Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer Fun for the Little Ones - Pre- Planning Tip 9 - FREE FUN

I have several friends with multiple children and the summer months always prove difficult in keeping the kids entertained. It's either too hot to stay out side all day or to expensive to go to the local attractions for a multi-child family. For those dear friends of mine and the those of you I haven't gotten the pleasure to meet here are a few fun, free, and educational events you should look into. Just check out the sites to find a location near you.

1. - Find the closest lego store to you and possibly make a day of it. The first Tuesday of each month (at the Nashville store it's this day- Check the site for the location closest to you for their dates) they do a mini model build. Your child gets to put together a mini lego model and then take it home for free.

2. - National Parks with Junior Ranger Programs:
" Many National Parks offer visitors the opportunity to join the National Park Service Family as Junior Rangers. Interested students complete a series of activities during their park visit, share their answers with a park ranger, and receive an official Junior Ranger badge or patch and Junior Ranger certificate. " Again, a free service offered for your little outdoors men.

3. - A friend of mine did this with his children and they LOVED it. Every other Saturday Lowe's will do a work shop for little ones including the construction and painting of a wood work. My friend took his children in the winter season. The wood work was a train, so each event Saturday they did a different section of the train. At the end having a sweet wooden train to place around their Christmas tree. He has three little girly girls and they loved it!!! They each got a apron, protective eye wear and the wood work for that week for free!!!

I hope that these few little tid bits help as you plan your fun summer activities with your little one's. As I come across more I will be sure to update this blog entry or add another one!

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