Monday, August 31, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ August 31st ~

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It's that time once again, ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ !! Kacey Musgraves has become one of my favorite writers . She is behind several artists #1's (i.e. Miranda Lamberts "Mommas Broken Heart") as well as her own . She broke out as a artist in her own right w the tune "Merry Go Round" and her newest album "Pageant Material" is sure to crank out more ‪#‎1s‬ . This isn't her current single ("Biscuits"), but it is so very much my home town that I am addicted to it . You can find the track "This Town" on ‪#‎YouTube‬ if you'd like to hear it . Trust me small town peeps, you're gonna love this one . The voice at the beginning of the track is Musgrave's grandmother telling a story from her time as a nurse . OH!!! Added bonus , if you buy the actual vinyl copy the vinyl is PINK !!! Obviously going on my list to Santa .

Click here to hear "This Town" by Kacey Musgraves

Just go ahead and settle into the idea that until I share all 16 tracks from ‪#‎WildOnes‬ deluxe album ‪#‎KipMoore‬ is going to be apart of my ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ posts . This one is called "Complicated", avail on itunes, amazon and in stores on the album #WildOnes. SideNote: the deluxe version is only avail for download at this time. Happy Listening !! "What good is love if it ain't a little complicated??!!"

 Click here to hear "Complicated" By Kip Moore

The last ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ post for today goes to T.Swizzle in honor of her VMA best video award and the premiere of her new vid for "Wildest Dreams". I am finally too old for the VMA's, but watched red carpet long enough to catch the premiere of T's new vid. There is so much hype forever surrounding Swift that I am tempted not to like her stuff out of spite . However, her lyrics can be so on point that I just can't help but like her . 1989 has it's 4th single release as of last night and here is your reminder to give it a listen/glance . "Say you'll remember me standing in a nice dress staring at a sunset"

"Click hear to watch Wildest Dreams " by Taylor Swift

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