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~ New Music Monday ~ A Return to our Regularly Scheduled Listening ~ February 29th ~

I am so happy to be working on this post . You have no idea !!!!! As mentioned in prior posts it has been a tough few weeks and I am working on returning to my version of " normal " . Part of that " normal " is you guys !!!! Sometimes I write my posts earlier and schedule their posting , but other times I write on the day of . It is simply how my way of creativity works . That was the case for the last few weeks . I didn't have any of my thoughts out on paper/computer and so nothing was scheduled for posting . It made me sad . BUT I am back and it is time for use to return to our regularly scheduled music talk . My lists have built up in the down time and so I am gonna do my best to get them , along with my thoughts in proper order .

Maren Morris - " My Church "
fr Self Titled EP
I am starting our return to normal with Maren Morris . Maren was apart of Miranda Lamberts " Pink Guitars and Road Side Bars " all female , girl power tour earlier in the Winter . She will be on tour this summer with Keith Urban on his " Rip Cord " tour along with Brett Eldridge . Maren is apart of the " Next Women of Country " and is currently the Apple Music artist to watch with her single , " My Church " . She performed last week with Chris Stapleton , her debut performance at the Ryman . I can not begin to imagine how unreal that felt . Your first Ryman performance and with Stapleton none the less . I wouldn't have been able to speak . Right now everyone is talking about Morris' debut single , " My Church " . While I absolutely love " My Church " and am of course going to share it with you here via Vevo , the song I am obsessed with right now is called " I Wish I Was " .

" I Wish I Was " opens with a beautiful , sweet , warm electric guitar and stays the path of a bluesy old country vibe both musically and lyrically . I am in LOVE with these lyrics . Y'all know I am a lyric kind of girl . These lyrics are our hearts verbalized when in a situation of being loved by someone so wonderful , but not being able to love them back . It is the , " It's not you , its me " set to music . I have been listening to it on repeat . If you have been wondering who to add to your play list , its Maren Morris .

Maren Morris - " I Wish I Was "
fr Self Titled EP
Kacey Musgraves cover " Yellow "
Royal Variety Show @
Royal Albert Music Hall 2015

I am sharing this cover of Coldplays , " Yellow " by Kacey Musgraves because it is so beautiful all the world should hear it . Not that all the world reads my blog , but you know what I mean . You all know I want to be Kacey when I grow up . This performance did not help that any . It is so simple it's perfect . She seems all kinds of nervous in my humble , what do I know , music lover , viewing opinion , but I feel like performing for the Royal family would probably do that to anyone . I follow Musgraves on Instagram and she posted a pick of her with Prince Harry post show and let's all be real , we would be a fluttery bunch of nerves too . I don't know that this version of " Yellow " is available anywhere for purchase so , for now this will have to do . Give it a listen . It's perfect .

Cam - " Mayday "
fr debut EP
" Untamed "

Next is Cam with her second radio single from her debut EP , " Untamed " , titled " Mayday " . I got " Untamed " for Christmas and think it is a beautiful debut album . I genuinely love every song on this EP and think each is something different from what is currently on Country radio . There are several songs that I could see being singles and I have my fingers crossed that " Cold in California " and/or " Village " see radio time at some point . While we wait to see all that will end up being released from " Untamed " we have " Mayday " that was just recently released to hold us over . Cam just finished touring , literally days ago , with Brad Paisley on the " Crushin' it Tour " . She will tour independent with her band up until she joins Dierks Bentley and Randy Howser on the " Somewhere On A Beach " tour this summer .

This has turned into a girl power post unintentionally , but hey , why not ?! I am gonna close this weeks #NewMusicMonday with Jennifer Nettles , " Unlove You " . Nettles recently switched record labels and I feel like , from where I sit , she is ready to release some new , beautiful , solo tunes . Nettles released her first solo album just over two years ago after taking a break from her duo , Sugarland . I am unsure after the success that Sugarland has had that it was possible for a solo project to feel " successful " no matter how it charted . I have the album and love it , but I believe only one of its tracks actually made it to main stream , " That Girl " , which charted well and did well on video charts . Since becoming a musical solo Nettles has also starred on Broadway as Roxie Hart in  " Chicago " , stared in Dolly Parton's , " Coat of Many Colors " on NBC as Dolly's mother Avie Lee Parton , hosted CMA Country Music Christmas variety show on CBS for what I want to say is the third time , maybe , all this along with working on a upcoming album . She is also currently touring with the lyrical fire cracker that is Brandy Clark and several other up and coming female artists on the CMT's Next Women of Country tour . I mean , sister is busy . I have no idea how she does it all , but am totally impressed by it . I look forward to hearing what the rest of this album ends up being . I haven't seen any prospective release dates , that may be me missing something , but at least we have " Unlove You " to hold us over . Those of you that follow me regularly are accustom to my sometimes odd way of speaking . So , the following sentence shouldn't sound out of place to you , but this song hurts in all the right ways . It's the feelings/emotions of a break up you knew had to happen , wouldn't have done it different , it hurts , your heart may even be broken , but it still feels right . Decide for yourself and give it a listen . There isn't an official vid yet , so this audio will work for now .

Jennifer Nettles - " Unlove You "

Oh my stars it feels so good to be writing and talking about music with you all !!!!! Two weeks away was two weeks too many for me . I hope that you enjoy this weeks #NewMusicMonday offerings and show these ladies some support by downloading their albums , buying the actual in hand copy , and/or start voting for them on radio and video charts . Yes , that one call a day/week/month truly makes a difference . Tweeting , Facebook-ing , Instagram-ing , e-mailing , calling and even snail mailing in your requests to radio is one of the quickest/easiest/inexpensive ways of supporting your favorite artists and songs . Online voting for video countdowns literally takes seconds . Time yourself and see . You have a say in radio/video play !!!!!

For past #NewMusicMonday posts you just type " New Music Monday " in the blog search bar and it should provide you with a list of past posts . What are you listening to this week ? Please feel free to share in the comments !!!!

Happy Listening !!!!!

~ New Music Monday ~ On Sunday ~ The Grammys ~ To Be Continued ~

I had plans of recapping the Grammys and comparing who won vs . my predictions (click here to see predictions) , but that did not happen . Any of you that follow me on instagram know that I have been man down for several weeks and am trying to return to my version of " normal " . It has me feeling so far behind on everything . Any who , I am doing my best to catch up and do still plan to do a Grammy recap about the predictions and what actually happened . I have some beautiful , thoughtful , amazing friends who recorded it for me and we will watch it together soon .

Until then , I have watched the Bowie tribute by Lady Gaga and wanted to share that with you . Personally , I loved it . I thought the arrangement was perfect . I could see no one doing as good a performance as Gaga . Especially considering Bowie's stage theatrics and style . He was known for being different than everyone else in basically every way and I feel that Gaga is one of the few artists who could truly tap into that emotion for this kind of performance . I also think Bowie would have seriously dug the multi-media approach of the opening of the performance . I know I did . I thought it was perfectly creative and yet so very Bowie .

Lady Gaga - David Bowie Tribute -
2016 Grammys

Post Grammy's David Bowie's son posted on Twitter that he was not impressed with the tribute . I was kinda shocked , but ya never know what is going on in someone else's mind . Maybe it was too soon for him ? Maybe he isn't a Gaga fan ? Maybe he just didn't like it . This last week Lorde did a Bowie tribute and he tweeted out his support . The performance was fiercely different and very simple in comparison to Lady Gaga's so , maybe it simply an aesthetic thing ?! Maybe he is just a less is more type of fella . Who knows ?!

Either way , I give Lady Gaga props for this tribute and think it was one of her finest performances to date . I have watched the video several times and kinda wish it was a track . That's how much I loved it .

RIP - Goblin King - May your creative bravery forever be an influence in music .

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

~ Insta Blog ~ My Health May Fail ~ February 2016 ~

After a week of being super sick , getting a flat tire on my way to get prescriptions , having my debit card called in as stolen , by someone not me , and dealing with a few other things I am truly feel as though I am leaning on the Lord every minute that passes . I have felt His presence in each challenge and watched Him come to my aid and provide . Through #insta's and #pinterest pics like the ones below as well as through loved ones words and actions He has continued to remind me that His word never fails and that the Lords character does not change with our circumstances . The same God that promises to provide for us in the good times is the same God that actually provides for us in the needy / difficult times . He continues to prove this to me over and over . I'm starting to wonder if I am just THAT hard headed that He would have to put one barrier in front of the other in order for me to catch on , or is that He is building me up for something ?! Preparing me . Either way , I'm making mental notes of things to do , say , write , etc . when I return to my version of  " normal " . Until then and even after , I know I will be clinging to these verses . In the good , He is with us . In the bad , He is with us . In the painful , confusing , most helpless of times , no matter who else is or isn't with us , He IS with us . I am very grateful for the friends/fam the Lord has sent me to remind me He is with me and to show me His love , encouragement and support in the times I need Him most . He is with us . Take a breath , say a prayer and find peace in the truth that is His word . He is with you . No matter what else is going on , He is with us .

When our bodies fail us . When people fail us . When "systems" or "protocol" fails us . He remains . He is our only true strength . He is the only faithful . I'm grateful His love extends past me and who I am in a moment . I am grateful He continues to be WITH me in all situations .

So , this may sound far reaching , but try to hang with me for just a moment . The Lord is always teaching , showing and proving things to me as His daughter about His character , promises and His Word . As mentioned before it would seem those lessons are coming more frequent and in heavier doses . Through the thoughtfulness of good friends  , God reminded me that He knows my needs before I do . Not only does He know them , He has already made a plan . I've been super sick and when I finally took some time to disinfect the house with Lysol and toss the things that can't be disinfected , i.e. m'chapstick , I told you to hang with me. As I tossed my chap stick I looked over to the kitchen table where one of my Valentines sat displayed . I'd forgotten about it in the midst of feeling so down & ill . Looking into the super cute pink box there sat not one , but two brand new , not infected with sick germs , tubes of chaps tick . Chap stick ! Not one , but two !!!! The very thing I had just thrown away . The thing I "needed" to give up because that's what is best for me . You can't keep toxic/infected things , people , or habits in your world and expect to remain well . He knows what we are going through , He wants to go through it with us . He knows who & what surrounds us daily and He wants to help us discern . He knows our simplest and our greatest of needs , He already has a plan to supply those and in some situations to multiply His provision .
Through a tube of chap stick , God spoke all that into my heart and mind . WHAT IN THE WORLD ???!!!! Blame it on dehydrated delirium if you like , but I believe I serve a God who is cool and clever like that . I believe I serve a God that knows exactly how to speak to me specifically in ways that I'll understand . Sometimes our God speaks with a whisper not a roar .

Long story even longer , LOL !!! What has He been showing you lately ? Has He spoken with a whisper or a roar ?! No matter where you are right now , what I would like for you to walk away from this post with is that He IS with you . He IS for you and He has a plan for you . Keep on keeping on loved ones .

~ New Music Monday On Wednesday ~ Coming Soon ~ Charles Billingsly's "Right Here" ~

As I mentioned several weeks ago I am very excited to be apart of the launch team for the upcoming album from Charles Billingsly titled , " Right Here " . I have been so excited to hear some of the tracks that will be on the album in advance and as expected , they are fabulous .

We are just around two weeks away from the official release date of March 4th . If we are FB friends or you follow me on Instagram then you have gotten to hear some of the sound bites shared . I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you on the entire album , but until then I wanted to share this quick promo vid . Charles is not a difficult person to support or promote and I think after watching this video you will understand why .

And before you start second guessing yourself , yes , that is Meredith Andrews helping out on the female bgv's and cameo-ing in the vid . I love when two talented , like minded / hearted artists collaborate . Meredith just dropped her most recent studio album a few days ago titled , " Deeper " . I wanna say this is her fourth studio album , but I may be off one . My mind is not at 100 % this week . As with Charles , I expect nothing , but excellence from Meredith and her team . I have only had the time to listen to " Soar " the first single off the album so far and I LOVED it . It is so spot on for my world right now . I am really looking forward to hearing the entire record soon .

As I shared with my social media followers , skip a couple Starbucks or fast food meals this week and use the money to down load or order both " Right Here " and " Deeper " . I can assure you that these albums will do far more for you than the caffeine boost will . And I am saying that as a serious lover of coffee so , you know I'm serious . LOL !!!

The " regular " #NewMusicMonday posts should return this coming Monday . Until then , I hope to get some catching up done so that we are up to date and back on track for our regularly scheduled music discussions . For past #NewMusicMonday posts you can type " New Music Monday " into the search bar and it should bring up past posts .

~ Valentines 2016 ~ #InstaLove ~ The End ~

I was not able to update the blog for the last few days of the Valentines 2016 posts due to a variable of circumstances . M'bad folks ! M' bad . Anyway , here is a quick catch up/ over view of the last few . I hope you had a wonderful Valentines !

So my #Valentines2016 posts are about to come to a close . I am sure many of my friends are grateful for that , lol!!! But I hope that they have lightened the load , brought some perspective , showed you a little insight to my heart , encouraged you and made ya laugh . Valentines is hard for some people . Even folks in relationships struggle w the day , I have noticed . While it is by far not the toughest thing most of us deal w it is tough and you deserved a little help getting through it . I hope I've done that . Two more left until next year . Know that this Valentines Day and EVERY day you are special , thought of and loved !!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

~ New Music Monday....on Tuesday ~ ACM Nominations 2016 ~

How I currently feel about the 2016 ACM noms .
I'm still sorting through my disappointment
so, expect future posts on the topic .

" Find something you love and ya never gotta work for pay "
 (....or awards) . 

Kip Moore - " Truth Don't Always Sell "
Not Currently on a Album
Video fr YouTube

~ Valentines 2016 ~ #InstaLove ~ Day 9 ~ Single but Taken ~

So , I have tried to post this multiple times & failed . Making me feel even more so that I am "suppose" to share it . The enemy is tech savvy these days . Anyway , this is my current "relationship status" & I know that folks struggle to understand it sometimes . But I also know the current state of my heart is a gift . It has taken a long time & a lot of heart break to get here , but I am grateful to feel this way .
While I don't currently believe that #WifeLife is apart of my God written story , I know that He can change things in a blink and I wouldn't want you to believe that I never struggle with singleness . I surely do . Mostly in times where I have grown weary of "having" to be a #IndependentWoman . Like when I am sick & have to go looking like 3 shades of death to the store to get necessities or when I have issues w my car/internet . Times like that & others I think it'd be nice to have a understanding someone who can help . But that's not my #currently & though tackling those kinds of things on my own sometimes feels like running in Jell-o , I am still thankful when I do . I feel so accomplished , I throw my hands up , do a Rocky lap while humming the Rocky theme . Without the times of struggle I wouldn't be able to appreciate the times of triumph . I know that God can change every aspect of my life/story in one heart beat . I pray to always have a heart where that's possible .
I think when we are honest with our times of struggle it gives the Lord more room to work for us & through us.  Pretending to have it all together all the time is exhausting & pointless . This may not express all my struggles with singleness , but know that I have them too . That's the other weapon the enemy loves to use , "you're the only one" . That's a lie!!!! You're not!!!! Others struggle w the same things you do . Do NOT be deceived . I suppose my point is , be grateful for where you are now & know that God is at work FOR you . Things could change in a instant . Let Him use your now . Be real with the struggle/accomplishments . We are in this together .
The real reason I stay single . JUST KIDDING !!
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~ Valentines 2016 ~ #InstaLove ~ Day 8 ~ Love Is Contagious ~

For the anti-valentiners . Sheldon always says what the rest are thinking .


~ New Music Monday ~ February 8th ~ Valentines 2016 ~ Lets Get Hitched Mix Tape ~

I find it only appropriate and apart of the expected romance time line that we go from a " Riding Solo " mix tape to a " Lets Get Hitched " mixed tape . I mean , the world expects us to go from zero to 25th anniversary in no time anyway , we might as well appease them via our mix tape if nothing else . Right ?! Most of the tunes on this list will be coming from a play list I had made several years back for a friends lingerie shower invitation . I had made a wedding/love themed mix cd and the cd art was the invitation with all the party details on it . I thought it was a fun , different way to invite everyone and it also gave them a keep sake of sorts from the night . To get further details on that project feel free to click HERE to be redirected to the post .

Little Big Town - " Little White Church "
fr " The Reason Why "

I am starting the " Lets Get Hitched " mix tape with Little Big Towns , " Little White Church " from their 4th studio released album , " The Reason Why " . I love the line " Mama warned me ' bout your games . She don't like you anyway . " . This isn't exactly a love song so much as a ultimatum , but I love it and think it totally fits on a " Lets Get Hitched " mix tape .

Second track on our list , an ode to the friendship that got you to the relationship , Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat's duet , " Lucky " . A soft , but catchy tune , echoing the sentiments of gratefulness and luck in finding " The One " and the good news that not only do you love them , you like them . I have always believed the best relationships have a solid friendship as a foundation . Love is one thing , but to like someone is really what keeps you going and living life as a pair . In my humble , single girl , opinion .

I am all about being all about , your significant other ( in proper context & setting ) . This is not me giving you permission to get all gross on a airplane infront of a bunch of people who can't run away from your love over flow . Don't get it twisted . I am more so saying , I love when a couple is proud of one another and do not care who knows it . I think it is cute when a fella grabs his girls hand in public , letting everyone know they are a pair . It doesn't always have to be a big gesture to let someone know , you are all about , being all about them . LOL ! One of the reasons I LOVED the TV show " How I Met Your Mother " , was how they had written " Lily " & " Marshalls " love for one another . Forget " Romeo and Juliet " , I wanna love like " Lily and Marshall " . I think that " Lily " would have loved to serenade " Marshall " with Christina Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man " . In fact , she probably did , behind closed doors of course . The female in this song is admiring all that makes her man a man from her point of view and with no shame lets everyone know how crazy she is about him , head to toe .

Now that we have given the fella in our life a shout out , it is time for him to return the favor . For this , I am going to Gym Class Hero's . You may be thinking " wwwhhaaaaa ????? " , but you'll see . Travi McCoy and his crew gave Katy Perry her first video cameo as she and McCoy happen to be a couple at the time of this video shoot . I don't know if this song was pinned while they where dating , but it would totally make sense to me if it was . It's a very Katy kind of love song . " Cupid's Chokehold " is a fella telling his dad about the girl he found . He complains as well as brags on her ways of loving him , putting up with him and knowing he has come across a gem of a gal . I would love to share the video with you , but at the moment all I can seem to find are the covers and there are aaaaaaalllllllooooooottttttttt of covers . So , my apologies . Again , you can cruise youtube , amazon or iTunes to give it a listen for yourself . It is an older tune so it may not be at the top of the search list .

Train - " Marry Me "
fr " Save Me , San Francisco "

How is it possible to have a " Lets Get Hitched " mix with out Train's " Marry Me " . It immediately rose to the top of the most request wedding songs charts . I am unsure I have been to a wedding in the last 5 or so years and not heard it . I can't say that blame any of these brides that have chosen it for their weddings . I mean , it is spot on and no , that is not Howie Mendel playing the guitar . It is however his amazing doppelganger and a member of Train .

One last tune for our lil ' tape , The Pretenders , " I'll Stand By You " . Classic . Will ALWAYS be a love song that stands the test of time . It's beautiful and a perfect sentiment to what " love " really is . Thick or thin , richer or poorer , in good times and bad , I'll stand by you .

My Valentines Mix Tapes could genuinely go on for days . I am using the only discipline I have to keep these lists small . I wanted to do the mix tapes not to do the work for you , but to give you inspiration for your Valentine creativity . I hope that they have done that for you .

As I close this post , here is my Valentine to you . No matter your " love " situation , know that you are perfect the way you are . You are worthy of love and capable of handing out love . Don't get hung up on what everyone else says love looks like , feels like , acts like and focus on how you have been made and how you have been called to love . Also , know that you ARE loved !!! I appreciate everyone of you and your continued love for #TheFaithJournals !! Thank you for being you .
Bruno Mars - " Just The Way You Are "
fr " Doo-Waps and Hooligans "

Happy Valentines Day !!!
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~ Valentines 2016 ~ #InstaLove ~ Day 6 ~ Guard Your Heart ~

I'll be honest and share with you this is something I struggle with . The Lord sent me Proverbs 4:23 " Above all else , guard your heart , for everything you do flows from it ." , my sophomore year of college . I have been using it as a filter and clinging to it as a truth ever since . I have shared it with countless friends , students and loved ones and prayed it over fellow singles as they sort their emotions... & thoughts about a prospective someone . For me , it is so much easier to just board up my heart and pretend it doesn't exists than it is to take the discipline it requires to actually guard it . To guard ones heart is a active and constant process that flows into all areas of our life not just our love life , as stated in the scripture . My prayer for you as we approach Valentines , but also just in life generally , is that the Lord would allow you the strength to keep a softened heart and the knowledge to discern what that softened heart needs guarding from . Don't let the things that haven't happened yet , aren't going as expected or seem impossible keep you defeated . God is for you , has a plan for you and is making a way . Trust His timing for your life in all areas . Guard your heart from the lies and time lines of this world . God has His own timeline and it is the best .

You can follow me on instagram @stacietennessee for future #InstaLove posts . To see past posts from this Valentines or others you can type " Valentine " into the blogs search bar .  

Friday, February 5, 2016

~ Valentines 2016 ~ #InstaLove ~ Day 5 ~ Love Is ~

~ #InstaLove ~
~ Day 5 ~
~ Love Is ~

Today's #Valentine2016 post is simple . Wonder if you're in love ? Wish there where some guidelines , clear cut rules , or that neon sign we all wish for at times of such decision ?! Well , here it is . I read once of someone advising their child , who believed themselves to possibly be in love , to replace the word " love " in the verses below , with the name of the person they had been considering giving their heart to . After replacing " love " with the persons name they then asked them to truly consider was this person " patient , kind , humble " etc, and if the answer was " no " , then why ? Why isn't this person " respectful , unselfish , calm " etc. and could they truly consider being with someone who didn't fit this criteria , for the rest of their life ?! It settled within my heart what a wise choice that parent had made . They hadn't shared their thoughts on the significant other , they didn't share their experiences , and they didn't say what everyone else does in this situation . They pointed them directly to the word of God . The very one that gave love it's name . I must say , that while I am contented in my singleness , at least at the moment , if ever I find myself or someone I love asking themselves the questions of love , I will refer back to 1 Corinthians 13 : 4-8 . I can think of no better advice to give .
1 Corinthians 13:4-8
"4 Love is patient , love is kind . It does not envy , it does not boast , it is not proud . 5 It does not dishonor others , it is not self-seeking , it is not easily angered , it keeps no record of wrongs .
 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth .
7 It always protects , always trusts , always hopes , always perseveres .
8 Love never fails......"

Thursday, February 4, 2016

~ Liberty University ~ Winter Jam ~ Knoxville , TN ~ #NewMusicMondayOnFriday ~

Me and a few of my favorite people that I met
through my time at Liberty University .
#Bffs #LUAlumni
Hey y'all !!! I am excited to be representing my alma mater , Liberty University at next weekends Winter Jam stop in Knoxville , TN . I am really looking forward to helping out as well as being back in a concert environment . It's been a long time and it will be nice to not be running around like crazy for once at a show . I will of course give a #NewMusicMonday review of the artists and show at a later time . If you are at the show please feel free to stop by and say hello !!!

Until then , if you would like to get more information on Liberty University or are ready to apply,  you can do so by going through my personal referral link , . When using my personal referral link your application fee will be waived .

If you have any questions please feel free to let me know and I'll help out in whatever way I can .

See you next weekend at Winter Jam !!!!

~ #RightHere ~ By Charles Billingsly ~ Coming Soon ~ #NewMusicMondayOnThursday ~

Hey Gang !!! I am super amped to announce I am going to be apart of Charles Billingsley's launch team for his newest album " Right Here " , set to be releasing in March . So , expect some #NewMusicMonday posts @ #TheFaithJournals on the album , tour dates , etc . I will also be sharing updates on #Insta as well as on my #Facebook . I had the privilege of working with Charles in my #LibertyUniversity days and I have zero doubt that this album will be excellent .

I recently listened to the title cut ‪#‎RightHere‬ from Charles Billingsley upcoming album . I do not know that I can properly articulate at the moment how perfect it is . I've had a bit of a day and the words just spoke to the day that I was having . Wild how the Lord does that sometimes . Reassuring us , reminding us and speaking to our specific situations in unexpected ways . Y'all know I can be a tough critic when it comes to m'jams , but I can say w all my heart I look forward to the rest of this album and sharing with you . I plan on listening to #RightHere several more the next hour . Lol!!!!

I am so excited to be able to support he and his team in this way !!!!! Keep an eye out for more info as the release date gets closer!!!!

~ Valentines 2016 ~ #InstaLove ~ Day 4 ~

~ #InstaLove ~
~ Day 4 ~
~ Love is Comical ~
" " If I make you breakfast in bed  , a simple " thank you " , is all I need .
Not all of this , " how did you get in my house ? " business . "
Love is comical . Don't forget to laugh now and then . At yourself if nothing else . One of my life mottos is ," If I don't laugh , I'll surely cry " . I do not see how couples that don't laugh together and sometimes at one another , survive . Life is hard . Love is hard . Its always good to be able to find the humor in a situation . 📱❤️😘#Valentines2016 #Day4 #NewYears2016 #Day35 #FunnyValentine 

~ Valentines 2016 ~ #InstaLove ~ Day 3 ~

~ #InstaLove ~
~ Day 3 ~
~ Love Yourself  First ~
As I continue with the #Valentines2016 posts , todays post is about you . Not the person you think is dreamy . Not the person your family thinks you should give your number to . Not the person your friends shoved you " accidentally " into at a restaurant . Not the you, you want/hope to be . Not the you , you use to be . It is about YOU all YOU and who you are RIGHT NOW . Love is like any other word spoken to you in the sense that if you don't believe it for yourself it is a wasted word . Someone can be told they are beautiful/handsome every day , but if they do not believe for themselves it doesn't even matter . Same with love . If you do not believe you are worth loving then you will not be able to believe it when someone tells you they love you . Calling someone , who quite possibly is an amazing person , they are a liar.  I STRONGLY believe in living a bit of life on your own before getting into a serious relationship . It can be a challenge , but it can also be a real joy and eye opener . Eat at a restaurant by yourself , go to a movie alone , take a road trip solo , live in a apt/house by yourself for 6 mo . - 1 year . Pay bills in your name from your pay check . Be apart of something like a Bible study , book club , painting class , etc.  as a solo . Handle a car problem, house problem , etc . on your own creativity and resourcefulness . Doing these things helps to build ones self esteem . I promise I am not fibbing on this one . You don't have to do the entire list or even the list as I wrote it , but I just really encourage you to live some life solo . Before we can truly love someone else properly , we must first learn to love ourselves for exactly who we are in this moment and I believe doing these kinds of things help us to do that . Happy Valentines loves !!!! You are beautiful . You are strong . You are worthy of love . Point blank . 📱❤️😘 #Valentines2016 #Day3 #NewYears2016 #Day34 #Love #YouBeYou #Strong #SheRaPrincessOfPower #FirstThingsFirst #Regram #Torrid

~ Valentines 2016 ~ #InstaLove ~ Day 2 ~

~ #InstaLove ~
~ Day 2 ~
~ The One ~
Having worked in a college environment for so long I had the opportunity to see a variety of people in a variety of relationships .  So many people settle just because they are tired of being on their own or feeling lonely . I heard a pastor say once , " you think you're lonely now ?! Settle and marry the wrong person and tell me how lonely you are then . " It left an undeniable mark on me when it came to the importance of waiting on God in this area of ones life . Single , dating or even engaged friends , it isn't worth what you'd get in the settling to try and rush Gods plan for you . PLEASE try to keep in mind the truth that God is FOR you and your best interest is His concern . He is NOT holding out on you . He is at work for you . Rest in the beautiful freedom and peace that can bring . 📱❤️😘 #Regram #Valentines2016 #Day2 #NewYears2016 #Day33 #HeIsForYou #HeIsWithYou #HeHasYou #HisPlans> #HisTiming> ❤️ When waiting on God , nothing is wasted .

~ Valentines 2016 ~ #InstaLove ~ Day 1 ~

~ #InstaLove ~
~ Day 1 ~
~ Let's Switch Focus ~

Don't let yourself be discouraged or defeated by the things that haven't happened yet . How about we concentrate on something that can happen right now ??!! I wanna challenge you to a random act of kindness . It doesn't have to be on Valentines or even for Valentines , specifically . Instead of being consumed by things you want, the discouragement you may be feeling and the waiting that sometimes happens when waiting on God , for anything , take some time to look beyond yourself . Look around . Who might benefit from a thoughtful surprise ? A letter in the mail ? An encouraging word ? Who around you would be so blessed by an invitation to a meal out ? Love isn't all about romance . Love is about no matter the title of the relationship , giving what has been so freely and abundantly given to us by our heavenly Father , away . We are given an immeasurable amount of love so that we can give immeasurable amounts of love . My goal leading up to Valentines is to share some #InstaTruth #InstaEncouragement & #InstaLove every day .