Thursday, September 22, 2016

~ #PrayForKatie ~

If you follow me on social media then you know that I have been sharing Katie's story for several months. Asking that whomever reads it, to Pray for Katie. Katie is a fellow Liberty Alumni and a team member for Blush Ministries. A women's ministry that I very much believe in and often share wisdom from on my socials. Katie and I have never actually met in person, but knowing who she calls friends I was glad to accept her friend request on Facebook a year or so ago. I was immediately taken by her joy and energy. Yes, even through social media I could tell instantly that she had a fire and a joy that could only come from the Lord. Social media can be so useless and vapid sometimes. I truly believe its up to the user to make the most of it and see it as a tool for His use just as much as any other tool. Whether it be through her own posting or through the people she has been surrounded by posting on her behalf, I have been ministered to.

There is no way to take news of a brain tumor lightly, much less three. Earlier in the Summer Katie's family began updating everyone on her health status via her socials. It began with several surgery's to remove the tumors. It lead into aggressive chemo and radiation. It was a switch between the ICU, the "regular" floor, being transferred to a care facility to being sent back to the hospital and now back to a facility, from my understanding. While I believe that the Lord has heard all the prayers going up for Katie it seems at this point He has chosen to answer them in a way we may not be able to understand.

Tonight as I look at my, in comparison, seemingly minor struggles I feel encouraged and challenged by how Katie has and continues to fight this battle. To read how she has asked to pray with friends/family and that somehow she has found the strength and grace to even now, thank Him for this battle, its......I don't even have a good enough word for it. I believe that Katie has reached so many for His kingdom and glory. My only solace in these situations is knowing that God is good. God is intentional with His love for us. God always keeps His promises and in one way or another Jehovah Rapha will heal Katie.

The Lord has used Katie to show so many that ministering through suffering is possible. Our calling doesn't get put on hold, and the enemy would love nothing more than for us to think it does. Katie you are loved. Katie you are not alone. Katie you have done a good work for His glory. Thank you for following the Lords leading in your life choices, even now and for being bold enough to share that with people. God bless you and your loved ones.

This is the most recent update posted to Katie's Facebook by her mother earlier this week. "Katie, my family and I have been hanging on the message of this song for over 100 days now. No matter what God chooses to do, we must trust Him, we must keep loving Him, we must keep praising Him. Please listen to the song and two minute message until the end, but more so, make it your prayer and vow as well. Please hold us up in prayer, as you have been, as our courageous and inspirational daughter/sister/niece/friend --sweet Katie, is indeed in the final stages of her earthly battle."

The link and vid below are from a Shane and Shane song along with a quick word by John Piper. She wants to share this with those that have been following along and praying for her & her fam on this journey.  --> <-- 

Please continue to pray for Katie and her amazing family.

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