Monday, May 14, 2012

Craft-Tastic - Tip 8

Thanks to the low low cost of the
Dollar Tree

As mentioned many times before I love a home made gift. Whether it's something you've baked, sew, or crafted. I've been waiting to work on my summer wreath till I was in a super crafty mood and maybe for even a rainy day. Today seemed like a good day to begin working on my wreath and a few others. I gathered my supplies most coming from the dollar tree, turned on some crafting tunes, and sat down to get my craft on. I sure did burn my hand multiple times along with dropping the glue gun over and over. With that said, I only completed one wreath. Along with getting a small start on several others.  I got most of my supplies from the Dollar Tree. Which has a crafting page of their own, Dollar Tree Crafting Corner. Again, it doesn't have to cost much to be worth much!!
Today's Finished Product

Supplies For This Wreath
1 Pack of 3 Lei's = $1.00
1 Pack of 3 Flags = $1.00
1 Vine Wreath = $1.00

I plan to finish more wreaths this week and hopefully get them to the people I intend them for soon. I hope they enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them. Here is a small preview of a few wreaths to come. All of this is in the creative process and not at all complete. I'll be sure to add pictures of the finished products once I get them done.

I have a bag of sea shells
from years of trips to the beach.
I saved them not knowing
what I might use them for.
Soon you will see
what I came up with.
Red, White, & Blue beads in the
process of being wrapped and placed.
1 pack of 2 twisted R,W& B
bead necklaces = $1.00 

Gonna be my Fave!
Summer wreath in progress.
1 pack of 3 Pin Wheels = $1.00

Happy Crafting!!!!
What are some of your inexpensive crafts ? 

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