Monday, May 7, 2012

A Tall Tale for Your Next Road Trip - Pre- Planning Tip 5 (to-go)

Watch for Falling Rock
Long ago I was one of many in a vehicle headed home from the beach. Everyone was tired, sun burnt, and irritable. In our frustrations with one another, the road and our anticipation of getting home our leader at the time thought it might be fun to lighten the mood(and pass the time) with a little story. As I travel I am always reminded of this funny little story with every "falling rock" sign that I see. Today as I traveled I had my friends three beautiful daughters on my mind. These girls are so sweet, smart and beautiful you just can't help but want to help them enjoy every moment in their little world. I didn't have them with me on my trip, but this little story will hopefully get to them the next time they hit the road.

Per my former youth intern and the best my memory can do..............................................................

            Once upon a time before there where cell phones, text messages, e-mail and face book to communicate to one another with there lived a King, King of the Road. This King ruled all the roads leading up and down the mountain side. It was his job to help protect the travelers so they made it to and from their homes safely. He made sure that when the road was steep gravel was laid for traction. When the road was long the way was paved for safe driving. Along with his duties of protecting the travelers of the land this King had the duty of guiding his daughter, Princess Falling Rock. Princess falling rock had an awful habbit of getting caught up in day dreams while out walking in the beautful fields, mountains, and streams that surrounded her home.
            One day the King was out preparing the way for travelers when he got word from the Queen that Princess Falling Rock had gone missing. King of the Road knew his daughter must have gotten lost while out for a walk and day dreaming like she had many times before. The King did not worry, but he did go looking for his dear dreamy eye'd daughter, Princess Falling Rock.

The King looked for her on the mountain tops.
He knocked down tree's to cross the river.
The King called for the Princess everywhere he went, but to no avail. Nightfall was coming soon and the King knew his daughter would be smart enough to take cover for the night. Possibly in a tunnel, cave, or under a tree.
The King had built tunnels to protect her from the rain, wind,
cold and heat if the Princess needed it.

He placed signs along the roads that
would direct her to the right paths.
He also created small walking bridges for Princes Falling Rock
to help her cross over the sometimes cold, wide
and rough river water.
 Last but not least the King of the Road.......................................................
placed these bright signs with Princess Falling Rock's name
on them all along the path to his castle. This way Princess
Falling Rock would know the King was helping to
lead her home.
After following the Kings thoughtfully placed signs the day dreamy Princess Falling Rock returned  home to her parents the King and Queen of the Roads. The King was so happy for the Princesses return he painted the sky with a rainbow to let his faithful travelers know that Princess Falling Rock was home safe and sound.

This is a very rough version of the story I was told. It was the best my memory could do. With today's beautiful drive home I took the opportunity to take some pics to go with it. I hope it gets your creative juices flowing for the next time you hit the road and need a tall tale to tell.

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