Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pre-Planning is the Key - Pre-Planning Tip 2

I do my best to keep up with what I'm eating and why. As I've mentioned about 100 times by now, I love cooking when I can. However, for the longest time I struggled with the idea of making a full meal for just one person along with the never knowing who may show up just in time for a meal cooking became a total balancing act. As I've mentioned in my past post, Spring Has Spring Part 2 I really hate wasting things, especially food. In an attempt to prevent such things while also always being prepared for unexpected dinner guest I learned that preplanning is the key. I vote it is also a wonderful money saver. Today for example, I purchased five good portions of prepackaged sirloin at my local grocer for seven dollars. That breaks down to about a $1.40 per steak. That's a bargain and I won't be told otherwise! To keep from wasting and to not feel like I HAVE to cook the meat the day I get it I have started separating. This works with any type of bulk packaged meat such as chicken, ground turkey or beef, fish and steak.

With pre-cut meat such as chicken, steak and fish you just wash the meet after taking it out of the store package and then place each piece in it's own freezer baggie. With meat like ground turkey or beef I usually pat it into a burger sized patty and then place them individually in freezer baggies. Bam! When it's time too cook all you have to do is grab the amount you need thaw, season and cook!
This keeps you from feeling the rush to cook EVERYTHING you bought at the store the day you bought it, helps with portion control and waste.
I hope this little tip helps you with your meal, menue and grocery planning !

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