Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring has Sprung - Part 2

While working on my newest experiment in gardening I wanted to be sure
 and not forget which seed was in which planter. I want to label it, but I
still want it to be cute and creative, of course!
Supplies: Glue Gun, Empty Seed Packets, Kabob Skewers,
Scissors, cardboard fr the bottom of a dept. store bag.
I really hate wasting things. I enjoy finding multiple uses for a item, it makes me feel smart. I reused the seed packets as the labels, I used the parts of a shopping bag for 3 different projects now and who knew kabob skewers could have so many uses beyond kabob's?!
After gathering my supplies I plugged in the glue gun and began some cardboard cutting. I trimmed the top of the empty seed packet to make it match the already printed label.
Then I cut the cardboard to match the size of the packet.
I hot glued the packet shut and then glued it to the cardboard.
I then hot glued half of the skewer about 1/4 of the way from the bottom of the card board. I gave it a solid about of hot glue in an attempt to keep it secure during light wind, etc.

After all the glue had dried I placed it in my plant. I think they look super cute on my front porch as apart of my Spring decorations. Now, I just have to make sure they get enough sun and water.
I'm hoping that I've inherited my Mamaw Davis' green thumb.
She had an amazing way of being able to make anything grow.
I'm wishing now I had taken more notes from her on gardening.

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