Monday, September 12, 2016

~ Insta Blog ~ Motivation Monday ~ Let Them See You ~

Monday Motivation. I've been a busy bee this morning marking things off of my to~list & adding new ones to it. A moment of raw honesty this #MotoMonday, I've really been struggling the last week or so w the idea of what do people see when they look at me or think of me? I think part of this has come from all the looking back I've been doing w old pics, posts, year books & journals. Most of us live every moment of every day soaked in the rawness of what we feel, what we know, ...and what we hope. Aware of mistakes, shortcomings, flaws, & other varied emotions/insecurities/realities. I am almost instantly aware of when I have said something I shouldn't have. That's Gods conviction, that is good, but after that comes satan's opportunity to turn it into lingering & powerful, guilt. Conviction is from the Lord. Whether it be the form of a calling or a reprimand. Guilt is from the enemy. Its only purpose in our offering of emotions is to keep us weighed down & bound to shackles we've already been freed from by Jesus' death. My hearts greatest desire is that even in my flaws/mistakes/shortcomings/struggle that when people look at me or think on me that they'd be reminded of His Love. His forgiveness. His provision. His protection. His mercy. His power. As I work on my list, reminisce on days gone by, pray/plan for days to come, confront my flaws/mistakes/shortcomings, my deepest prayer is Lord let them see past me/this & some how see You instead. You are loved. You are not alone. Your life, is not wasted. He has a plan, even in the rawness of it all. Even after the "mistakes". Hang on loved ones. One day at a time. Happy Moto Monday!!

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