Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Hate the Process. I Love the Product.

In the wise wise words of the amazing LMFAO, "I'm sexy and I know it.". Don't judge. To follow up on my last post, Beauty and the Inner Beast I want to give some hopefully helpful tips for those who struggle with the motivation to take care of them selves the way they should. It isn't easy to get it together and make it to the gym, yoga studio, etc. It isn't simple to do all the menu, grocery, and calorie planning required to really cut or add pounds. While I was working with a trainer it felt like all I ever did was grocery, menu, and work out plan. I was exhausted before I ever made it to the gym. Something that I have found helpful in keeping up with the calculations of calories taken in vs. burned is LiveStrong. It is a free site with many helpful tools, tips, and testimonies. There is also an "app" that can be down loaded to your smart phone.

It's just as much mental as it is physical when it comes time to break a sweat, resist a treat or make a financial investment. It has been studied and proven that when we work out there is a chemical produced that helps out with our mental state. You are free to "wiki" those stats if you like. I've learned that while I hate the process (most of the time), I love the product. After working out for a certain amount of time our bodies begin to feel ill if we don't. That is something I have experienced in the last year after working with a trainer for close to six months. Something that I decided looooong ago was that I can spend $5-$7 on a fast food meal or I can spend it on a day pass to a gym. Now, let's be real......sometimes I spend it on the fast food. I'm not super human! You don't have to be a member at most gyms to work out in them. I was very spoiled at my last gym. It was amazing and had so many benefits. I may, due to this spoiling have become a gym snob. I know, I know, I hate it too. In an effort to find a gym in my new city I've began gym hopping. For me, working out in a gym seems to be one of the best ways to keep me working on my health. I get bored easy and need an environment I can change up frequently. Before you commit financially to a gym I would suggest doing two things.
  1. Make a list of the things you are looking for in a work out, facility, etc. Example: Trainer Availability, Hours, Distance, Financial Commitment, etc.
  2. Gym Hop. If your area offers several facilities it is worth visiting them all. It is also a good idea to ask around to see what locals and members have to say. Also check out each gym's web site. Some gym's have a fancy web site and a not so fancy facility. That's why it is so important to check out both.
I hope this gives you some encouragement and thoughtful tips
 when it comes to gettin' your "I'm sexy and I know it", on!

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