Saturday, May 12, 2012

Just Because It Didn't Cost Much

Sample Size = Travel Size
...............doesn't mean it isn't worth much . I have a friend leaving for a missions trip over seas soon . I wanted to do my part to help her with her mission so, I put my brain into creative / re purpose mode . I don't know about you , but I have more than my share of sample/travel size toiletries . I think as a female we are conditioned to purchase things that come with a bonus . We can't help it . If there is a bottle of lotion that stands alone beside a bottle of lotion with a miniature sized bottle of body wash glued to it we are getting the lotion with the mini bottle . It's against our DNA to do otherwise . Again, if you are like me you keep these mini sized goodies FOREVER in case you travel, run out of your go-to product or just because you can't bring yourself to throw it away.....because it was "free". We all know that travel these days isn't easy . It involves a particular ounce sized container of your every day products, see through bottles, etc . These new restrictions make sample size products PERFECT for travel. Hence making these sample sized products PERFECT for my care packagec.

I used several of my coupon bargains (mentioned HERE) mixed with some free sample sized items adding in the "bonuses" that are tossed in when you buy certain make up and facial items . In my eyes this is a fun and practical care package to encourage my friend and help get her prepared for her missions trip . Hopefully it will save her a trip to the store and a few dollars .  Everything in the package is the size or below the size required for travel . I was careful to put anything that could leak or explode in it's own individual baggie for mailing purposes . I also threw in a protein bar, a few hair bands, band aids, and a couple other odds and ends that one would need in their carry on in case of a lay over or fashion emergency .

I hope this encourages your creativity and helps give you a few ideas
when it comes to your next care package project!
Happy Rainy Saturday from me and Jack !!

 ( Amber if you read this before you get the package just act surprised when it shows up :-0 I hope you enjoy it. Happy Birthday and Happy Travels!! Bring me back a baby elephant. I think it will get along with Jack Davis just great !! )

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