Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reduce ~> Reuse~> Repurpose Pre-planning Tip 6

Candle fr Bath Shop

For the longest time I've struggled with the idea of throwing away the glass that a candle comes in. I mean, there has to be another use for it right ? Right ! Many 3 wick candles come in the perfect size glass that can be turned into a center piece, candy holder, flower vase, and I'm sure many other things. Recently I decided to go ahead and do my best to reuse my former candle holder. I used a sharp kitchen utensil to remove the left over wax and metal attachment that holds the wick. Then I let the glass soak in hot and soapy dish water for about a hour. I washed them out, dried them off and put them in the cabinet waiting for the chance to use them. Several weeks ago I took them to a party and used them as center pieces filled with candy. I also have used them as flower vases. I hope this lil' tip inspires you to find a new use for something you might other wise have thrown away.

Turned Candy Holder

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