Monday, May 7, 2012

Road Trip Fun and Games - Pre-Planning Tip 4 (to-go)

I spent the last few days having a blast with old friends, celebrating a wedding, catching up, reminiscing, doing some cell phone photography and going on a few adventures. I will be sure to blog about it all once I get settled back into "the real world". For now, a little something fun for those getting ready to hit the road with little ones, friends, family or even on your own.

Items needed: camera of some sort, perhaps a list of names,
eyes like a hawk and a awesome prize at the end for the winner !

Street Sign Bingo

Friend & Co/RD @ TTU's First Name
College/ Life Long Friend's First Name

Friend & Former RA's Last Name

This game can be played with a camera, camera phone or doesn't even have to be documented. Basically, it's the first to find the (preferred amount for your trip/players) street signs wins. On today's trip I came across three street signs in the same itty bitty town that had the names of good friends. I had to take a pic and post them on FaceBook or text them to the friend. Even if it meant doing a few U-turns. I mean, it isn't every day you come across a signage with your name on it !

Happy Travel Games Everyone! May the bingo board be ever in your favor :-) 

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