Thursday, September 22, 2016

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Thanks to Lisa Frank for this reminder. We MUST keep in mind that comparison is a thief. Its only power is to make you feel less, defeated, and not enough. You have been made you, head to toe, "flaws" and all, for a reason. God doesn't say, "ooops". I am a female and human like everyone else & I have insecurities, "flaws", things that if I'd had a vote would prefer have been made differently, but God doesn't ask us that stuff because every part of us, inside and out..., was created to point back to Him and share His love w His children. Be you child!!!!!! The same God that created the beauty that is the moon and stars created you as well. Every star in the sky shimmering His beauty and still He felt the world needed you!!!!! Do NOT allow comparison to rob you of that truth and purpose. Have a beautiful day pretty one!!!

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