Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Grow Where You Are Planted

I've found myself saying this to others in the past and recently to myself , "Grow where you are planted". I saw it one time in a friends mom's kitchen. The phrase has never left my mind. Make the most of where you are, don't waste time, continue to grow and fight being stagnate.

Today, I took it literal after I went to my grandparents to celebrate my mamaw's birthday. While I was getting some things from my car I saw this delicate, little, bright flower
growing up from under the gravel.

How could something so delicate be blooming through something so rough ?
It caused thought about some long harbored desires to grow my own flowers, veggies and fruits, but my lack of farming space and past apartment living has kept me from it. Today after seeing this beautiful site growing from rock, I decided to try some new techniques, pot growing. Don't call the police it's not what you think. I have wondered if I could grow some of my favorites in a flower/plant pot for a long time. Today I decided to take action.
After a quick trip to the local "dollar" type store and
 Wal-Mart I scored some cheap and simple supplies. I will report back as soon as
I see some progress on whether this works or not.

The tins and yellow planter cost a $1 each. The Flowers $.76 Cents.
Seeds $.25 each pack & potting soil $3.50.
The other items I already had.

I want to do my best to embrace where I am for however long I am there. Following along with the idea of working on the "small things" believing they will lead me ot the "big things".
 Each stage in life has held it's own time line and purpose for me. Something different than myself or my best advisers imagined. In my efforts to "grow where I'm planted", I'm doing both literally and actually. If such a delicate and bright creation can grow through the rough gravel people drive over every day, not that my situation is rough as rock, but it sure hasn't been easy, maybe I can too!! I've always felt as if I walk against the wind, maybe I've actually been growing through the rock instead ?!

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