!! Added bonus , if you buy the actual vinyl copy the vinyl is PINK !!! Obviously going on my list to Santa .

Click here to hear "This Town" by Kacey Musgraves

Just go ahead and settle into the idea that until I share all 16 tracks from ‪#‎WildOnes‬ deluxe album ‪#‎KipMoore‬ is going to be apart of my ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ posts . This one is called "Complicated", avail on itunes, amazon and in stores on the album #WildOnes. SideNote: the deluxe version is only avail for download at this time. Happy Listening !! "What good is love if it ain't a little complicated??!!"

 Click here to hear "Complicated" By Kip Moore

The last ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ post for today goes to T.Swizzle in honor of her VMA best video award and the premiere of her new vid for "Wildest Dreams". I am finally too old for the VMA's, but watched red carpet long enough to catch the premiere of T's new vid. There is so much hype forever surrounding Swift that I am tempted not to like her stuff out of spite . However, her lyrics can be so on point that I just can't help but like her . 1989 has it's 4th single release as of last night and here is your reminder to give it a listen/glance . "Say you'll remember me standing in a nice dress staring at a sunset"

"Click hear to watch Wildest Dreams " by Taylor Swift

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

~ New Music Monday.....on Wednesday ~

Everyone knows how important music is to me . I list it on life necessities with the same importance as food , water , sunshine , etc . I NEED it to survive . I find music to be all the things we never seem to be able to say . Whether it's an argument , declaration of love , and for me most of the time it's the prayers I can't seem to pray . I'm known for making mix tapes to send friends as gifts or in times of need , inspiration , to share a new artist or just to help them get their minds off life . With that said I have started sharing what I like to call , " #NewMusicMonday " with my Facebook friends and on occasion via Instagram as well . I thought sharing the past few Monday's with you might be a good way of getting me back into the swing of blogging as well as potentially share some new tunes w you . I have been rather lazy this summer when it comes to The Faith Journals . I am not the kind of writer who can force inspiration and with out it I can't really write . Not in a way that I'm proud of so , I would rather have a dry spell than post something insincere . Thanks for hanging with me ! Here are the last few posts from #NewMusicMonday .

Starting with The Band Perry's first release off their next album . I grew up on family harmonies so I am of course drawn to The Band Perry's music . And the first release from The Band Perry's latest album does not disappoint. It is not what many cling too as "traditional" country, but the lyrics per usual w the siblings Perry are great. I think it's a encouraging , upbeat jam that I'ma have on repeat in the days to come !! I find myself singing over and over , " All the things that I don't know , All the dreams that I've been shown, All the ways that it could end " . Check out the video for " Life Forever " below .

Next !!! The newest from Meredith Andrews on iTunes NOW !!! As always, Biblically based & simply outstanding . It speaks so deeply to a period of waiting and what we are to do in the mean time . ‪#‎perfecttiming‬ ‪#‎His‬>Mine For real , check the couch cushions , look in the car ash tray and under the seats , break your piggy bank , empty out your old purses , you've got to find the buck whatever to download this one !!! I may be biased as Meredith is a Liberty Alumn like myself , but I really think her work is amazing . It is well worth whatever $2.00 thing you have to sacrifice today to download it .  ‪#‎worthit‬

Third on my list of catch up for #NewMusicMonday is Little Big Town's "Pain Killer" . The third track released from their album of the same title . With the headache that come w a normal Monday I figured we could all use a little ‪#‎PainKiller‬. This video just makes me wanna pack a bag and head to the beach . There really aren't that many albums I could listen to front to back , Pain Killer is one of them . I'm a good ol' southern girl who loves her good ol' southern harmonies and Little Big Town never disappoints in that department . After a brief hiatus due to Jimmy's vocal chord surgery, the band is back on the road . They'll have artists such as Casadee Pope , Charlie Worsham and Ashlee Monroe with them on varied dates . You can check for more info at .

Next on the list A band my local pals can check out for them selves when they play The Tennessee Theater in Knoxville , TN on Sept. 18th . While not technically a "new " album this is a new track off  The Lone Bellow's , " Then Came the Morning " .  Once again , I may be a bit biased as Zach Williams , lead vocal , is a LU Almuni also , but I have been listening to "Then Came the Morning" since before Christmas I think . I had heard Williams lead worship and play with other bands in my college years but The Lone Bellow and Then Came the Morning are simply another level . It is a beautiful , soul filled album w stories I feel so many relate too . Here is the video for the track "Fake Roses" . Again , for my local music lovers ‪#‎TheLoneBellow‬ will be in Knox at the Tennessee Theatre on Sept. 18th . If you are looking for a night out, date night or even just a new band to follow I think this show will be just right for ya . You can purchase tickets for the show on the Tennessee Theatres web site . Happy Listening ! The Bellow has ways of making a tune ache in all the right ways .

In her return from maternity leave Carrie Underwood does not want you to think she has become a writer of "mommy songs" . Well , her first release " Smoke Break " off her forth coming album titled " Story Teller "  due out October 23rd , is a good start . It has been stuck in my mind all day . I think it is a bit of a "lyrical style" departure when compared to other Underwood singles , but the truth that rings through out it is going to bring it as much success as past Underwood #1's . And of course......those vocals , flawless . In my opinion one of the top sets of chords in the industry right now.....potentially ever .

Last , but by no means least on my #NewMusicMonday blog catch up is Kip Moore . With the release of the highly anticipated #WildOnes this past Friday I think we can expect nothing but awesome from this , the second of Moore's studio albums . You can purchase the deluxe version online only , but the 13 track version is available at stores such as Wal-Mart , Target , Best Buy , etc . I got to the party a little late , but after watching and listening to tunes from his first album "Up All Night" for a little over a year , I am a proud fan of Mr. Moore . I have a deep respect for how he has chosen to pursue his music career so , prepare yourself because I am sure this will not be my last post on Kip Moore and the Slow Hearts music .  I have been listening to Wild Ones on repeat since Friday after it's official release . In an effort to please fans , but also keep them on the edge of their seats (as if waiting three years for a 2nd album isn't enough) Moore released "tease" videos made by Life in Rewind , with scavenger hunt clues for the six days leading up to the release . Each day a vid would be unlocked by fan hashtags and after reaching a certain amount the short vid and a location would be revealed . Fans won Wild One themed prizes such as a surf board , skate board , copy of the album , shoes , coat , etc . I found it to be such a clever way to promote what was coming , and to amp up that anticipation . Again , as if waiting three years wasn't enough . We  basically where hanging from the rafters with our anticipation of this album . Well , it is out now and well worth the wait . Below , "Girl of the Summer " ,  is the full version of the teaser vid and one of the tracks off Wild Ones . Again for my local music lovers you can experience Wild Ones live on November 5th at the Tennessee Theatre .

I hope to make a new habit out of #NewMusicMonday via social media and here on The Faith Journals . I love music and wanna share it with you !! What have you been jamming too this Summer ?! Share with us in the comments !! You can cruise through past post at for other musical thoughts , ways to snag free tunes , etc .

To purchase tickets for The Lone Bellow on Sept. 18th or Kip Moore on November 5th at The Tennessee Theatre go to