Thursday, September 22, 2016

~ #PrayForKatie ~

If you follow me on social media then you know that I have been sharing Katie's story for several months. Asking that whomever reads it, to Pray for Katie. Katie is a fellow Liberty Alumni and a team member for Blush Ministries. A women's ministry that I very much believe in and often share wisdom from on my socials. Katie and I have never actually met in person, but knowing who she calls friends I was glad to accept her friend request on Facebook a year or so ago. I was immediately taken by her joy and energy. Yes, even through social media I could tell instantly that she had a fire and a joy that could only come from the Lord. Social media can be so useless and vapid sometimes. I truly believe its up to the user to make the most of it and see it as a tool for His use just as much as any other tool. Whether it be through her own posting or through the people she has been surrounded by posting on her behalf, I have been ministered to.

There is no way to take news of a brain tumor lightly, much less three. Earlier in the Summer Katie's family began updating everyone on her health status via her socials. It began with several surgery's to remove the tumors. It lead into aggressive chemo and radiation. It was a switch between the ICU, the "regular" floor, being transferred to a care facility to being sent back to the hospital and now back to a facility, from my understanding. While I believe that the Lord has heard all the prayers going up for Katie it seems at this point He has chosen to answer them in a way we may not be able to understand.

Tonight as I look at my, in comparison, seemingly minor struggles I feel encouraged and challenged by how Katie has and continues to fight this battle. To read how she has asked to pray with friends/family and that somehow she has found the strength and grace to even now, thank Him for this battle, its......I don't even have a good enough word for it. I believe that Katie has reached so many for His kingdom and glory. My only solace in these situations is knowing that God is good. God is intentional with His love for us. God always keeps His promises and in one way or another Jehovah Rapha will heal Katie.

The Lord has used Katie to show so many that ministering through suffering is possible. Our calling doesn't get put on hold, and the enemy would love nothing more than for us to think it does. Katie you are loved. Katie you are not alone. Katie you have done a good work for His glory. Thank you for following the Lords leading in your life choices, even now and for being bold enough to share that with people. God bless you and your loved ones.

This is the most recent update posted to Katie's Facebook by her mother earlier this week. "Katie, my family and I have been hanging on the message of this song for over 100 days now. No matter what God chooses to do, we must trust Him, we must keep loving Him, we must keep praising Him. Please listen to the song and two minute message until the end, but more so, make it your prayer and vow as well. Please hold us up in prayer, as you have been, as our courageous and inspirational daughter/sister/niece/friend --sweet Katie, is indeed in the final stages of her earthly battle."

The link and vid below are from a Shane and Shane song along with a quick word by John Piper. She wants to share this with those that have been following along and praying for her & her fam on this journey.  --> <-- 

Please continue to pray for Katie and her amazing family.

~ Insta Blog ~ Pretty Like You ~

Thanks to Lisa Frank for this reminder. We MUST keep in mind that comparison is a thief. Its only power is to make you feel less, defeated, and not enough. You have been made you, head to toe, "flaws" and all, for a reason. God doesn't say, "ooops". I am a female and human like everyone else & I have insecurities, "flaws", things that if I'd had a vote would prefer have been made differently, but God doesn't ask us that stuff because every part of us, inside and out..., was created to point back to Him and share His love w His children. Be you child!!!!!! The same God that created the beauty that is the moon and stars created you as well. Every star in the sky shimmering His beauty and still He felt the world needed you!!!!! Do NOT allow comparison to rob you of that truth and purpose. Have a beautiful day pretty one!!!

Lisa Frank - Facebook

~ Insta Blog ~ Motivation Monday ~ Expectation ~

Jesus Calling - Instagram

I know I have shared this verse in the past, but I love it so much that when I came across it again this morning I felt it needed to be shared again. I love the word, "expectant", in this verse. For me it implies a confidence in the Lord & His hearing & answering of our prayers. It leaves no room for doubt. It says a lot about what we know to be true of the Lord, in my opinion. His character. His nature. Who He is as Savior and Father. He can be counted on. Relied upon. He is... trustworthy. He is faithful. When we pray we can move throughout the rest of our day w the knowledge that whatever we gave over to Him in prayer is being handled. Its a weight lifted. So, whatever you are facing today I would encourage/challenge you to lift it up to the Lord and spend the rest of the day expecting that He heard and will answer in His timing, in His way.

~ New Music Monday ~ September 19th, 2016 ~ On the Verge ~

Due to technical difficulties this weeks New Music Monday post is four days late. My wifi (pronounced like Nick Miller pronounces it on New Girl, wif-fee), has been giving me attitude. Mainly when I actually have work to do on my actual computer that requires the internet. Because of course it does. Anyway, this weeks #NewMusicMonday highlights some artists that I think you need to get use to. I have shared a few of them before, but each releasing new singles I thought it was a good idea to refresh your memory.

Caitlyn Smith - "Tacoma"

Starting with Caitlyn Smith, Caitlyn is a Nashville writer with Big Yellow Dog. This is my first exposure to her vocals and I am addicted. Sister has soul and there isn't denying it. Her vocals are solid on this tune and I can NOT wait to hear what else is released by her. As I mentioned before, you may not have heard of Caitlyn yet, but I would recommend you doing some audio research on her tunes. Radio is so fickle that I have no idea if this tune will be a air wave contender, but in my book it should be!!! Give a listen and a watch and let us know what you think about Caitlyn Smith.

With the very first note I hear Aubrie's mothers tone in her voice. Aubrie Sellers is daughter of LeAnn Womack whom you may know from the tune, "I Hope You Dance", "How I've Been Livin'" and many other chart toppers. While at a audio glance I definitely hear the similarity in tone, I don't want to say that sellers is her mothers vocal or style clone. She isn't. She is very much her own artist/writer/performer. I became entranced by her when watching a round table discussion held by Rolling Stone Country with several of the Next Women of Country. She is so distinct. So very much her own artist that it is very difficult for me to see why she isn't sweeping radio play. She calls her style, Garage Country. A little more punk, a bit more dark or emo than "traditional" country. With a new album, "New City Blues" releasing in just days, I'm so excited to hear all that Aubrie has to offer. I'm a fan of the people who don't necessarily go with the flow. I like that she isn't bubbly or pop-esq. I like that she is different. Coming from such an iconic family it would have been so simple to just fall in line and mimic all she grew up hearing, but she is very much her own voice. I like that about her!!!! This is just a cover tune, but her music will be out soon and I look forward to sharing it with you.
Aubrie Sellers - Cover - "I Put a Spell on You"

Kelleigh Bannen - "Welcome to the Party"
fr "Cheap Sunglasses"
Kelleigh is an artist I shared several months ago in a New Music Monday post titled, "Instagram Jams". She is an artists I found via social media. This summer she released a EP titled, "Cheap Sunglasses" and along with it accompanying videos. Most recent, "Welcome to the Party", I have been singing it all day. It's so much fun. It's a fun spin on a break up and helps remind us all that everyone has been there so, welcome!! Bannen is an artist that I am truly enjoying observing from afar. I just saw "Welcome to the Party" today on CMT and was so excited for her and her team. Bannen is not signed and produced "Cheap Sunglasses" on her own. Cam and Maren Morris both began their EP's in similar ways and it makes me hopeful that someone in Nashville will finally realize what they have in Kelleigh Bannen. She is smart, solid voice that has a thickness to it that I really love, and obviously driven. I am forever impressed by the gumption it takes to do something on your own in a town like Nashville. There is no way it has been easy, but my word it's had to be gratifying!!!! Creatively if in no other way. Give Kelleigh a listen and prepare to hear more of her in future New Music Monday posts and hopefully on your local radio.
Last, the only dude in today's post, Ryan Hurd. I also shared a Ryan tune in my past #NMM post titled, "Instagram Jams". Hurd has been doing a variety of shows on a variety of tours. Most recently he could be seen on tour with Chase Rice, Maren Morris (his GF btw) you may recognize her bgvs on today's tune. He's been writing for other artists for a while so, I am not surprised that Hurd would break out on his own and releases some tunes. This week he also released a new single called, "Love in a Bar". I couldn't find audio for it to share with you today, but you can check it out on Spotify. I think that Ryan is another one of those artists that we are only going to be hearing more and more about in the coming months and years. The single that proceeded "Love in a Bar" is "We Do Us", which I am sharing with you today. Give it a listen. Let us know what you think.
Ryan Hurd - "We Do Us"
All of these artists have released or are releasing tunes in the recent weeks. I consider them to be on the verge. The verge of getting air play on local radio, the verge of being names you start hearing from other artists, the verge of being openers on tours, and so much more. Give your local radio a call and make sure they add them to their rotation. Your requests totally make a different for an artist/band. Especially new artists who are just busting their rear to get heard. All of today's #NMM artist have socials so, go give them a follow for updates, new tunes, show dates, etc.
Happy New Music Monday Y'all!!!! Have a rockin' week filled with new tunes and new experiences!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

~ Insta Blog ~ Motivation Monday ~ Let Them See You ~

Monday Motivation. I've been a busy bee this morning marking things off of my to~list & adding new ones to it. A moment of raw honesty this #MotoMonday, I've really been struggling the last week or so w the idea of what do people see when they look at me or think of me? I think part of this has come from all the looking back I've been doing w old pics, posts, year books & journals. Most of us live every moment of every day soaked in the rawness of what we feel, what we know, ...and what we hope. Aware of mistakes, shortcomings, flaws, & other varied emotions/insecurities/realities. I am almost instantly aware of when I have said something I shouldn't have. That's Gods conviction, that is good, but after that comes satan's opportunity to turn it into lingering & powerful, guilt. Conviction is from the Lord. Whether it be the form of a calling or a reprimand. Guilt is from the enemy. Its only purpose in our offering of emotions is to keep us weighed down & bound to shackles we've already been freed from by Jesus' death. My hearts greatest desire is that even in my flaws/mistakes/shortcomings/struggle that when people look at me or think on me that they'd be reminded of His Love. His forgiveness. His provision. His protection. His mercy. His power. As I work on my list, reminisce on days gone by, pray/plan for days to come, confront my flaws/mistakes/shortcomings, my deepest prayer is Lord let them see past me/this & some how see You instead. You are loved. You are not alone. Your life, is not wasted. He has a plan, even in the rawness of it all. Even after the "mistakes". Hang on loved ones. One day at a time. Happy Moto Monday!!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

~ Jack Davis & Kona Leashes ~

When you're all up in your bliss and suddenly
remember people can see you.

Jack Davis has some rather big news to share. It turns out you really don't have to have legs a mile long to be a super model, you just have to be "really really really good looking" (a little Zoolander for ya). Anyway, Jack has been selected as a brand ambassador for Kona Leashes!!!!! It was about time his devilish good looks started paying off. #KonaLeashes are hand made in the USA. They are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty AND for every piece of Kona gear purchased they donate a pound of kibble to a shelter. I cannot think of a better company for #JackDavis to represent. Seeing as we just recently got the news we do not have our #KonaGear just yet, but JD simply couldn't wait to share his exciting news. So, STAY TUNED as we will have Friends and Family discounts to share, pics of JD sportin' his Kona Gear, and more!!!!! If you are a pet owner I truly recommend your following @konaleashes on Facebook and Instagram for deals, steals and of course future postings of Jack Davis and other adorable Kona Leash pets. Thank you again Kona Leashes for picking Jack Davis to be one of your brand reps. We are so excited!! Be sure to be following me, Jacks mom, (aka ~ StacieTennessee) on Instagram for friends, family and followers discounts!!!!

For past posts on Jack Davis' adventures, birthdays, home made dog treats and more just type "Jack Davis" into the blog search bar. It should pull up all past Jack posts for you to cruise.
For more info on Kona Leashes CLICK HERE!!! If you are interested in purchasing some Kona Gear let me know if I or Jack Davis can help you out. Also, keep in mind, we will have some friends, family and followers discounts coming soon!!!!