Sunday, September 4, 2016

~ Jack Davis & Kona Leashes ~

When you're all up in your bliss and suddenly
remember people can see you.

Jack Davis has some rather big news to share. It turns out you really don't have to have legs a mile long to be a super model, you just have to be "really really really good looking" (a little Zoolander for ya). Anyway, Jack has been selected as a brand ambassador for Kona Leashes!!!!! It was about time his devilish good looks started paying off. #KonaLeashes are hand made in the USA. They are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty AND for every piece of Kona gear purchased they donate a pound of kibble to a shelter. I cannot think of a better company for #JackDavis to represent. Seeing as we just recently got the news we do not have our #KonaGear just yet, but JD simply couldn't wait to share his exciting news. So, STAY TUNED as we will have Friends and Family discounts to share, pics of JD sportin' his Kona Gear, and more!!!!! If you are a pet owner I truly recommend your following @konaleashes on Facebook and Instagram for deals, steals and of course future postings of Jack Davis and other adorable Kona Leash pets. Thank you again Kona Leashes for picking Jack Davis to be one of your brand reps. We are so excited!! Be sure to be following me, Jacks mom, (aka ~ StacieTennessee) on Instagram for friends, family and followers discounts!!!!

For past posts on Jack Davis' adventures, birthdays, home made dog treats and more just type "Jack Davis" into the blog search bar. It should pull up all past Jack posts for you to cruise.
For more info on Kona Leashes CLICK HERE!!! If you are interested in purchasing some Kona Gear let me know if I or Jack Davis can help you out. Also, keep in mind, we will have some friends, family and followers discounts coming soon!!!! 

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