Friday, May 18, 2012

My Day Is Yours - Psalm 118:24

Psalm 118:24 This is the day the LORD has made;
 let us rejoice and be glad in it.

A friend of mine recently asked how do I fill my days now that I'm looking for work. Well,  good question. At the beginning of this journey it was difficult not to let the day overwhelm me. I was so use to having something to do every hour of the day sometimes flowing into the next day that it became a task to make my day fill like it had purpose. After the time of resting, recovery, and realization was over I struggled with feeling like my days where useless now. Now, that I didn't have a dorm full of people that needed me at any given minute of the day, how could my day even begin to have purpose. It was a genuine struggle to find a desire to get out of the bed. I'll be honest I had a few dark, lazy and flat out sorry days. Some that I hope never to revisit.

I began filling my days with the obvious job searching, researching, applications, interviews, etc. During the summer months of last year I enjoyed the simple beauty of time being mine again. After life in a dorm and living a campus life it's difficult to accept that you can go to bed with your phone off, go out of town if you want with out asking permission or having someone on duty in your place, and even just be in your own space with out interruption. I spent time in fellowship with friends, God and nature. Began my blog which has been a wonderful blessing to me if no one else. And since the Summer I've continued in all of the above and added new "things" to my days. I've taken on the task of learning how to grow my own vegetables in pots for a "apartment garden". Even though I have space now, I might not always. This was a skill I'd wanted to learn for a long time, but just hadn't had the time. I've done A LOT of reading in the Word, books, and of course one of my favorites....magazines.  I've also decided it's my responsibility to use this time to learn skills both practical, spiritual, and physical that will make me a better wife and mother some day. Last but not least I do my best to do for others. I love baking, cooking, crafting, gardening, etc. and while I love doing it I don't want to keep it all for myself. So, I have adored the opportunities to share my creations with family and friends. It's been so good to have the chance to use these talents and pleasures to love on folks that have loved on me my entire life. I also spend time with my grandparents. Sometimes running errands with them or for them and sometimes just hanging out at their house. I've been "gone" for a long time so they love the fact that I can come over any day and stay for as long as I or they want. They also enjoy having Jack Davis around to care for, spoil and love on. Jack knows now that Mamaw will take him for walks and Papaw will rub his belly, both for as long as he'll let them. HA!
Muffins for a sick cousin.
Wreath  that will be a gift.

One of my several plants.

With each day I have learned that if I begin the day by asking the Lord what He would have me do along with asking His blessings on that day, whatever it may hold, my days are extremely fulfilling. It's also been amazing to see how He chooses to provide for me in those days. Whether it's a meal I didn't have to pay for, a fun surprise, a new skill learned, an encouraging word or otherwise. Something always "comes of it" that I didn't start the day expecting. There have been days that by the end of them I wonder how will I ever fit a job back into my schedule ?! I pray that whatever He has for me next it will allow me to continue loving on folks through giving whether it's a baked good for them, their pet or even a home made craft for their door. Whatever it may be, I feel most purposeful when my days are not my own. I've also noticed that when I don't cling to my own agenda it's easier to see "interruptions" as His changing my schedule and His divine intersession. It makes easier to see His movement in my life as a blessing and not a hindrance. To see it as HIS movement in my life and not the worlds intrusion on my life. I pray your days are filled with His purpose and blessings.  I want to encourage you to give Him your day and see what He does with it. I'd love to hear back from you!! 

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