Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Party Invitations - Pre-Planning Tip 3

I have been hosting or co-hosting parties since my college days.  Lingerie showers a.k.a. naughty parties are one of the most fun events to plan. It's so great to gather dear friends to celebrate someones engagement and upcoming nuptials. As the years pass the themes, humor, etc. always changes and of course each party has each bride-to-be in mind. I am amazed at how much fun it is to celebrate this amazing time in a ladies life. It seems to be one of the few situations when we as "ladies" let our guard down and get real. Sometimes, that getting "real" can be traumatic, hilarious, or just plane ol' make you wanna crawl under a table and die. More often than not it's hilarious!!! There's always blushing, new information, old information, and people laughing so hard they're either crying or snorting.....sometimes both.

The latest party was more of a dinner with close friends of the bride. We played games, ate amazing hibachi, and of course gave gifts and advice to the blushing bride-to-be. After many years of party planning I find it increasingly difficult to come up with creative ideas particularly when it comes to invites. I was very happy to come up with this idea and hope that it will help get your creative juices going as you party plan. To set the tone for this particular event the invitations where a mix tape of some fun and romantic. If you're anything like me, you LOVE a mix tape. I swear to this day one of my favorite gifts to give and receive is a mix tape....or in these days it'd be a mix CD.

 The following supplies are needed:
  1. Sweet mix of tunes from your itunes or whatever musical media source you use.
  2. Cute cover art
  3. Typed Up Play List. (can be used on cd labels or cd sleeve) I printed mine and attached them to the outside of the sleeve.
  4. CD-R write able cd's - I used Memorex CD-R. They came with a sleeve for each CD and 80 minutes of music time.
  5. CD Labels - I used Avery 8691 Matte White.
On the CD label I printed all of the invite information such as place, time, date, bride's sizes, and the RSVP info. On the sleeve I printed the song list for their invite so they knew what awesomeness was about to rock their ears !

I hope that you have fun planning your next celebration.

Through out my blog you will see other dinner/event/party planning tips and I hope to continue adding as time passes. If you'd like to check out any of my past Party Planning Tips please feel free to do so by clicking on Party Planning Tips 1 or Party Planning Tips 2 .

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