Thursday, September 22, 2016

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Jesus Calling - Instagram

I know I have shared this verse in the past, but I love it so much that when I came across it again this morning I felt it needed to be shared again. I love the word, "expectant", in this verse. For me it implies a confidence in the Lord & His hearing & answering of our prayers. It leaves no room for doubt. It says a lot about what we know to be true of the Lord, in my opinion. His character. His nature. Who He is as Savior and Father. He can be counted on. Relied upon. He is... trustworthy. He is faithful. When we pray we can move throughout the rest of our day w the knowledge that whatever we gave over to Him in prayer is being handled. Its a weight lifted. So, whatever you are facing today I would encourage/challenge you to lift it up to the Lord and spend the rest of the day expecting that He heard and will answer in His timing, in His way.

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