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~ New Music Monday ~ January 30th, 2017 ~ "D.J.'s Playin' a Love Remix" ~ Valentines 2017 ~


Happy New Music Monday Y'all!!!!!! We are just two weeks out from Valentines Day I find it time to help you with a sweet Valentines mix tape. Everyone knows that I LOVE a mix tape. I love the scan button on the radio and I love the shuffle button on m'ipod. For those that just don't know where to begin let this weeks #NMM post be your guide, inspiration and/or cheat sheet.

I'm not a fan of love songs so, this may have some unexpected tunes, tunes you haven't heard or tunes you might not consider "love" songs. Starting with.....

Vance Joy, "Your Mess is Mine", I don't think roses, candy, romantic walks, and sweet words are the root of love. I think the person who helps you when you are sick, listens when you freak and doesn't consider you crazy for freaking, understands that your family is crazy and theirs is too, is what love looks like. I know that my perspectives on love, relationships, dating, etc. can be rather different than many so, no harm if you disagree. Vance Joy's, "Your Mess is Mine" would be one of the few "love" songs that I LOVE!!! Give it a listen.

Vance Joy - "Your Mess is Mine"
fr "You Know You Game Me All the Time"
Kelleigh Bannen - "Welcome to the Party"
fr "Cheap Sunglasses EP"
Kelleigh Bannen celebrates heart ache with a little help from her friends in the video for "Welcome to the Party". It is a fun disco roller skating party from which I find the title for this post. One line shares, "...the d.j. is playin' a love remix and you're already on the list. welcome to the party!!!", in reassuring those ditched by love that they are not alone. Nor do they need to wallow, suffer, hurt, numb, heal, or celebrate alone. I love the entire EP and there are several other songs that are Valentines Mix Tape worthy on it so, I recommend your checking it out and adding it to your Valentines play list.
Margo Price is an artist that I think we are going to be hearing a lot from in 2017. Recently back to the U.S. after an overseas headlining tour Price is an artist off of Jack White's, Third Man Records. I was first introduced to Price via a Rolling Stones roundtable discussion with several up and coming next women of country interview. I instantly became a fan as she discussed her "imperfections" and how she is not an machine made artist. I really want to compare her to Loretta Lynn, but I worry it may be too soon. That is my gut though. I see her making similar paths lyrically, stylistically, and really with just how she chooses to work with in the country music business/community. Give "Four Years of Chances" a listen and then head over to iTunes and download, "Midwestern Farmers Daughter" as a gift to yourself for Valentines.

Margo Price - "Four Years of Chances"
Live @ Austin City Limits
fr "Midwest Farmers Daughter"

Aubrie Sellers - "Like the Rain"
fr "New City Blues"
Aubrie Sellers is another artist I first heard of thanks to that Rolling Stones round table discussion. Again, she isn't the cookie cutter female artist at this point. Calling her sound, "Garage Country", Sellers has a bit of an edge even with her love songs. "Like the Rain" is currently one of my favorite songs out there. I really hope it can become a single for her at some point. "New City Blues" recently turned one year old and an official video for "Sit Here and Cry" was just released over the Holidays so, it could go either way. She could continue to push on this album and release more tunes or she could already be done with it and working on something new, but as I said with Maren Morris and "Hero", I hope that we get a few more singles. "Like the Rain" speaks to that person that is a bit all consuming in our life. We can't help it. They have this power and we aren't even sure who gave it to them. If you need someone to speak the words of your hurting heart, this is the tune for you.
Eric Church is currently on his solo, sold out, "Holding My Own", tour. Selling out dates and performing 36-40 songs per show I think that it is undeniable that Church is a force. He marches to the beat of his own drum and he doesn't give a rip if you are on beat with him or not. With Church I feel most of the released to radio stuff embodies that attitude, making "Like a Wrecking Ball" a bit of a curve ball. It is straight up, lets make some babies, lets knock these wall downs, lovin' music!!!! Never one who menses words Eric Church put just as much attention, passion, and down right animal, into "Like a Wrecking Ball" as he has any other tune. Every Valentine Mix Tape needs at least on of these kinds of tunes on it. Just trust me. You'll thank me later.

Eric Church - "Like a Wrecking Ball"
fr "The Outsiders"

Lady Antebellum - "You Look Good"
Lady A has released their first single, "You Look Good", from their upcoming album. After a years break and each working on different projects apart from L.A. the trio reunited in Cali for some writing, recording and sunshine. I think that the sunny vibe they experienced by being out west surely shows in this first track. I mean, who doesn't want to hear "You Look Good" ???!!!! Both the song and the phrase, lol!!!! I love the poloroid esq lyric video that has been released and look forward to what is next from Lady Antebellum. Add "You Look Good" to your Valentine play list, ASAP!!!! Also, you can already preorder L.A.'s next album now at itunes.
"Cupids Got a Shot Gun", is my kind of tune. The reluctant to love is put in the cross hairs of a bow and arrow by the winged fairy of love. Trying all the tricks of hunting and country girl knowledge the chased does their best to avoid a hit by Cupid. It is fun. It is campy. It is true, LOL!!!! Add a giggle worthy tune to your Valentine mix. Not every tune needs to be all, "look into my eyes and show me your soul", every now and then a "did you just see me trip" kind of moment is good too!!!!

Carrie Underwood - "Cupids Got a Shot Gun"
fr "Blown Away"
Kip Moore - "Stay w Me & Up All Night"
Live in Nashville fr Youtube
I am ending this Valentines Mix Tape with "Up All Night", by Kip Moore. "Up All Night", the title track from Moore's freshmen album is truly one of my all time favorite Kip songs. Everything about it makes me so happy and I will never understand why it wasn't a single. The instrumental is my favorite, the lyrics are my favorite and the style in which Kip delivers it is my favorite. This Youtube clip of the tune is paired with a cover called, "Stay with Me" which was originally done, unexpectedly, by Rod Stewart. I love both songs so, the pairing is, you guessed it, my favorite!!! LOL!!! I think we all have had at least one of those nights where it's late, you're already home, but that special someone some how coaxes you out to run around with them. Even when you defiantly stated that, "I already took of my make-up, put my hair up in a top knot and am in my pajama's", when they persuade you anyway to jump in as is just cause they wanna be with you for a minute. Those nights almost always end up being some of the best. "Up All Night" captures that feeling for me. I feel the warmth of Spring turning to Summer with the mention of a camp fire. I hear the chatter that comes from a out in the back woods party that is so far out cell towers don't reach. I feel that freedom that comes from saying to yourself, "I am who I am whether I have my make-up and cute out fit on or not so, if he wants to hang w me even when I'm un-primped then he must really like what he see's.", freedom. There really is nothing like it.
Kip has a new tune hitting radio today in some markets. I believe that it will hit all markets, iTunes, etc. next week per online conversations and Moore's socials. "More Girls Like You", is anticipated to be the first single from Moore's third studio project. Prior to the holidays and taking a well deserved break Moore shared that a new single would be dropped at the end of January, he was not kidding, and a album would hopefully follow in late Spring/early Summer. Moore has only performed the new tune at a few pre-show VIP acoustic sessions if I understand correctly. So, I haven't been able to find a solid sound bite of the tune to share with you today, but hopefully in the next week or so Moore will begin releasing bits and pieces of the tune or a lyric video. He has been teasing fans with posts to his socials by his ever faithful documentarian, PJ Brown from Life in Rewind Films, while on vaca in Costa Rica. The fans adore that he is virtually taking them along with him on his adventures.
As one who wishes they could adventure more, I for sure am grateful that Kip hasn't let his angst for social media keep him from keeping us up to date on all the fun in the sun. So far it seems that the next performance dates set for Kip and the Slow Hearts aren't scheduled until March. We must pacify our anticipation with tracks from "Up All Night", "Wild Ones", "Underground" and Youtube until Moore releases.....well.....more, LoL!!!
Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and text
~ Insta ~
This list could truly gone on forever based on your Valentines mood, but I decided to leave you to your inspiration after listening to these wicked sweet tunes. I hope that whatever you plan or don't plan for Valentines that you KNOW you are loved and deserve the best love there is. I hope you feel thought of and have the resources to let someone else know they are too. Valentines isn't all about romance, fancy dates, spending money on jewelry (I mean, not that I'd stop ya), and flowers delivered to your work. Valentines is a day of love. It is rumored to honor an act of rebellion by a priest who chose to go against the laws of the time and perform secret marriage ceremonies. Caught and Killed the myths began and who even really knows where the truest root of this day begins??!! But if it is with this Priest named Valentine then it was an act of service to others, not the actual romance of a wedding, that inspired this day that so many loath and dread.
Mix it up. Musically and in what ever other way need be. Don't let this one day get you down!!! You ARE loved!!! You are NOT alone!!! He is FOR You!!! He is WITH You!!! He goes before You. He HAS a plan of action for you!!!! Keep on holding on dear loved ones.

~ New Music Monday ~ January 30th, 2017 ~ Winter Jam 2017 ~

No automatic alt text available.
I Am AMPED to be Representing my Alma Mater, Liberty University at TWO of the Tennessee Winter Jam Stops this Spring, !!! February 26th in #Knoxville @ #ThompsonBowlingArena & March 26th in  #Chattanooga @ #McKenzieArena .
Make Note to Be Sure to Come By & Say Hello!!!! Stay Tuned For Posts as the Dates Get Closer!!! Also, Let Me Know if You Are Already Planning to Apply to Liberty & I Will Send You a Ap Fee Waiver Code!!! I Mean, What Do You Have to Lose??!!!
Also, To Any of My Former TTU Crew, Event Staffers, and Just Flat Out Concert Lovers DMI is in Need of Some Volunteers for the Chattanooga Stop. If You are Interested in Volunteering Contact Jenny with DMI by Clicking HERE !!!
Hollar if ya have any questions on volunteering for the show, about LU or Applying to LU. I'll do my best to answer them or direct you to the appropriate resource. See you soon!!!!
Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, beard and text
For Details on Jam and if They Will be Stopping Near You...


~ Insta Blog ~ My Perfectly Accessorized Valentine ~ January 26th, 2017 ~ Gift Idea ~

To the Husbands, Boyfriends, & Pursuers of My Friends/Fam/Followers!!!!! #ValentinesDay is Just About 2 Weeks Away. I'm Totally Talking About Valentines Day, Deal w It, LoL!!! I Wanna Help A Brother Out & Direct You to My Wonderful Friend & Stella & Dot Dealer, Liesel Lancaster. Yes, I Have A Accessories "Dealer", LoL!!! Who Of You That Know Me Well Are All That Surprised??!!!

Liesel is Working on Emptying Out Her Samples, Over Stock, Etc. & Has Some GREAT Deals for Some CUTE Stuff. This Adorable Blue Envelope Clutch/Wristlet was Just $10.00!!!!! Its So Cute I'm Debating Carrying the Remote Control Around the House in it While Sporting Matching PJ's. Not Even Kidding. Liesel Also Has the Newest #StellaAndDot Goodies Available Too, but I Thought I'd Share the Clearance Event w You Since I Know Some are On A Tighter Budget Than Others.

All the Single Ladies!!!!! This Sale is for You Too!! I Suggest You Not Wait on Someone to Spoil You & Treat Yo'Self!!!! Cruise Liesels #StellaAndDot Stock & Get Yourself A #Valentines Treat!!! Head to Liesels Stella & Dot Facebook Page for More Pics of Accessories, Sales, & General #StellaAndDot Info. Any Questions or Need Help Reaching Out Let Me Know & I'll Help in Whatever Way I Can or Will Find Someone Who Can. 

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling
That's Right Lancasters, Sure Did Put Your Pic on the Fridge!!!!
Its a Honor. You Should Feel Special, LoL!!!
Why Isn't it Autographed???!!!

~ Throw Back Thursday ~ January 26th, 2017 ~ Elementary School Pictures, Keeping You Humble ~

Image may contain: 1 person, child and closeup

Before #ThrowBackThursday Completely Escapes I Felt This Gem Needed Shared. I Mean, How Was I to Refrain fr Posting It?! I Am Fairly Certain My Head is Tilting Left b/c That Wicked Sweet Side Pony is NO JOKE!!!!! You're Welcome #TBT! You. Are. Welcome. Don't Say I Never Gave Ya Nothin'. Elementary School Pictures, Keeping You Humbled Till You Die.....of Natural Causes or Embarrassment. I Still Make This Face, On A Daily Basis.

~ Insta Blog ~ My Bloody Valentine ~ January 30th, 2017 ~

Image may contain: text, outdoor and nature
~ PinterestGram ~

By Now My Friends/Followers/Fam Know That I Begin Posting About Valentines Around this Time. Gift Ideas, Fashion Ideas, Date Ideas, Etc. My Posts Aren't Just for Those in A Romantic Relationship. Often The Things I Suggest Would Be Nice to #TreatYoSelf With!!!!

One of My Motto's is Why Wait on Someone Else to Enjoy the Things I Enjoy or to Spoil Me?! Sometimes Ya Gotta Buy Your Own Dang Flowers!!! And Honey, Ain't Nothing Wrong w That!!!!
However, This Year in Addition to Pointing Back to #PastPosts I Wanna Give a Few More "Alternative" Ways to Celebrate.

While this #PinterstGram is Hilarious to Me, Its Also Kinda True. I Am OP Blood Type. Meaning Anyone Can Accept it in an Emergency, but if I Need a Transfusion I Can ONLY Have Blood the Same Type as Mine. Universal Donor, is the Specific Name. Anyway, This Year For Valentines How 'Bout You Do Some Donating??!!!! If You Haven't Been Typed They Usually Can Do That When You Donate & Will Mail You the Results/Official Donor Card Later. What's a More Beautiful Way to Celebrate a Day of Love Than By Donating Something That Could Save a Life??!!!!

Head Over to  or or Contact Your Local Hospital, Health Dept. or Personal Physician to Find Out More Specifically Where/When/How You Can Donate!!!!

To Check Out Past Posts on Valentines Date, Gifts, Fashion, Acts of Service Ideas, Simply Type "Valentines" into the Blogs Search Bar and A List of Past Posts Should Appear for You to Scroll.

~ Insta Blog ~ Motivation Monday ~ January 30th, 2017 ~ Rebel, Rebel. ~

Image may contain: one or more people and text
~ PinterestGram ~
Rebel, Rebel. Happy Wintery Motivation Monday Y'all!!! With ALL That is Going on in OUR World Right Now I'm Unsure it Has Ever Been More Important to Make YOUR Voice Heard. Whether by Actually Speaking or in Action.
Last Night @ the #SAGAwards Nearly EVERY SINGLE Presenter & Winner Had a Political Comment to Share When Given Their Screen Time. Even the Ones Who Began Their Remarks With What May Have Been Intended as Balance, Couldn't Seem to Control Themselves & Just HAD to Toss in a Last Minute Jab. Hollywood While I LOVE You, but Please Do NOT Get All Up On Your Golden Soap Box & Declare That You Speak for Me. I've Never Been A Fan of Being Represented by Someone Else & I Feel Even More Strongly About It Right Now.
We Are Either Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution. At a Time When Christian, Conservative or in My Case "Semi~Conservative" Voices Are Being Drowned Out and Made the Minority, I Encourage You to #BoldlyBeUniquelyYou. Inside & Out, Through & Through. Whether You Use Your Voice in Prayer, in Protest or in Action Do NOT Let This World Keep Your Steady Voice, A Whisper. It Has Never Felt More Rebellious (in My Life Time) to Speak Up for The Conservative, Semi- Conservative, Liberal Conservative or "Religious" (Any Denomination). I Don't Know That I Have Ever Observed So Much Intolerance from a Set That Has Preached Nothing But.
One of the Speeches from Last Nights SAGs Given By Taraji P. Henson with the Cast of "Hidden Figures", Mentioned that the Women They Had Portrayed Had Been 1. Real People w a Real Story. 2. Where Considered the Extreme Minority. Not Only Where They Black, They Where Black Females, at a Time When They Are Just Beginning to Put into Action Their Rights. The Rights that Had Been Denied Them for So Long, but 3. And Perhaps Most Impressing to Me, Ms. Henson Stated that These Women They Portrayed Did Not Complain, Did Not Protest, Did Not Refuse to be Apart of the Solution. These Women, the Greatest Minority at the Time, Chose to be Apart of the Solution. Because They Did Not Protest, Because They Did Not Refuse to do the Work and be a Help, Because They Chose to Be Apart of the Solution.......a Man Was Sent into Space. John Glenn was the first American, Thanks to the Work of These Women, Thanks to the Work of the Minority of the Time, was the First American to Orbit the Earth. He Would Circle it Three Times.
I Understand the Burning in Your Gut, the Need to Speak Up for Those Who Can't/Won't Speak Up for Themselves. I Understand the Panic of Considering a Loved One May be "Stuck" in Another Country. I Understand the Fear of Not Knowing What Might Happen Next. I Think at This Point, We All Do. I Don't Understand Destroying Property. I Don't Understand Attacking Law Enforcement. I Don't Understand Sticking Women's Sanitary Napkins to Historical Monuments in OUR Nations Capitol with Messages on Them of Hate. Yes, Hate. Hate for the President. Hate for the Choices He Has Made or Promised to Make. Hate for Those Who Disagree with Ones Definition of Feminism and Women's Rights. Yes, Dear, Beautiful, Smart, Enraged Friend......You Hate. Again, I Ask, Where's the Tolerance? Where's the Patience? Where's the Desire to Educate the Public in a Non-Bullying Way About the Topics that Concern Us? Even if I Were a Man, Women's Rights Would be "My" Issue because While A Man, I Would Have been Brought into This World, Thanks to a Woman. Women's Issues ARE Men's Issues. These are OUR Daughters, Sisters, Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, Cousins, Wives, Girl Friends, Best Friends, Boss', Co-Workers, Class Mates, Professors, etc. I'm NOT Saying that We Shouldn't be Using Our Voices for ALL Rights, I'm Saying there is a Difference Between Educating the Public, Working the System, Petitioning Congress, Speaking with Local Government, etc. and Setting a Car on Fire in the Streets of D.C. I Mean..........Right?
As What Would Currently be Considered the Beliefs of a Rebel, I Am Choosing to Use My Platforms, However Small or Inconsequential They May Seem, to Use My Voice. My Socials, My Blog, My Voice. I Think the Difference Between My Saying This and Someone from Hollywood Saying This is That I Do NOT Expect You to Research, Petition, Protest, Use Your Socials, Etc. to Speak Up, Simply Because I Am. I Understand Hollywood Feeling the Responsibility of Making Issues Known because Their Platform is So Much Larger than the "Average" American. But for Me, This is EXACTLY Why I Find Their Speaking Out Irresponsible. I Don't Want to Lump All into One Group So, I'll Say This. Those That Use Such a Large Platform to Share ONLY Their Opinions, Emotions, Beliefs, Etc. Instead of Sharing Studied and Reliable Statistics, Resources, Official Statements/Details/Facts, Informational, Educational Web Sites, 1-800- Call Lines, etc. are Simply Asking You to Agree With Them, because They are Them. Because They Are Hollywood. Because Their Platform Has a Larger Reach Than Your Neighbor Who Posted a "Vote For....." Sign in Their Yard. To Me, This is Irresponsibility at its Highest.
I Would Encourage You to Begin Following the White House, NBC News, CBS News, Fox News, Your Local News Stations/Papers, the Organizations Who Currently Represent the Varied Issues You Feel You Are Being Represented By, Whether Correctly or Not. I Would Encourage You to Look Up Websites Like,,  (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services),, and Decide for Yourself What is What. Do Not Base Your Rage on That of the Media or Hollywood or ME!!! The Resources are Out There and Seemingly Endless.
As I Step Down from My Dusty Ol' Soap Box I'll Leave You With This, Is Your Voice Steady? Has it Made a Whisper by the Extreme? Is There Anyone Representing You in All of This? If Not, Why? If Not You, Who? If Not Now, When? If Not Here, Where?
No Matter Where You Fall in Agreeing or Disagreeing, We Are ALL in This Together. One Plane. One Pilot.
~ On a Lighter Note..... ~

~ Insta Blog ~ My Furry Valentine ~ Kona Leashes ~ January 30th, 2017 ~

~ Mondays are Ruff ~

Mondays Are Ruff on Eeerrrryyybody!!! They Called School Here Because of Black Ice & After Almost Eating it on the Carport I Support Their Decsion, LoL!! Its So Chilly JD & I Struggled to Get Out from Under the Covers. But, We Managed and a Cute Picture Was Called For.

Now, Onto Another Valentines Idea. Don't Forget the One Who Loves Ya the Very Most, Your Fur Baby, This Valentines. While You Can't See it in THIS Pic B/C of #JackDavis Winter Fur Do', He is Indeed Sporting His Valentines Red #KONALeashes #KonaKollar. Our Friends/Fam/Followers Can Use Code #KonaJack to Receive 10% Off Your Order. Just in Time for Valentines!!! KONA Leashes are 1. Made in the USA. 2. Strength Tested 3Xs Prior to Shipment. 3. Custom Sized for Your Pup. and 4. When Purchasing #Kona You Are Also Donating to a Shelter in Need!!! I Find These to Be Great Reasons to Shop @konaleashes for Your Furriest of Valentines!!!

Also Today, in the Adventures of Stacie and Pampered Pooch, Jack Davis, JD Got His Rowdy On When Cornering A Country Dog That is At Least Three Times His Size at My Gparents.......While Wearing a Corduroy Jacket. We Finally Coaxed it Down, Once I Removed the Threat of the Dog Wearing a Coat. Bwess It!!! This Pup Ran Off Once Freed From the Railing. I Hope it Has a Owner Cause it Seemed Distressed. Needless to Say Jack Davis is Feeling Rather Large & In Charge. He Feels That He Really Earned His Nap Time Today. If You Need Him Please Leave A Message as He Will Be Reliving His Victory Via His REM Cycle.

Image may contain: dog
~ When Finding this Pooch Perched on the Railing
I Found Myself Asking a Question My Papaw
Often Asks About Airplanes, "How'd it Get Up There??!!"
Some Answers We Just Won't Get Till Heaven. ~
For Past Posts on The Topics Mentioned in This Post Just Type "Jack Davis", "Kona" or "Valentines" into the Blogs Search Bar and a List of Past Posts Should Pull Up for You to Cruise.
Any Questions, Concerns, etc. Feel Free to Share in the Comment Section or DM via Social Media. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

~ Jack Davis ~ KONALeashes ~ Bliss, Pure Bliss ~

Image may contain: dog and outdoor

Bliss, Pure Bliss if Ever I Saw It.  Nothing Has Gone the Way I Needed it to Today. I Keep Trying to Remind Myself That These Things Aren't Inconveniences or Hurdles. They're the Lord Redirecting My Day & Trying to Speak to Me. So, I Give Up. I Give Up On Trying to Get "My" To~Do List Done & Am Choosing to Just Trusting God Moment by Moment. ~ #JackDavis Loves to Let the Wind Blow His Ear and Snout Fur Back. Today, I'ma Let the Wind Blow My Ears Back. ~ Its Difficult to Se...e b/c Jack is Currently Sporting His Winter Fur~Do, but He is Rocking His @konaleashes Red #Customized #MadeInTheUSA #KonaKollar as He Basks in the Glory of the Wind & Rain. Still Not Too Late to Use Code: KonaJack to get 10% Off Your #KONALeashes Order! Head to @konaleashes to Cruise their Gear.

~ New Music Monday ~ January 23rd, 2017 ~ Nothing New, but I Can't Stop Listening ~

twenty one pilots - "Heathens"
fr Suicide Squad Soundtrack
Suicide Squad was one of the movies I was most looking forward to in 2016. I almost never go to the actual theater because the closest one is about 40 minutes away. So, I tend to wait till something is at Redbox or OnDemand and watch at home. Which, let's be honest, movies in p.j.'s and under a cozy blanket is really one of the very best ways to watch a movie anyway. twenty one pilots have been nominated at the Billboards, iHeartMusic, and the up and coming Grammy awards since their release of "Heathens" from Suicide Squad. I don't know if it is because all my friends actually are heathens or what, but I can't get enough of this tune and haven't since it's release. Give it a listen and a download before the Grammys air in February.

Also, from the Suicide Squad sound track this week New Music Monday shares the remake of "You Don't Own Me" done by Grace with some add on raps by G-Eazy. Originally done in 1963 by Lesley Gore, Grace reworks "You Don't Own Me" with equal parts current trend and throw back vocals that even though there is a rap through out I don't feel like the song strayed an impossible distance from the original. Call me crazy if you will, but that's what my ears hear, LoL!!! I love that they kept the distinctive back beat in the remake, with out it would have been too far from the original to work. Again, my opinion. Give the girls a listen and decide for yourself.

Grace ft. G-Eazy - "You Don't Own Me"
fr Suicide Squad

Lesley Gore - "You Don't Own Me"

Next on the "Nothing New, but Can't Stop Listening" list of tunes is "Unsteady" by X Ambassadors. Another top tune that is moving steadily up the charts. Everything about this tune speaks to me. Who hasn't needed someone to help hold them up? I'm not a huge fan of "love songs", but I don't think that this one is necessarily specifically a love song in the romantic way. I can hear it having meaning for a variety of relationships.

X Ambassadors - "Unsteady"
None of these tunes are brand new to the charts, but requesting them with your local radio will help keep them on the charts into the new year. What are some songs that you haven't been able to get out of your head in the recent months? Any favorites from 2016? Who are you hoping to hear new music from in 2017?  
Sorry that this weeks #NMM was on delay. The Faith Journals had some technical difficulties this weekend and while we got a lot done and posted it teetered out before everything was posted. So, a day late and download short New Music Monday is this week. Our apologies. Catch ya next week when I begin the topic of Valentines 2017. Go ahead and start pondering your favorite love songs, it is time to make a mix tape for the one you adore.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

~ New Music Monday ~ Writers Wednesday ~ January 2017 ~ Maren Morris ~

Somehow January has slowly and sneakily almost escaped me. I don't know how I got behind on so many things so quickly, but alas, I am. I suppose late, is better than never so, I post this months Writers Wednesday a few weeks late. The goal is the first Wednesday of each month, but it may become just a surprise as to which Wednesday it posts, LoL!! I'm working on it. Please be patient. For those that don't know, Writers Wednesday is a post that I started in November as a bit of an extension of the New Music Monday family.

Maren Morrs - "My Church"
fr "Hero"

This month I want to highlight an artist that I have shared on many #NMM posts, Maren Morris. Maren auditioned for The Voice prior to her move up the charts in Nashville and was not chosen for the show. Now, the show has artists auditioning with her songs. I think Maren can feel good, now at least, that that opportunity passed her by. I am betting if Blake knows this he is totally kicking himself or whomever passed her up in the prelims. Maren Morris just won her first CMA Award in November of 2016 for Best New Artist. She won this award directly after her very first CMA performance of her #1 single, "My Church" which she SLAYYYEEDDDD, HONEY!!!! SLAAAYYYEEEDD!!!!! To say that Maren Morris had a stellar 2016 is kind of a HUGE understatement. After releasing her first single, "My Church" the track gained enough traction to warrant a EP. This EP and the success surrounding "My Church" set up Morris for her first full length album, released with the help of Big Yellow Dog, "Hero".  Morris has been around the Nashville community for a few years writing for folks like Tim McGraw and sleeping on the couch of fellow Texan, Kacey Musgraves. Morris was working the bar scene in Texas when she decided to make the trek to Nash where she scored a publishing deal. Taking whatever writes set up for her it would seem that she began to have a specific Maren sound. When pitching "My Church" to her publishers it is said that those writing with her and perhaps even the folks at the pitch simply couldn't imagine someone other than Morris singing the tune. Her writing had become distinctly her. I think that may be one of the biggest compliments that a writer could receive. I mean, that's just my, "from way over here what do I know??!!", point of view. So, Morris ended up keeping the track for herself and I can NOT imagine where the song or she would be had she not. Having heard the rest of "Hero", watching several of her late night show, you tube, award show and CMT Crossroads performances I too, can not imagine anyone else singing, "My Church".

With "My Church", a tune she wrote at the beach on a visit to California, reaching #1 on Billboard Country Charts, charting top 200 in the overalls, it was very difficult to imagine that the album to follow would be anything, but fabulous. "Hero" earned her a opening slot on Keith Urbans U.S. leg of the Rip Cord Tour, she performed with Rascal Flatt's at CMA Fest, she rocked Bonaroo, Morris shared vocals on Dierks Bentley's, "I'll Be the Moon" from his newest album, "Black". She opened on one of the two sold out nights of Eric Church at Red Rocks, and recorded a episode of Crossroads with the incomparable, Alicia Keys and performed at Billboards Women in Music Event. "Hero" and "My Church" earned Maren her first Grammy nominations, FIVE as a matter of fact. Nominations for Best New Artist, Best Country Album, Best Country Song, and "My Church" was nominated for Best Country Solo Performance. FIVE GRAMMY NOMS!!! FIVE????!!!! I would think that this is a impossible to describe moment in time for Maren Morris and those around her. If you haven't watched Maren and Alicia's episode of CMT Crossroads, I would encourage you to as she discusses this "mushroom cloud" of a moment she is living in right now. Maren shares 2017 Grammy noms with other country artists like fellow newbie Kelsea Ballerini, American Idol winner, Grammy, ACM, CMA, Billboard, and CMT award winner Carrie Underwood, who just banked her 25th #1 with "Dirty Laundry" BTW. Also, nominated for a second, perhaps third time Brandy Clark, Rip Cord Tour headliner, Keith Urban, country's newest CMA duo of the year, Brothers Osborne, and the iconic, Loretta Lynn join Maren as nominee's at the 2017 Grammys. Just typing Loretta's name I get chill bumps thinking of how special it would be to be put in a category with her. I would have absolutely no problem losing to Loretta Lynn!!!! 

Keith Urban & Maren Morris - "We Were Us"
Ripcord Tour

"Hero" has definitely earned it's keep in a sea of new music and Maren has definitely made her mark in a OCEAN of new artists. With only two singles released from the album, a first headlining tour beginning in February, nominations at Billboard, iHeartMusic, the Grammys, a win and performance at the CMA's, and I want to presume that there will be noms at the ACMs as well, I have my fingers crossed that Maren will not tire of all the attention "Hero" has received. Every artist, label, advisement team, etc. is different. Some artist will only release two to three songs off of their albums and others will release nearly every track. It varies, but I hope that Maren does not immediately move on to new tunes. I mean, I hope that she is writing and creating, of course, but I reallllllyyyyyy hope that we get to kind of wallow like a hog in mud with more from "Hero". My deepest desire is that we get at least one if not two more singles released off this album. One of my personal faves......

Maren Morris - "Once"
fr "Hero"
As I mentioned early on in this post, Maren has written for other artists before honing a sound that was her own. She shares co-writes with boyfriend, "Hero" tour opener and new Sony signer, Ryan Hurd. The duo have written a track for Tim McGraw and Maren has also written for/with artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Kree Harrison, The Brothers Osborne and Lucia Silvias. Her writing skills, in my "way over here, but what do I know??!!", point of view/opinion, have been proven. "My Church" is not like any other song on "Hero". That is what makes "Hero" so good. I do not feel like I am hearing the same song over and over just with different chords. It is a variety of tunes, lyrics, moods, mindsets, and emotions. It makes me feel like the girl you wish you had, the girl you are sad you lost, the girl you think might dig you and the girl you aren't ever gonna catch no matter how hard you try. It has grooves, heart, soul and it even has some very dark spaces. The darker spaces may be some of my favorite. See song choice above, "Once" for reference.
I think starting 2017 New Music Mondays, Writers Wednesday with Maren Morris feels like a solid way to start the New Year. The Grammys air and the "Hero" tour begins in February. To read my post on Grammy noms and predicted winners just type "2017 Grammy" into the blogs search bar. To see if she will be stopping at a venue near you head to her website by clicking HERE. Many of the tour dates are already sold out, but it never hurts to look. Also, if you are dead set on a date that is sold out I have seen many post to fan pages, the artists socials, etc. that they are interested in purchasing tickets. Sometimes a fan has to change their plans and needs to unload their tickets last minute. But, BUT!!!! I encourage you to be very careful if you take that route and be sure to guard yourself, your accounts, etc. and do what needs to be done to be sure the ticket is authentic. Artist like Eric Church and Kip Moore have put the hammer down on scalpers and are working very hard that fans can get tickets at realistic prices. So, if you do go the social media post route, be wise. It also never hurts to email the artists team via their website, the venue, local radio stations and/or promoter. You never know who is going to do give-a-ways, contests or last minute lottery-esq events. Kip Moore is an artist that often posts a #Hashtag contest to his Twitter for day of ticket give-a-ways. Seeing as this is Maren's first headlining tour ya just never know what possibilities are going to be out there ticket wise.
Maren Morris Joining Chris Stapleton
for a cover of Tom Petty's, "Free Fallin"
Maren Morris with Rascal Flatts - "My Church"
CMA Fest 2016

Y'all I have said it before I'll say it again, if you haven't downloaded or purchased in hand copies of "Hero" from Maren Morris......get to it!!!! You are going to want to say you were a fan pre-Grammys. Just trust me my fellow music addix, just trust me.

I hope you all are having a beautiful January and perhaps one that is more on schedule than mine has been, LoL!!!!

Don't forget to be making those calls, texts, tweets, instas, fb posts, etc. to your local radio for Marens current single, "80's Mercedes" off of "Hero".

~ "My Country Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty, Of Thee I Sing" ~ January 21, 2017 ~

"Liberty"  per Merriam-Websters Dictionary Online ............
1: the quality or state of being free: a : the power to do as one pleases b: freedom from physical restraintc : freedom from arbitrary or despotic (see despot 2) control d : the positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privilegese :  the power of choice
2a : a right or immunity enjoyed by prescription or by grant : privilegeb : permission especially to go freely within specified limits <was given the liberty of the house>
Before Reading This Post You May Want to Read My Past Post First. It May Help You to Better Understand Just a Bit Where My Thoughts Are Coming From, Where My Heart Is, Etc. Political Party of Either of Us, Set Aside. Obviously, Read as You Choose. To Read the Past Post First, Click Highlighted Link Below.....
Political Party Aside.
No Matter Who You've Voted for, Approved of, Agreed with, Etc. The Changing of the Guard, The Obama's Getting Onto Executive One, the Last Words of Possible Encouragement, Thanks, or Even if He Just Whispered, "What Brand of Bronzer do You Use?", is Emotional!!
I'm SO Grateful to Live in a Country Where the PEOPLE Vote on Such Matters....Government Officials That Is, Not Bronzer, Though I'm Sure There is a Poll For That Somewhere Too. I Am Also Grateful That We Live in a Country Where a Group of Citizens Can Gather Together to Outwardly Express Their Inner Beliefs. It is a Privilege to Live in a Country Where PEACEFUL Protesting is Not Only Allowed, but Expected. Now, Lets Not Get Started on the yahoo's throwing rocks, breaking windows, starting fires, etc. That is NOT Protest. Do NOT be Deceived!!!! That Kind of Behavior is a Temper Tantrum, Chaos, it is a Riot. It is NOT Political Protest. That's One of Those Things That I Welcome Your Opinion on, but Mine Will Not be Changed.
In Drastic Contrast an Actual Protest Occurred Not Only in Our Nations Capital, but Across the U.S. Today. DC, Boston, Chicago, Nashville, Chattanooga, LA, and I'm Sure a Few Others That I've Missed Hosted the Women March on Washington. I've Been Seeing/Reading Friends, Folks I Don't Know, but Follow on Socials, Etc. Posts, All Day. I Was Just Texting with a Friend on How Torn I Feel About it All. I Want to "Like" Everyone's Posts because I Love Them, Support Them, Share in Some of the Same Concerns, and Agree That Yes, Our Daughters Can NOT Believe That Certain Behaviors are Just to Be Expected and Accepted. Agreed. However, On the Other Hand, I Battle With the Idea of Where Does My Peace Live and Breathe? In My Government or My God? For Me, I REPEAT, FOR ME, Would Marching in the Street, Carrying a Sign, Shouting Phrases Written Mostly by Hollywood Writers (personal opinion on a personal blog), Would it Make Me Feel as Though I've Done MY Part?
Image may contain: 1 person, text
~ QWC Devo's ~ Repost by StacieTennessee ~

On A Day When Socials Are FILLED with Women Making Their Voices Heard on a Variety of Topics I Decided it VITALLY Important to Remind MYSELF, Who I'm Living For, Speaking or Not Speaking For. It is VITALLY Important for MY Mental Health, Emotional Health, Physical, Health and Spiritual Health to Remind MYSELF Where My Truest Peace Lives and For ME, That is With My God, NOT My Government. I Consider Myself a Strong, Smart, Educated, Experienced, Sassy, Curious, Loyal, Creative, Loving, and I've Been Told, Sometimes Rather Intimidating, Female. I Don't Move or Speak With the Intentions of Intimidation, but I Refuse to Be Less Because All of Me is Too Much For Someone Else, End of Rabbit Trail, LoL!

The Government nor Anything/Anyone Else is Gonna Make Me Believe Otherwise. I Find Rest in KNOWING Who Has Heard MY Voice, in KNOWING the One Who Created that Voice. I've NO Reason to Fear......or Shout for That Matter. You Also Probably Won't Find Me Toting A Sign for Hours.....Mainly because of My Rheumatoid, but I Mean, That's a Totally Different Topic for a Totally Different Day, LoL!! We Are Each Moved Differently. We Are Each Led Differently and I Just Felt on a Day When Folks Are Priding Themselves on Speaking Up for Some Who Can't/Won't, I Thought Maybe I Should Too.

God is God No Matter Who is President. God is For Us, No Matter Who is President. God is Good, No Matter Who is President. God is Our Provider, Protector, Healer and the Author of Our Lives, Wait For It......No Matter Who is President.

I Genuinely Love Y'all and Appreciate Who EACH of You Are as a Woman/Man, Christian (Or Other Religion), Professional, Parent, Minister, Artist, Wonderer, Wanderer, and The List Goes On. I Absolutely Believe Each of Us Are Here for a Reason. As Dolly Would Say, "Find Out Who You Are & Do it On Purpose.". Again, Sincerely I  Love You All, Even When/If We Disagree.

On a Lighter Note:

As the Obama Administration Came to a Close and We Prepared for a New Leadership This is What Was Been on Jack Davis' Mind All Week. Change is Hard on Everyone, LoL!!!! 🐾

~ Posted by ELLE Magazine to Facebook ~
~ God Bless the USA ~ Its Time to Come Together. ~ 
~ Whether this Ship is Sinking or Not We Are ALL On It. ~


~ Insta Blog ~ January 21st, 2017 ~ Embracing the Grey of the Day ~ Boldy Be, Uniquely You ~

~PinterestGram ~

Embracing the Grey of the Day. I'm Unsure Why, but Every Shot Had Me Looking Cullen~Esq in the Lips & Eyes. I Feel Like I Look Fresh fr Feeding. Thats Part of the Fun of "Playing" with Cosmetics, Lighting, Angles, Etc. You Set Up with One Expectation and Often End Up with Something You Couldn't Have Planned For.

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup
~ StacieTennessee ~ Instagram ~
Shot in Natural Light
~ Black and White Filter, Obviously, LOL ~
I Was Rockin' Some Red Lips a Few Weeks Ago While Running Errands When One of the Staffers at One of My Stops Commented on My Make~Up, but More Specifically My Lip Stick. Wearing a Bold Color, if You Aren't Use to It, Can Tend to Make You Kinda Feel Like People Are Staring At You. Maybe its a Insecure Girl Thing? Maybe its a Bold Lip in a Small Town Thing? IDK.

Anyway, This Sweet Little Staffer Mentioned they Loved My Lipstick and Wished They Could Wear it. My Response? HONEY WEAR IT!!!! I of Course Immediately Told Her the Brand, Where I Got it and Where She Could Find a Coupon, Because I Am the Discount Diva and as is Basically My Responsibility, LoL!!!! I Also Told Her What I've Been Telling You Via M'Socials and The Faith Journals. Be Creative. Lipstick Doesn't Come in Colors Like Brown, Black, Purple, Blue, Red because Everyone Was Meant for a Nude Lip!!!! Am I Making Any Sense?

After Sharing the What & Where of the Lip Color I Told Her What I am  Now Sharing with You, Do Your Make~Up On Days When You Aren't Leaving the House. Do The Trial & Error of Application, Colors, Styles, etc. and Then Leave it on All Day. Every Time You Pass Your Reflection, Stop and Check Your Look. I Know This Sounds Impossibly Vain and Considering Jack Davis Doesn't Have the Ability to Verbally Mock Me, This Very Well May be Easier Said Than Done, LoL!!

BUT, The More You Learn What You Like on You and What Compliments Your Features, the Less Concerned You're Gonna Be with What Anyone Else Thinks. I Don't Wear Make~Up Every Day. Yesterday I Ran Errands, Went to the Dr, Etc. in Sweats, Hair in a Top Knot & Clean Skin.

Make~Up is Fun & an Outlet for Expression When You "WANT" to Wear it.  Not So Much When You Feel You "HAVE" to Wear it. Its a Rainy Saturday Here So its the Perfect Day to Play. Have Fun Loves!!! You're Beautiful w/ or w/o not b/c of How You Look on the Outside, but b/c of Who You Are on the Inside.

Boldly Be, Uniquely You.
~ More Cullen Esq Outtakes & Filters ~
~ Original Shot in Natural Light ~
The Lipstick is Actually, Maybelline Vivid in Possessed Plum. I've Photographed it Several Times
Before, but For Whatever Reason, This Time I Kept Getting This Vampire Fresh From the Hunt Look. One of the Many Reasons You Can't be TOO Attached to a Look. Ya Never Know What a Camera or Filter Will See That The Mirror Doesn't. So it Goes. I Always Wanted to Sparkly in Sunlight So, I'm Fairly O.K. With the Vampire Look.

~ Insta Blog ~ January 16th, 2017 ~ Motivation Monday ~ Who is Calling the Shots in Your Life? ~

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, food
~ StacieTennessee ~ Instagram ~

This Past Motivation Monday I Wanted to Motivate You to be the One Who is Calling the Shots in Your Life as A Result of Your Walk with Christ. With Holidays Falling as They Have the Last Few Months and Then Add in Winter Weather, I Feel Like Everyone is Struggling to Get This Year in Gear. Understandably So, but with the Thought of MLK Holiday This Last Week I Lingered on How Important it is to Follow The Lords Callings on Our Lives. How Important it is to Boldly be Uniquely You. We Aren't Made from Cookie Cutters for a Reason.

I Find it Vital To Keep Up with His Word So That When Difficult Times, Choices or People Stand in Our Way We Are Already Prepared for Them by Him. One of My Best Friends, Grandma, Recently Responded to a Statement with "I Do What I Want". If You Knew Her You'd Love That Statement Even More, but It Has Lingered Around in My Head Since My Friend Mentioned It.

Her Gma is a God Fearing/Following Lady So, When She Does What "She" Wants I Have No Doubt That God is Already with Her. When We Live Our Days Taking Time to Study His Word, Spending Time in Prayer, Loving His Children and Desiring to Have a Heart Like His Then Doing "What We Want" is Natural Product of What He Wants from Us. Does That Make Sense at All?

The Day I Wrote This Was Another Holiday on a Monday, a "Bonus" Day for Most Folks. I'd Already Got Beef Stew in the Crock Pot, Laundry in the Washer, Guac Made for The Next Days Meal, Jack Davis Walked & Given Meds, Made Phone Calls, as Well as Spent Some Time with Jesus. I Felt That Day and Still Do, Free to Be Me. I Feel Free to Share My Faith Journey with You. I Feel Free to "Do What I Want" because I Know He Has Gone Before Me and Prepared Me. He Has Prepared A Way.

And Because My Hearts Greatest Desire is to Want What He Wants, He Has Shown Me That Way He Has Prepared for Today. Tomorrow I Will Worry About Tomorrow. I Hope You All Are Well & Got to Enjoy Some Bonus Day Laziness. You Are Loved. You are Not Alone. He Goes Before You & With You.

~ Jack Davis ~ January 17th, 2017 ~ KONA Leashes ~ Discount Code ~

Image may contain: dog

Jack is Sporting His Red #KonaKollar While He Plans Back Yard Adventures!! If Its Time to Update Your Fur Baby's Gear Check KONAleashes and use code "KonaJack" for 10% off of your purchase!!!

~ New Music Monday ~ January 20th, 2017 ~ Takin' Down the Wanna Be's One Faker at a Time ~

Image may contain: text

~ Report fr Instagram ~

New Music Monday, Takin' Down Wanna Be's One Fake Account at a Time. 

FANS/Friends/Family and Followers: If You See Some One Pretending to be Some One Else, REPORT, BLOCK, MOVE ON. I HIGHLY Recommend That You NOT Interact w These People.

@instagram @facebook & @twitter Have Your Back. It May Take a Minute for Them to Properly Investigate, but They Want Their Socials to be a Safe Space as Much as We Do.

There is NO Room in My Virtual World for Haters, Trolls, Cyber Bully's, Debbie Downers, Negative Nancy's, Ruin the Plans Stan, So on & So Forth.

Most Artists Have to Deal with This and Reporting/Blocking/Spreading the Word on Fake Account via Your Socials is a Small Way that You as a Fan, Can Have Their Back, Show Them Your Support, and Show Trolls That You Aren't Havin' It.  

To Read Past Posts on How You as a Fan Can Help to Make Social Media as Well as Live Shows a Safe Space for Fans to Unite and Support Feel Free to Read Past New Music Monday Posts.....

~ Super Glue the Freakin' Play Button to On ~


Sunday, January 15, 2017

~ Insta Blog ~ January 11th, 2017 ~ Woman Crush Wednesday ~

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, flower, child, plant and outdoor
Little League Homecoming
I've Never #WCW, but This Week I Will, In Honor of My Mom & Gma. They Don't Social Media So, They'll Probably Never See This, but I Think The Rest of the World Needs to, or at Least the Rest of My World. '
Props to My Mom and Grandma for My Initial Training in Glam. Yes, I'm Wearing a Strand of Pearls, Gloves and Matching Bows. I Was Raised A Proper Belle So What Else Would I Be Wearing to Little League Homecoming.....While Accidentally Holding My Flowers Backwards???!!
My Mother and Grandmother Both Have a Great Affection for Accessories, Make Up & Hair Products So, to Say I Come by it All Honest is a Bit of a Understatement. While I Don't NEED to Glam to Go Out, Take a Picture or Even Just Love Who I Am, I Appreciate That They Saw Fit to Pass the Glam on Down.
I Believe that No Matter Who They Are I Still Would've Been Who I Am When it Comes to My Love of All Things Girly, but it Definitely Makes Me Feel More "Normal" that They Love Those Things Too. Thanks to My Glam Squad, Which Includes My Beautiful Aunt, Great Aunts, & Cousins, All Who Accept That Some Days I Dont't Shower & Other Days I Put on Make Up & Fix My Hair Just to go Through the Bank My Pajamas. 

No automatic alt text available.
~ #GlamGear ~
~ New Make-Up Brushes for Christmas !! ~

~ Insta Blog ~ January 11th, 2017 ~ We'll Try Again Tomorrow ~

Image may contain: text
I've Slept Almost All Day Wednesday. I've Been Having Issues Sleeping at Night and Spend Most of My Night Going Back and Forth From the Living Room and Bed Room. I've Pushed Myself All Week to Get Somethings Marked Off My To-Do List & Today, it ALL Caught Up with Me.
Don't Beat Yourself Up When Your Body or Mind Already Are, LoL. Do Your Best for Who You Are, Where You Are and What Resources You Have. Today My Best Was Not Passing Out While Brushing My Teeth. Not Everyones "Best" is Going to Be The Same or Even Note Worthy. Again, One of the Many Reasons Comparison is a Liar & a Thief. You Do You, Honey!!!
If Today it Doesn't Goes as Hoped or Planned, Take Rest, Try Again Tomorrow.

~ New Music Monday ~ January 16th, 2017 ~ Starting 2017 with Some "Man Crush Monday" ~

We Are Starting This Weeks #NewMusicMonday with Some Rather Annoying Business. So lets get right to it.......
Image may contain: 3 people
Fake Kip Moore Instagram Account
Note the lack of "official" verification by Instagram.

Attention #NewMusicMonday Readers and Fellow #MusicAddix: Be Aware there is ANOTHER Freakin' Fake Account Bugging #KipMoore Fans/Followers. Report Them. Block Them. Move On.  Don't Let the Wanna Be's Trick Ya!

"OFFICIAL" Artist Pages are Verified by @instagram with a Little Blue Check Beside Their Handle. Both Facebook and Twitter Verify "Official" Artists Pages Similarly. @kipmooremusic Isn't the Only Artist That Has to Deal with Such Annoyances, but Being An Alert Fan Can Help Lessen These Irritants. A Verified Artist Isn't Gonna DM/PM You to Discuss......Well Pretty Much Anything, but They For Sure Aren't Going to Ask You For Money, Set Up A Meet for You to Hide Money For Them, or Really, Truthfully, Anything Else. If It Feels Even the Littlest Bit Shady, it Probably is.

~ Official #KipMooreMusic Instagram ~
Note the Blue Check Symbolizing that this
account has been "Officially" verified by #Instagram.

This form of verification is universal for artists. It isn't just the Kip accounts. All "Official" artists pages are verified in this way, with the blue check. These verified socials are sometimes ran by a member of the artists team, but it isn't unusual for an artist to be highly active on their socials by doing real time postings, communication back and forth with fans, posting pics and making personal recommendations, sentiments, etc.

I Expound on the Topic of Trolls, Haters, Wanna Be's and How to Help Create and Keep a Safe Virtual Environment for Fans. You Can Read These Past Post by Clicking HERE and HERE . Both Posts are a Bit Lengthy Intentionally. I Hope to Have Covered Enough Bases that Even the Newest of Social Media User Can Understand. Let Me Know if You Have Any Questions or Suggestions. Happy Social Media~ing!!! Be Aware. Be Safe. Rock On

While we are on the topic of Kip I thought it only appropriate to share, "My Kind" from his latest EP released in October.The lyrics to the "My Kind" track feel especially appropriate with all the trolls spending their days and nights making fake accounts, "And we take kind to strangers, til they don't take kind to us. So there ain't no need to get a little rowdy, settle down, we'll have a good time. I'll make you a promise, if you're lookin for trouble to find, you're gonna get it, from me and my kind,".

Kip Moore - "My Kind"
fr "Underground EP" 

Moore has a new single slated for a potential release in January and a possible full album drop in late Spring or early Summer. Moore and the Slow Hearts return to their road shows in early March. Until then, #NewMusicMonday highlighted the entire "Underground" EP and you can read that post by clicking HERE. "Underground" can be found on iTunes,, as well as at live Slow Heart shows.

~ Officially Verified by #Facebook ~
Again, note the blue check mark.
~ Officially verified Kip Moore Twitter ~
I'll say it again, note the blue check mark.

Next on this #NewMusicMonday is Dierks Bentley's title track from his latest album, "Black". Shot in Iceland the video released Friday stars Bentley and his wife, Cassidy. He said in an interview that he could not imagine having anyone else in the video, that it only makes sense with Mr. Bentley as the female lead. Everyone is LOVING this video and I think taking to it even more so than normal Bentley vids because of the real life aspect. Dierks has said that "Black" the album is a bit of a ode to his wife, their relationship and other relationships out there who take time to make it work. I, personally, think it is kind of a beautiful thing that not only would he have his wife as his muse for the "Black" album, but that he would also feel so strongly about having her in the video. Dierks has always come across as a down to earth guy that everyone wants to be friends with. He is respected by other artists and his fans feel as though they know him personally. This video with Cassidy only adds to that respect and affection. Give it a watch for yourself and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Also, download "Black" as soon as you can. With the exception of "Up on the Ridge" which wasn't commercially successful, I think that "Black" is Dierks best work yet. He and Elle King are up for a Grammy for the "Different for Girls" collaboration.

Dierks Bentley - "Black"
fr "Black"

Ryan Hurd - "City Girl"
fr "Hold You Back" EP
Ryan Hurd signed with Sony Music last week, is the beau of Maren Morris and coincidently one of the opening acts on Morris' upcoming, first headlining tour. Morris' tour hits the road in February. In 2016 Hurd toured with Chase Rice and did several independent dates. To find out more about Ryan and his tunes click HERE. Also, to see past Ryan Hurd tunes highlighted by New Music Monday you can click HERE and HERE. I think that with his deal solidified this week with Sony we can expect to see a lot more from Hurd in 2017. One would hope a full album, but for now you can catch his singles on youtube, iTunes, etc. 
Image may contain: night
Sturgill Simpson Instagram

Lastly on this weeks New Music Monday is Sturgill Simpson. Simpson ended 2016 with a sold out, headlining tour, and a 2017 Grammy nomination for his album, "A Sailors Guide to Earth". Just this weekend he performed as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. I think that it is safe to say that 2016 has set up 2017 to be a really good year for Sturgill Simpson. Sturgill is unique in a genre where people are tempted and often fall into the trap of musical mockery. Mockery as in be a follower instead of a leader, not making fun. Though, that kind of mockery does deserve to be...well....mocked. I love "A Sailors Guide to Earth" and even purchased it for my Dad, who doesn't understand why I buy CDs when I have a radio, for Fathers Day. I'm trying to change that thought process of the purchase/radio, lol!! As with all things worthy of our time, it's probably gonna take a minute. Alas, here I sit trying to create other music addix one cd and one post at a time. Anyway, to read past #NewMusicMonday posts that include Sturgill or to sample a few of his tunes you can click HERE.
Just a Reminder, "ASailorsGuideToEarth", Sturgills Newest Album is up for Best Album at the 2017 #Grammys!!! Making Now a Really Good Time to add #SturgillSimpson to Your Music Library if He Isn't Already in it. As I Said with Maren Morris, You're Gonna Want to be Able to Say You Were a Fan Before These Talents Take Home that Grammy on February 12th.
Sturgill Simpson - "Between the Lines"
fr "A Sailors Guide to Earth"
Live on Saturday Night Live
I titled this weeks New Music Monday with the popular social hashtag, #MCM aka Man Crush Monday not because I actually have a "crush" on these fella's, but more so to say that they are crush worthy, if that makes sense, lol! I am drawn to artist who do things their own way. That are unique, bold, and somewhat unpredictable creatively. I no longer use the word "crush" as it was originally intended. When I crush on someone it is a form of deep respect. It means that I am enamored with their work and how they choose to pursue their dreams and the business that is music. I also don't really care for the word "fan" anymore and use it in a different context as well, but I will share that another day.

I hope that you all have a wonderful week. As always, call in, text, tweet, facebook, insta, or even snail mail in your song/artist requests to your local radio. It only takes a few seconds and every little request makes a difference for an artist and an album. If radio isn't playing what you like make your voice heard by requesting. With all of the different avenues of requesting you can basically do it anywhere. In line at the grocery, stuck in traffic for a hour, laying in bed counting sheep, seriously, literally, anywhere. Requesting tunes is a great way to get some air time for your favorite artist and to show them your support.
I look forward to chatting with you next week!! Any questions, suggestions, etc. please feel free to leave them in the comment section. You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram currently under the handle, "StacieTennessee". My handle may be changing soon, so, stay tuned!!